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About Fuckbook

  • high rating and big popularity;
  • various ways of search, including appearance parameters, age, ethnicity or even fetishes;
  • no-strings-attached sex interested users;
  • quick and easy sign up;
  • free version of site available;
  • instant messages as the most efficient way of communication;
  • unlimited amount of messages and gifts;
  • reasonable pricing policy with average prices per month.

The Low Down on Fuckbook

If you’re looking for a casual encounter or two, you’ll want to check out the well established dating site Fuckbook. Unlike its competitors, this is a site that does exactly what it says on the tin. Granted, you might end up with more of a romantic relationship as a result of a meet up you’ve arranged on Fuckbook, but that’s definitely not what this site’s about.

Fuckbook is the go-to site for those looking for fun, flirty, no strings attached sex. And it’s an awesome place to find just that. The website is home to a whole host of different users, and you can even filter your search results depending on exactly what does it for you. So, whether you’re into a particular ethnicity, you’d only go for a select age group or its a certain kind of fetish that tickles your fancy, you’re in luck on Fuckbook.

If you are in the adult online dating game, you definitely should check out Fuckbook. There you can find like-minded people to have fun, and enjoy casual sex with no romantic relationships involved. Fuckbook has an attached cam site, where you can access additional entertainment from Fuckbook users.


Adult dating just got way more high tech. Thanks to Fuckbook, you’ll be able to search out like-minded people in your local area at the click of a button. You really could be enjoying that casual sex you’ve been thinking about within moments! Read on for more information on how you can get set up and searching on Fuckbook today.

Fuckbook: The Advantages

  • Sign up is quick and simple
  • The interface is user-friendly
  • Cheap membership rates

Fuckbook: The Disadvantages

  • The site uses entertainment profiles easily identified with the letter C
  • Fetish section could be added to

    How To Join Fuckbook

    As previously mentioned, one of the great benefits of Fuckbook is the fact that it’s so quick and easy to use. You can sign up using the simple sign up form within minutes. There is a free version of the site, but we definitely recommend that you shell out for a membership. The rates are very reasonable and your paid membership will give you access to message other Fuckbook users and start setting up those all-important hookups.

    It takes seconds (we mean it!) to sign up for an account on Fuckbook. Once you’ve done that, you just need to continue with the email verification and you’ll be online and ready to chat in minutes.

    To get the most from Fuckbook you’ll want to set up your own personal profile. Thanks to the site’s great, user-friendly interface, this is no trouble at all. Simply add a tantalizing photograph of yourself, tell your fellow users a bit about what you’re into and wait for the messages to come flooding in. The messages are instant and you can even set up email notifications to make sure you don’t miss a trick. And the more information you fill in, the better your matches will be, thanks to the site’s great matching algorithm.

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    However, if you’re a more private person you don’t have to give out any personal details at all. Just be aware that other users might want to know a little about you before they’re likely to meet you in real life.

    One of the great things about setting up a paid Fuckbook profile is that this removes advertising from the site, so you’re free to browse without interruption. All female memberships and premium memberships benefit from this removal of advertisements. If you’re browsing using a free male account, though, you will see those ads pop up from time to time.

    Filters and Fetishes

    One of the great features of Fuckbook is the filters it provides, which enable you to browse your fellow users via a really useful search function. The categories allow you to choose your preferred age, ethnicity and fetish. Whilst the fetish section is a little limited, the most common and kinkiest ones are all present and accounted for. So, you can browse users with similar desires to you quickly and easily. Who knows what naughty encounters might follow.

    Key Fuckbook Features

    One of the most interesting features of Fuckbook is the members’ blog section. This is where you’ll find members detailing their naughty, no-strings-attached adventures and deepest, darkest desires. We love the added value this gives the site; it’s a great way to get to know other users better, and also to see what you could be experiencing once you delve into the opportunities of this adult dating site.

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    It’s worth mentioning that Fuckbook has an attached cam site, where you can access additional entertainment from Fuckbook users. If you’re browsing for free you’ll be able to see lots of girls entertaining users in their lingerie. And if you’re willing to pay, you’ll see plenty more than that!

    Staying Safe on Fuckbook

    As with any adult dating site, safety and security is paramount. With Fuckbook, you can rest assured that your personal details are well protected. It’s worth noting, though, that the website can keep information about you, just as similar social networks do. Not only that, Fuckbook is part of interest-based advertising, meaning that you might see adverts for similar sites pop-up on your browser. If you’d prefer to avoid this, we recommend you browse on Google Incognito.

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    Fuckbook Pricing

    Fuckbook is a very reasonably priced adult dating site, where you can get your hands on no-strings-attached sex for a pretty low fee. A one month membership will set you back $29.95, or if you go for a three-month membership you’ll pay $44.85.

    Total score 8.0
    Ease of Use
    Number of Members
    Safety & Anti-Scam
    Customer Service
    Quality of Profiles
    Value for Money
    FREE Registration
    Fuckbook is for those who are tired of Facebook :D However, no, it’s not. It’s a modern service for hooking up, and I chose it due to its convenience. I also like the additional content I can find here.
    When I had a break up with a long-term girlfriend, I wanted to overcome the sadness and loneliness, and I didn’t want to start anything serious. I began searching for some apps for the hookup, and I chose Fuckbook as it is the best one. It combines visual content with chatting and hooking up.
    I am not ready to settle down. Fuckbook suits me because it has a good interface and easy searching options. What else would I need?
    Fuckbook is like my personal notebook with names and numbers of those who want to hook up. It is a perfect service for singles who don’t want anything serious. You can openly say that you want a partner for one night.
    When I understood what I want, I started looking for the services online and came across Fuckbook. I chose it because everything was easily explained, the website looked nice so I thought, why not give it a try.
    I don’t know what criteria made me choose one website over the other. I just know that everything suited me on Fuckbook and I thought that it is a good starting point because at that time I was new to such websites.
    Fuckbook tricks you into logging in free of costs. It is only later when you go about reading a message that you get a push notification to pay in case you want to proceed to read the message. For payment also, they have two options and none of them is cheap, rather it’s only a trick to lure you further into the site.
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