Sex Slang Words You’ve Never Heard About

Consider yourself an experienced fuck who knows everything about sex? Are you sure that’s about you? Modern chicks use a sex slang you won’t even be able to determine. Young birds can talk about dirty things in a manner you’ll never realize it’s about fucking. I bet you buy popcorn when you get a text from a gal with an offer to Netflix and chill, am I right? My little perverted dummie. You need a considerable upgrade in your sexual terms knowledge! Get the list of the trendiest and funniest sex slang words to feel yourself a few years younger and impress juicy college pussies.

7/11 — a slang for fast and quick sex.

Afternoon delight — a meeting for sex in the middle of the day, usually instead of the planned events or right in between them.

Bareback (adv.) — means to have sex without a condom. e.g.: 1) Do you mind we fuck bareback? 2) Don’t you even try to bang that pussy bareback!

Beating the bishop & Cleaning the pipes — a slang for male masturbation.

CBT — "cock and ball torture". This form of sex is for males who enjoy being dominated and experiencing pain on their genitals.

Chicken head — an offensive term for a girl who often pleases men orally.

Condomplate — when you and your partner are contemplating (discussing) whether to use a condom or not, you're condomplating.

Dopplebanger — it’s when you have sex with a person only because she/he looks like someone else you actually dream to fuck, but have no chance with. e.g.: I fucked her because she's Shakira's dopplebanger.

Diddling — jerking off.

Edging — means delaying orgasm as much as possible to have a more intense climax.

Fling cleaning — cleaning up your home before your date comes in hope to end up having sex.

Flirtationship — when you flirt with a person without any serious intentions for a long time.

Fuckit list — a list of people you dream to fuck before you die.

Gazzing — orgasming.

Going to the boneyard — planning to have sex.

Impact play — any physical influence on the body performed for sexual satisfaction, usually refers to BDSM games.

Intercoarse — a very rough sex (MIND: not “intercourse”).

Jackintosh — a computer or a laptop used only for watching porn.

Liptease — an action of putting a lipstick on with the intention to tease a partner.

Mantsy — the same as “horny”, when a person feels an anxious desire to have sex. e.g.: You're probably a bit mantsy.

Masturnap — when you fall asleep right after jerking off, it’s a masturnap.

Manther — a male cougar, a person in the age of 45+ who’s looking for sex with younger girls.

Masturwait (verb) — an act of waiting while your porn loads on the laptop or computer.

Ménage à trois — threesome.

Mile High Club — people who ever had sex on a plane. e.g.: I joined the Mile High Club last week.

Motorboating — when a man (or woman) puts his face between tits and moves it back and forth quickly making a sound like a motorboat does.

Motting — when a man performs oral on a girl (licks and sucks vagina).

Muff diving — a process of licking and sucking vagina.

Netflix and chill — when you invite a girlfriend or a boyfriend at your place to watch Netflix but actually you mean to have sex right in a few minutes after the movies starts. e.g.: Hey, you down to come over tonight? We can Netflix and chill.

Ninja sex — when you’re trying to have sex as quietly as possible so that your neighbors don’t hear you, you’re having a ninja sex.

Nookie — sexual touching, kissing, cuddling and, sometimes, intercourse.

Pearl necklace — when a guy cums on a girl’s neck and his semen drops look like pearls.

Pegging — anal penetration of a man performed by woman with a strap-on.

Pillow princess — a person who prefers to just lay back and enjoy the process while his/her partner does all the work during sex.

Pompoir — when a woman uses her vaginal muscles to stimulate a guy’s cock during sex even more. e.g.: All jerkers dream about bitches who do a pompoir.

Porn moment — a very cool move or position you perform with your partner that could only be seen in porn usually.

Pornochhio — a person who lies about his/her sex life to seem cooler.

Postboned — when someone is late because of a sudden sex during the day. e.g.: "So sorry, I got postboned. I'm on my way to the work meeting already."

Prince Albert (PA) — piercing on the penis.

Procrasturbating — when you jerk off (masturbate) instead of doing important things and solving work issues, you’re procrasturbating.

Queening — a process of sitting in your boyfriend’s face.

Quickie — fast sex, usually without a foreplay.

Road bone — an undesired hard-on that appears during your trip in a car, bus, or plane.

Sascrotch — too hairy cock or pussy. e.g.: I won’t every have sex with a gal if she’s got a sascrotch.

Screwvenir — a small souvenir you take from a person you’ve just had sex with.

Sexorcism — it’s when you have sex with someone to forget your ex.

Shrimping — sucking your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s toes.

Side chick — mistress.

Snatchchat — a nude photo sent on Snapchat.

Tinder glow — an effect when the person looks much better in Tinder than in real life.

Vagina funeral — when a girl is 100% not attracted to a guy, and whatever he does can’t redeem her vagina. That’s a vagina funeral for him.

Vogueing — having sex and observing the process in the mirror and getting satisfaction from what you see.

Water sports — any action connected with urine in erotic play. It might be a golden shower, for example.

Zum-zum — the vagina.

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