How To Become A Webcam Girl: Exhaustive Step-By-Step Guide

What does it take to start webcam modeling from home? What are the main pros and cons of this job? How to get prepared for the performance and earn a decent income? Start your cam modeling career and have all questions answered with the guide below.

How to Become a Webcam Model

Webcam Modeling: What Is It And How To Succeed as a Cam Girl

Webcam modeling is a chance for some to earn money. For others, it’s a way to express themselves. In both cases, it demands hard work and a person needs to follow particular rules to succeed in this field. So let’s find out what it takes to become a webcam model.

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Who is a cam girl?

Basically it’s a lady who shows off in front of the cam and gets paid for that. Modeling on cam usually includes different erotic actions varying from strip to masturbation. Becoming a cam girl is her conscious and mature decision, as she desires to earn decent money and loves males’ attention. She’s proud of her body, knows it pretty well, and isn’t shy to demonstrate it on cam. Usually, it’s a young student bird who likes to have fun this way in her free time or needs extra cash to pay for education, but age isn’t the issue here. More often than not, she just aims to live a golden life and enjoy pricey stuff and brand clothes.

What is cam modeling?

Cam modeling is a live erotic performance in front of the cam. You, as a cam girl, entertain users (usually males) and they pay you for that. This is done with the help of virtual currency usually called tokens. The way of payment depends on the particular site you’re at: it might be a fixed price customer pays for the desired action, or he’s charged per minute. There are two ways of streaming yourself: in a group and private chat. In the first one, you have a vast audience and can interact with all the viewers by text messages or audio (voice). When going private, you have a one-to-one session with a single fapper and it has a higher price.

How to become a web cam girl?

poster - how to become a webcam model

Initially, only your strong desire and genuine interest matter. A little test and just discovering how everything works without any preparation counts too, but results won’t be as pleasant as they could be. It requires more preparation than just getting a shower (hope you were going to do that without my reminder) and turning on the cam. But first, here’s what general steps you should take if you’re wondering how to get into camming:

  • Make research. Read articles about webcamming (mine gives you all the needed info), find camgirls’ reviews, consider if it all works well with you.
  • Set your limits. State honestly for yourself what you’re ready for while streaming yourself on cam.
  • Make sure you have no one who can interfere you with adult webcam modeling. I mean your roomies or parents, silly. You don’t want them to enter the room when you’re wearing a nurse costume that doesn’t even cover your ass cheeks, right?
  • Set the fixed hours daily when you can work. Make yourself a schedule. Consider it as a real job and it’ll bring you a bunch of dollars instead.
  • Search for a platform you’re going to perform at. Rely on the tips I give later in this guide.
  • Check if your laptop and webcam work well and go to the service if they need to be fixed.
  • Prepare the setting, outfits, and all the extra stuff you’re going to use while performing.
  • Do the first try and bring some damn fire to the chat!

Pros and cons of being a webcam model

Webcam modeling is definitely a job, and like every other job, it has its perks and downsides. Let me outline the most obvious advantages first:

  • You get a high pay. Sitting in front of the laptop, doing things you enjoy, and getting a salary higher than your mom and dad get together ― not the worst work in the world, agree?
  • You’re your own boss. You’re feeling blue or friends ask you to hang out at the beach all day long? Being a camgirl you can afford it. You decide yourself when, where, and how much to work daily.
  • You’re desired. For a chick, feeling the attraction of guys is a vital thing. No jokes. If you want a flower to flourish, water it. The same works with girls: attention and compliments is your water.
  • You explore your own limits and desires. There’s no better way to explain to a guy what turns you on than to find this out yourself first. With such a job you’ll know the reaction of every inch on your body and feeling horny might become a permanent thing for you.
  • You feel confident. That’s the obvious result of the previous point.
Pros and Cons of being a Cam Model

Even your favorite vibrator sometimes leaves you unsatisfied, so here are the major cons of being a webcam model:

  • You have to lead a secret life. More likely your parents won’t understand you if you tell them you earn money for showing off your gorgeous breasts on cam. That’s not the life they dreamt their little daughter to have, but do they know how much money this life gives you?
  • You can’t mention this work experience in your CV. When you decide to end up with webcam modeling and get some office job it’s better not to tell your potential employer what you’ve been doing last years.
  • The Internet remembers everything. The chances there will still be your personal info and sexy photos on the web after you’ve done with cam modeling are high. So you’ll have to do some serious cleaning.
  • Not all viewers are nice. Being a webcam model you’ll more likely meet real jerks in chat who won’t be asking you politely to remove your bra and you won’t get any compliments from them. Sometimes they’re rude. Being ready for this and taking it as “it’s my work and I do it for money” will help significantly. All in all, sellers in malls deal with the same shitty stuff.

