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Hookup Guru: Your Fantasies Are Our Job

With Hookup Guru, adult dating and webcam sites become closer. Get access to the largest base of the hottest websites and expert reviews. Become a member of a world-wide community of happy sinners. Make your wet dreams come true.

Your Online Helper in Magic World of Adult Dating

Let’s admit: from time to time, all of us need a good old hookup. Unfortunately, not all of us are lucky enough to have a full-time partner. In such cases, adult dating websites come in handy!

There is nothing to be ashamed of: we have needs, and we want them to be satisfied. Even the most vicious. Sometimes, even our partner can’t give us everything that we fantasize about.

Adult webcam dating is a perfect way out! We don’t have to hide our the most lustful thoughts, as soon as we find the right person to make them come true.

The main challenge is to find a reliable website. Nobody wants to meet with maniacs or scammers even if there is a screen between you two. Luckily to you, good people have already taken care of that.

Hookup Guru has gathered a collection of adult dating websites for your dirty needs. Enjoy...

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Want some random hookups? HookupGuru sex and dating tips

Tip #1 Choose a suitable adult dating site
  • check out our catalog of hothothot websites
  • pick two or three sites that make your blood run faster
  • compare them and select the one that makes your blood pump in one particular place;)
  • register and become a rightful member of the community that has no shame and limits
Tip #2 Set up an attractive profile
  • be honest and open - anyway, you’ll have to show all your soft spots soon or later
  • pick good pictures - you should show ALL your beauty in the best light
  • show your personality - yes, people might want something more than your sexy abs or booty
Tip #3 Chatting rules
  • be funny - let’s admit that it might be hard to have sex with a stranger with no sense of humor
  • be active - don’t wait for someone to make the first move, go get them!
  • be unique - forget about the dic* pics, you won’t surprise anyone
  • be open - new people = new opportunities
hookup guru site

How can the HookupGuru actually help?

  • We give you the wide selection of the top hookup websites which are not only trustworthy but also very effective. More importantly, in contrast to the very dating sites, you are not bound to pay anything for our help.
  • You get the info about the positive sides of the most appropriate resources and about their main features.
  • There are also cost less adult flirting sites. If you are afraid of using them, you can get from us the info about the trustworthy ones.
  • You get the overview of the mobile applications which are definitely the best ones to find a partner.
  • You also can read our blog where you can find the evidence of the advantages of the online acquaintances and also get the tips for giving preference to the best platform.
  • If you are interested in the cam girls website, you will appreciate our rating of the best of them.

What we plan to do

  • We are planning to give you the rates of the adult apps. You know that the mobile applications grow in popularity nowadays. They are much more convenient than the websites. That is why we always follow the modern tendencies and try to keep abreast with the time.
  • We also realize that it is not always good for everybody to pay for the usage of the explicit dating sites. Unfortunately, not every person can afford it. For this reason, we took a decision to post the ratings of the free adult dating. You know that some people are afraid of getting acquainted on the charge less websites because it can be not safe enough. But we would like to destroy this myth and to show that you have an opportunity to find a partner and not to overpay for it.
  • If you already know something about our platform, you probably have seen that the adult online sites represented by us do not have any specific criteria like gender, male or female, the sexual orientation or whatever. But in the nearest future, we would like to show you more specific resources and we are sure that you will highly evaluate them.

Why you should choose us to get help

  • We know that there are also other platforms which also try to persuade you. But we can tell you without a doubt that we are the only platform which is really unbiased. If you look through our website, you will see that we are not trying to thrust any xxx dating sites. There is no advertisement of some resources on our Internet page. We try to be very objective and just help you as much as we can.
  • We do not take money for our help. But believe us that we make a really great job and spend much time on it.
  • You can find the full description of the adult meeting sites on hookupguru. If you have ever had a deal with the xxx websites you know that they are very different, have numerous functionalities and opportunities, and they have the different level of safety.
  • You can also read our blog where you can find a lot of interesting information which will come in useful to you. Our blog is regularly refreshed and our content, in general, is always filled in.
  • We always observe the new websites for you to get the freshest and the latest information. We are the first where you can get it.

