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Latest update: Nov 13, 2018

About Fubar

  • more than 13 million users in a database, constantly growing;
  • the concept: social networking platform combined with adult dating;
  • a virtual bar allowing you to have both general and specialized kinds of interaction;
  • you can benefit from spending time online, being active and inviting friends by earning fuBucks that you can spend on the Fubar later;
  • you can raise your level via other people ranking and liking you;
  • mobile app for iOS and Android;
  • various online games to spend some leisure time.

Fubar – the Place to Meet a Perfect Partner

If you are looking for a hookup then Fubar is the place to check. This site combines features of the traditional dating portals and of the social networking platforms. You may benefit from the regular options such as text and video chats or you may get engaged into games, try to earn special points (fuBucks), spend them on virtual gifts and virtually go out with your friends to have a few virtual drinks.

Fubar is a pretty big player among the top hookup sites: it claims to host over 13 million users. The reputation of Fubar should leave you without any doubts – it belongs to the real hookup sites that work and if you register on the portal easy hookups are guaranteed. In fact, Fubar is a kind of a virtual bar – a place that combines the features of XXX dating sites and social networking platforms. If you visit Fubar you may expect a hot hookup but you may also spend time chatting with friends while ordering a virtual beer.

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Benefits and Peculiarities of Fubar

Even though Fubar is treated as the best website for hooking up, the registration process is completely free of charge and it gives you a chance to use the basic features – you may view profile, add photos, etc. The site offers all the usual features for adult dating – group and public chats, the rankings of the hottest users, the list of new members. But there are a few more peculiarities of Fubar which you should be aware of:
  • You may earn virtual money – so-called fuBucks. You get points for spending time on the site, for inviting and adding friends, for ranking images, chatting, and other activities;
  • Also, you get points and your level raises up when other users interact with you, like you, send you gifts. It means, that even if you are inactive you status still improves;
  • The points you earn you may spend on so-called “Blings” – virtual gifts you present to other users – or you may spend them on Drinks;
  • The site contains plenty of games which you may play – fuMafia, fuLotto, slots, etc.;
  • Fubar’s target audience is young and active and they prefer to be constantly online. Therefore, the service can be accessed via a mobile application compatible with iOS and Android devices.
It is easy to notice that Fubar looks more like a game and entertaining social networking site than like a traditional hookup venue. Apparently, you may find casual partners here – the bar is meant to bring singles together. But if you want an unusual experience and if you want to feel like a part of an extended virtual community then Fubar is the place which you would adore.

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Fubar doesn’t have a high rating as some other websites, but it is still good. I love it due to its simplicity. And it’s interesting, how it combines social network and dating site.
Have you ever tried live cyber sex? Then rush to the Fubar! This site is perfect for flirting, tease, turning on and have casual sex. I love it, really.
I think Fubar has low rating due to the number of fake users it has. And yes, it’s a bad thing, which you can come across a fake. But on the other hand, it provides excellent service. I am not sure, whether to continue using this venue, but it’s not bad at all.
Fun, interesting, sexy. You find a girl, chat, ask her out and your evening is complete. Nothing special about this website, but everything works well.
It’s a website for those, who look for something average at price and decent in service. It’s a fair balance between quality and price.
Fubar is the cheater's heaven. I got cheated. I searched for people, and found that there were multiple bogus identities. Fubar must keep a check on fake accounts. I tried it once and went on a date but was shocked to know that the person I met was not the same person I talked to.
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