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Cam Girl Starter Kit

A strong desire and mature decision to start a webcam business is the first step of the whole preparation process. Next, think about how to arrange it. You’ll have to take care of location, lights, microphone, additional stuff like toys and sexy outfits, etc. Let’s cover each aspect in detail.

cam girl starter kit


Best laptop for webcam modeling

First, you do need a laptop or a PC for streaming, your latest iPhone isn’t appropriate for that. Second, when choosing between a laptop and a computer, choose the first one. It’s portable and you can stream yourself from anywhere you wish (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom), while a PC limits your mobility.

What are the basic things to pay attention to when choosing a decent laptop?

  • CPU. Intel Core i3 or Intel Core i5 are fine, but Intel Core i7 is much better.
  • RAM. It should be at least 4 GB, having 16 GB will make you a webcam goddess.
  • Storage (SSD). Opt for laptops with 128-512 GB.
  • Battery. If you don’t want to go “black screen” in the middle of your erotic performance ensure at least 6-8 hours of independent work to your device.

If your current notebook doesn’t fit these requirements, consider investing in a new one. Your earnings will beat this spending fast if you do everything right. Read a detailed guide on the best laptops for webcam modeling here.

The best webcam for webcam work

Thinking your in-built camera on the laptop will be enough you’ll ruin your whole webcam experience. Its quality is good for usual Skype sessions but not for streaming live. If you want your viewers to see you clearly and at least notice your nipple ring ― think about purchasing professional stuff. Your income depends on this, as guys online prefer paying generously for good quality. Your blurred picture will bring little profit.

Generally, Logitech cams are considered the flagman on the market. To get more tips on how to choose the best webcam for webcam modeling refer to my exhaustive tutorial.

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Technical details: lights and microphones

Underestimating the importance of lighting is the biggest mistake you can make getting into webcamming. No one is going to pay for the dark picture when it’s impossible to even determine your panties' color! The whole preparation might bring zero results if you don’t have enough light in the streaming room. Natural light itself is your first aid. Going online in the day time and having big broad windows will save you. All photographs consider sunlight the best filter. In case you don’t have a good environment for that or desire to go live only at night, look for the special equipment.

Cheap variants:

  • Your home stuff. Desk lamp, floor lamp, Christmas lights, whatever you have. Play with this kit a bit to make your streaming look decent.
  • Webcam stand with a light ring. This one will hold both your webcam and extra light at the same time. Will be good for close-ups.
Equipment for Webcam Model

More pricey alternatives:

  • Professional softboxes. This will be perfect to stream yourself from bed or a sofa so your whole body will be well seen. It has adjustable stand height, so you can set it as you need.
gear for a webcam model
  • Light ring. Pretty autonomous helper for your camming but works better in combination with any other source of light.
  • LED panel. Use a single panel for a bigger plan (when you want to demonstrate what you can do with a toy, for example), but opt for 2 and more panels if you’re going to take various positions during your performance.
Hardware for a webcam model

A good microphone is important to let your customers hear you moan. The better they see how perfect they’re at satisfying you, the more they’ll want to do it again and again. I shouldn’t mention that money is your main satisfaction, right?

Popular Blue Yeti and Blue Snowball will be good to start. But they let your viewers hear not only your sexy voice but arguments your neighbors have behind the wall as well. These 2 aren’t the best in hiding background noises. If you want to become an expert in webcam modeling, opt for an AmazonBasics Desktop Mini Condenser microphone or Rode Podcaster.

Camming space: tips for preparing room/place for movies

Your camming space or room where you’re going to broadcast influences the whole impression you make on viewers.

  1. Make sure it’s clean. No stuff is piled up over there and no unfinished breakfast is on the table in front of you.
  2. Take care of the background. You have to be the star of your performance, not the flowers on your wallpapers. Make sure nothing will distract your viewers from the main dish.
  3. Check if nothing gives out your location. Keeping private in such a job is crucial, so check all the books, posters, open windows, etc. It has to be a neutral set.
  4. Set the light in front of you, not behind. Spread it so it flashes not right in your face but more around you.

Wardrobe issues: what a cam girl should wear

There are several pieces of advice for women about what to wear while webcamming. Firstly, your outfit has to be sexy and exciting. So, girls, for example, can stick to tight tops and high heels. It’s important to have your nails and hair done nicely, watch your makeup. Imagine that you’re going on a date and want to make an impression on a person you’re seeing.

  • Is it sexy?
  • Is it stylish?
  • Does it suit you?
  • Does it make you feel hot and wanted?

If the answer to these questions is “yes” then, most likely, you’ve chosen the right dressing.

