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10 Dirty Talking Dos And Don'ts

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There are different ways of keeping your partner tuned. One of the most effective ones is dirty talking, yeah. What can be better than whispering into the ear of your boo something naughty? However, there is a red line between dirty talking and disgusting talking.

Sure, in different relationships the attitude towards impish talking is different, but here are some general Dos and DON’Ts to save you from getting into trouble.

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#1. Do tell your partner she/he is hot

The best thing is when you in the middle of sex just look at your partner up and down and say: “You are damn sexy, rrr” Believe us, the ride you are going to experience after that is unprecedented.

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#2. Do command

When it comes to an intimate relationship, it is OK to dominate. Sure thing, you don’t have to be a tyrant, but you can make your partner feel like there is somebody to rely on – in sex too.

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#3. Do say the name

Believe what you want but all people are selfish – and the most pleasing thing for them is to hear their names. So do say the name of your partner. No, whisper on the low notes right into the ear of your babe, right when you are about to roll in a sack.

#4. Do tell your partner how good she/he feels or tastes

Compliment your boo. At all stages of sex – from foreplay to the after-culmination one. We cannot force you to scream the name of the partner right when you are cumming, but you can at least try to sweet talk your partner when kissing or practicing oral.

#5. Do tell your partner you want it all night long

This will definitely keep your hottie turned on. The purpose of this talking is to assure your partner you are really enjoying what she/he does.


#1. Don’t use diminishing words

Well, maybe someone likes it when they are called “sluts” or “bitches,” but if you haven’t talked about it with your partner before – don’t risk.

#2. Don’t tell your partner to be tranquil

Oh, come on! Let her/him scream and moan, and groan! If you ask your partner to be quieter, you may ruin the whole thing. Goodbye, good sex!

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#3. Don’t even offer not using a condom

Especially, if your partner is a one-night stand and you do not know each other well. A condom is a basic thing which your partner can trust, so don’t make yourself sound disgusting.

#4. Don’t put down your partner

As you are having sex, please, never say anything demeaning to your partner, it may ruin the whole thing and undermine the continuation of a relationship. Nobody would like to feel like they are bad in bed, including you.

#5. Don’t get robotic

If you don’t want to sound in the ears of your boo as a pathologist, do not use straight words like “let me penetrate your vagina” or “my penis is erected.” Come on, she/he is not visiting the doctor, try to be more eloquent.


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