What criteria we have for making a rating

  • We always pay attention to such an important factor as the price/quality ratio. You know that there is no sense to pay big money for the bad quality. And there is no sense to overpay for the normal quality. This ratio is extremely crucial in all the spheres of our life and this one is not an exception.
  • The website is bound to be user-friendly. We will never recommend the complicated website which takes much time for understanding it.
  • The number of profiles also plays a key role in our choice. More profiles – more chances to find your partner.
  • We think that the degree of safety is the most decisive factor here. You know that in our modern world you have to take care of yourself and to be very careful, especially when it goes about the accidental meetings.
  • We also pay heed to the opportunities you get while utilizing the sites to hook up.
  • As you see, we take every effort to be useful to you and to stay modern at the same time. So, follow the renovation on our hookupguru and follow our piece of advice.

What People Say About HookupGuru


If you want to find stunningly beautiful women, then you should give HookupGuru a try. Not only does it offer an extremely great range of adult dating sites with attractive models, but also a dedicated experts team that gives valuable advice.


Unbelievably hot ladies, great token offers, and an endless choice of shows available 24/7. Believe me or not, you will not look anywhere else when you try this site.


Multiple categories, from pretty Asians to stunning white girls - all are ready to do anything for the right amount of tokens. If you are looking for something special, go to HookupGuru.

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No distance can keep us away from sexual pleasure! If monitors don’t bother you, online webcam sex can give you a high dose of orgasmazing feelings.

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Friends with benefits aren’t mythological creatures — we have a whole group of people on Hookup Guru who don’t want anything more than sex. No romantic shi* from the Hollywood movies.

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With adult games you will experience totally new terrific emotions. Create your own virtual sex reality!

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Wanna get laid with real girl without any extra efforts? I will guide you through the top escort services.

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Tired of usual sex videos? Find the greatest collection of top hentai sites at hookupguru.com!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hookup Guru for?

Hookup Guru is an aggregator of the best adult dating and webcam sites. We offer our visitors to read the reviews on the hottest websites for adults. Then, you can pick one of them and register to make your life more exciting.

Is using Hookup Guru free of charge?

Using Hookup Guru is totally free. Actually, the registration on adult dating websites is also free of charge. Yet, you might have to pay for a membership to use all the available services. These websites have to charge a subscription fee to ensure their functioning and keep their pages ad-free.

How do I add a photo to my profile?

Find the section ‘My Photos.’ The service will provide you with helpful guidelines for fast and easy uploading of your photos.

I get zero search results. How can I fix that?

Maybe you are too picky. Of course, finding your perfect partner is important, but we all know that ideal people don’t exist. Lower your bar a bit! Think of criteria that are crucial for you (age, body type, habits, etc.), and remove other filters.

How does the matching algorithm work?

When you register on any adult dating website, you have to answer a range of questions about your preferences and personality. That’s not for just fun. A matching algorithm needs information to find profiles that meet your requirements. However, they’ll be shown only if your profile meets their criteria.

How can I get more precise search results?

Extended search tools allow you to narrow your search results. You can specify a region, age, hair color, eye color, etc. The most important is not to make your criteria too narrow, as the matching algorithm won’t find anything for you.

I don’t want anybody to see my profile. How can I make it invisible?

If you have an active subscription, you can hide your profile. Click on the ‘Settings’ button, and change your profile status from ‘visible’ to ‘hidden.’ You can switch back to ‘visible’ at any time.

Can I receive messages if I haven’t paid for subscription?

No, you don’t have to be a subscriber to receive messages from other members. Yet, there is a catch: you can’t reply until you get a paid subscription. But watching someone interested in your offer can also be rather pleasant;)

Is my personal data safe when I use adult dating websites?

High-quality adult dating websites guarantee 100% informational safety to the members. When you send messages to other members, they only get your username and the text of your message. Staff members of the service don’t share clients’ data with the third parties.

I don’t want to use my account anymore. How can I delete it?

Find the section ‘Account Details’ on your profile page. At the bottom of the page, you’ll see the link ‘Delete My Profile.’ Click it, and your profile will be deleted. Please, remember that this action is irreversible. If you have any costs left on this subscription, you won’t be able to refund them. You can simply hide your account if you don’t feel 100% confident.

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