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Latest update: Sep 07, 2017
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If you have no experience of chatting on hookup websites you might think that the world of online adult dating has no limits and restrictions: you may post, say, and expect whatever you want. This misconception is connected with an image online hookup sites have – they are perceived as places where anyone has a chance to embody any possible fantasy. And, obviously, rules and limitations do not fit together with a reputation of liberal spaces for casual sex.

However, hookup websites function due to their own algorithms and rules and if you violate any aspects defined by the site’s policy you would be banned. Or you may do some stupid things that do not harm anyone but you. To avoid such situations you should attentively read the terms of use posted on every adult dating site and to follow the basic security recommendations that would prevent you from endangering yourself.

Things You Should and Should Not Do When Using Hookup Websites

As it is widely known everything which is not forbidden is allowed. That is why your primary concern is to find out what you should not do when chatting on hookup sites.

  • You should not enter the site and use it in a case you are younger than 18;
  • You should not use somebody’s pictures or videos if you claim that the content you post depicts you: only your own images should be present in your profile;
  • You should not humiliate or abuse other users. The adult websites were designed to provide people with a space where they can openly voice their preferences and desires and you are not the one to judge them;
  • You should not spread the content you see on the site. You have no right to save and share photo or videos of other users;
  • You should not spread any rumors about the other users of the website. It might happen that you know some users in person but it is none of your business to tell their families, acquaintance, coworkers, etc. that you saw the person on a hookup website.

These rules define your relations with other members of the virtual hookup community you belong to. If you join it you are expected to respect the others, to be sincere with them and to avoid any possible deceptions.

However, even if you follow these rules you have no guarantees that the rest of the users do the same. For instance, you never know if the images you see on the site belong to the person you talk to. Also, you never know if your virtual partner is not trying to take advantage of you. That is why you should be cautious! Ask your partner to join a live video chat to make sure that the person is real. Do not share any of your private data via hookup platforms: your potential sex partner does not need your real address or surname or credit card information. And if you are being asked about something like that then you should terminate the chat and find someone else for a meeting.

There are no reasons to be paranoid but it would not hurt you if you stay stick to these simple rules.

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