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Pour it Up! Pole Dancing Queens Know How to Work (16 Photos)

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Do you remember Rihanna’s “Pour it Up” video? Right now you are going to see something like that. Ladies are going to get on their poles, but not for what you are thinking about. No, fitness, only fitness…

pole 1

Augusta Stofella

pole 2
Brianna Saueia

pole 3

Janaina Moreira

pole 16

Isis Maia Bello

pole 4

Yasmin Friedl

pole 5

Pole Dancing Unicorn
pole 6Leticia Cangussu Coui

pole 7
Diana Lopez Gomez

pole 8
Carol Matumoto

pole 9

Doris Arnold

pole 11

Alessandra Rancan True

pole 10

Rafaela Hedo

pole 12
Danielle Musumeci

pole 13
Lilian Lagemann

pole 14

Maddie Sparkle
pole 15



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