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Filter Off – Absolutely Safe Dating App For Serious Relationship

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A lot of famous dating apps claim to be the best. However, the truth is that most of them do not offer anything revolutionary or extraordinary. Usually, they provide users with an opportunity to enjoy communication with other people in video and text chats, but there is no guarantee that a handsome guy or a cute girl you see in the photo is real, not to mention who you can meet on a date.

Is there any way to protect users from catfishing, sexual assaults, disappointments, and waste of time? The developers of Filter Off dating app claim that they succeeded and created an app which can completely change the whole online dating industry.

What advantages does Filter Off dating app have?

Filter Off allows people to participate in 1-minute video chat, no messaging or any other ways of communication. Can this be considered its major advantage? Absolutely. The thing is this unique concept makes it possible to solve plenty of problems men and women faced when using “traditional” dating apps.

Protection against catfishing

The problem of catfishing seemed to be unsolvable. You have probably heard a lot of stories of people who went on a date and were expecting their partner to look like their photos. No wonder they were more than disappointed that it was not even close to hot girls and handsome guys they were actually waiting for. That is why this app is amazing: even the name “Filter Off” is directly related to its primary function, in particular to taking all the filters off and seeing things as they are.

Every single day the users receive notification that the matches are starting. If you are in the mood for dates this evening, you can accept the prompt and meet up to three different people. There are no ways of communication other than real-time video chat. Why is this good? Users actually see people they are talking to! That, in turn, allows you to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

No need to download a few dating apps

Swipe right, swipe left. Is it true that this method allows for finding perfect matches? Of course, we cannot say that it is ineffective. It is rather very time-consuming. Swiping apps have their advantages, but in fact, people spend a lot of time swiping, not dating. According to statistics, an average user spends a half day a week swiping left or right. Video dating app excludes swiping and messaging to provide users with an opportunity to spend their time talking to people and enjoying communication as in video chat as in real life.

Lots of real and video dates

No text messaging could be mistakenly considered as a disadvantage. Paradoxically, it is Filter Off’s main benefit. Firstly, you will have up to three dates through video. Secondly, you will know exactly if you want to go on a date with a particular person after you have a conversation in video chat. In other words, there is a greater chance that you will enjoy a real date with a man or a woman you met in Filter Off.


Free of charge dating service

It seems that some dating apps were created not to connect single people but to force them to pay for communication. Filter Off is the free dating app that is really aimed at helping single people meet someone special and start a serious relationship with him or her.

No messaging

As we have already mentioned, the developers of Filter Off removed messaging. This may seem to be a pretty strange strategy, but the only thing that matters that it really works. After a video chat session, every user can like (give thumbs up) or dislike (give thumbs down) another user. If you both give thumbs up, you get an opportunity to keep in touch with this person by recording video messages or making video calls.


The situation regarding dating-related rape is very worrisome. There are a lot of incidents that stop people from using apps that can really change their lives for the better. Safety is the top priority of Filter Off app. The idea is to provide people with an opportunity to feel really comfortable with other users before they arrange a real meeting. Moreover, you can stop your conversation and ban a person if you consider his or her behavior to be unacceptable.

Big chance to start a serious relationship

Filter Off was created as the dating app for people seeking love and stable relationship with someone really special. Of course, this does not mean that you cannot use it if you are not ready to marry someone in a few months but rather that if you are looking for a one-night stand, hook-up or an extramarital affair, other apps may be better options. This is not because you are not allowed to join the Filter Off community or because this is the official position of the developer but because you will hardly succeed after telling someone about your intentions in video chat.


Is Filter Off dating app really worth downloading?

A lot of single people do not use dating applications precisely because online dating can be really exhausting. You need to spend a lot of time exchanging messages with someone, trying to know a person better, doing makeup, picking the best clothes, and doing hair before the real date with no guarantee this will really work (or at least that a man or a woman you meet will look like an attractive person in the photos). In other words, online dating is often time-consuming and not really effective. That is why Filter Off is a revolutionary app.

You can enjoy dates with different people every single evening, stop the conversation or like a particular user to continue interacting with him or her. The absence of messaging is a kind of guarantee that you two will really know each other better before you meet in real life. You no longer need to swipe, go on horrible dates with no guarantees of success, and write endless text messages all day long, so yes, Filter Off is absolutely worth downloading.


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