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Step by Step Guide: How to Use Snapchat for Sexting

Snapchat Pornstars

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Why Snapchat?

Snapchat will make the photos you send disappear forever, so feel free to express yourself. Sometimes, however, you can set the settings that way that the photos will remain. Both of the ways are perfect for sexting and here is why.

Whatever you choose, either to erase photos or save them, the sexting on Snapchat feels private and secure. Moreover, it is fun here, because you can take a photo of yourself and also add some drawings to it, write a phrase on an image or add an emoji to cover the private parts. And also Snapchat allows you to sext to as many people as you know. We are sure that almost everyone in your circle uses it, so it is easy here to reach whom you want.

Okay, so you get the principle. Let’s find out, how to sext someone here.

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Rules of Sexting on Snapchat

Find a person you want to sext

Open your contact list in Snapchat and choose whoever you like. You can also add people from your contact list to a Snapchat if you click “+” next to their name. For some security issues, you can choose in settings, who is allowed to send you photos on Snapchat: everyone or friends only.

Connect with someone new on a Snapchat

You can either find a new person by the nickname or share yours on other social networks. You can even sext with unknown, but dirty people. Just google the lists of the dirtiest people on Snapchat and add them. Done that? Great, let’s move on.

Start chatting

You can start off with the simple “Hello” and “How you doing” phrases. Don’t send your photos out of the blue to the person who is not ready for it. Perhaps, he or she is not in a private place, where they can join you. So what you should do is to start a casual conversation and gradually take to the sexting. When you feel that the will to sext is mutual, you can send your first picture.

Don’t send a completely nude photo all at once. Be mysterious. It’s better to send a hint on a naked photo first to wake up the imagination of the partner.

Take photos

So what you need to do is to press a round button on your screen and take a photo or a selfie. After this, you can add a filter to your photo, drag an emoji or add some text. But it is not the only option now.

With new Snapchat updates you can also send pictures from your camera roll, that were taken some time ago. That is when your saved nudes on the smartphone can be in hand.

Also, if you press the button that you used for taking photos and keep it pressed for a while, you will get a video mode. Who said that sexting is only about pictures. Make it hotter with a tasty video.

One of the most exciting features that emerged on Snapchat is a live chat. It works the following way. If you are both online in a Snapchat you can press the blue button (that is usually yellow and used for sending pictures) and enter a live chat. There your options are endless, so dive into this experience fully and enjoy!

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