Find the sexiest outfit in your wardrobe and take it on! Investing on the initial step might be too expensive for you, but if you wear only sport bras daily, consider some shopping. Look for normal lace panties or almost invisible item with pearls spreading your ass cheeks. You may wear a sexy fishnet mini dress or revealing bodysuit, but I suggest you a trick with multi layers. The more clothes you have on for a strip, the more time your admirers will have to spend in chat to finally see what’s under (and you get more money, silly.) But don’t overdo it. Let it be a transparent nightgown with sexy lingerie set and a garter under, not the fur coat and jeans. To add more fire to the performance, try schoolgirl, nurse, cop, you name it outfit and do some role-playing or wear simple but erotic chemise. Heels are optional but desired.

As to the makeup: always have it on! Show your viewers you’ve prepared for the session and wanted to look good for them. Do your hair, put a lip gloss on, take care both of a manicure and pedicure. Some guys love slutty-looking girls, some get hard on natural beauty, so experiment here.

Other must have stuff

When all the main issues are figured and you can’t wait to bang the chat, think of what extra stuff can come in handy while broadcasting. Towels, napkins, lubes, sexy toys, oils, toys cleaner, lollipops, any other objects you're gonna play with. You don’t wanna waste time reaching them in the middle of your erotic performance and ruining guys’ erection. Also, take care of your linen if you’re in bed. No damn “butterflies on the pink background” print is allowed! Opt for white sheets. Always.

The best sex toys for webcam modeling include dildos, vibrators, magic wands, butt plugs, and toys with remote control (your customers will send impulses to the toy inside your pussy.) These are the must-have. Clitoral stimulators and BDSM stuff like nipple clamps are highly-recommended. And my absolute favorites are vibrating panties and sex machine for the most adventurous and horny gals.

How To Make Money On Webcam?

When all preparations are done, it’s time to move to the most exciting part ― earning cash and having fun.

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Cam girls money earning skills

Of course, your performance has to be unique and original. But sometimes, being a great performer is just not enough. Some models don’t pay attention to the quality of their cameras or leave a mess behind them in the location, where they’re filming. Such simple things aren’t obvious sometimes, but they can be the ruiners of your career.

So for your convenience I’ve studied frequent mistakes among young models and wrote down some tips to help you become the best in your business.

graph advices for webcam models

Webcam model behavior is important

When working in webcam modeling, you should always follow so-called rules of etiquette. It means in the chat you should pay equal attention to all the visitors. Moreover, if a new customer goes online, greet him to show you’ve noticed it. It’ll make him feel special and needed, and he’ll stay longer in a chat.

Forget rudeness

You should never allow yourself to be harsh or brutal. Understandably, you can get into the situation when you’re insulted by the member of a chat. Try to remain friendly and turn an insult into a joke. For example, if a member of a chat demands from you to show your breasts in a not very pleasant way, tell him that everything interesting is ahead and wink. Plus, you can’t pay attention to him, unless he earns it.

Enjoy what you do

Members of a chat expect you to fulfill their desires, but they don’t want to force you. It’s important that you enjoy webcamming or at least act like you really do.

Talk to you guests, tease them, flirt with them, show them who you are. It’s good to make an impression that you’re having fun from what you do, that you enjoy showing your body and that you’re horny all the time – that’s why you do webcamming.

Start conversation first

It’s a good idea to greet everyone in your chat. Wink at them, call them by the nicknames, interact with them – guests appreciate it and stay longer in the chat. Your role is to moderate adult-chat, so don’t pay too much attention to one person.

You may say some horny phrases that you’re going crazy, you’re hot, etc. Improvise and make up your own phrases. Just remember that your performance should be exciting and sexy, so that customers want to come back and watch you starring again. And the more constant visitors you have, the more money you make.

Pretty Model in Black Lingerie

How to earn $10,000 as a webcam model

Financial reward is what probably attracts you to the webcam modeling most of all. But cam girl salary isn’t fixed, and to reach that number you’ll need to work hard first.

  • Set up a schedule and go live every day. You need to make your profile famous on the site, that’s why being online as much as possible is crucial if you want to make money on a webcam. Attract new customers and form your own fan club of regulars.
  • Be honest. Your attempts to play the time are much more obvious than you think. Jerkers in chat will realize you’re just trying to get more of their money, and they’ll more likely send you to hell for that. Take your time, tease, have fun, and you’ll be rewarded.
  • Remember your regulars. If the same guys come to chat again and again always let them know you notice that. Feeling special they’ll probably want to go private with you and pay more.
  • Be creative! Performing the same show every day you’ll bore your visitors and their hungry cocks. Always think of new ways to entertain your viewers and use different extra stuff for that.

Webcam modeling and taxes

Webcam modeling job is considered self-employment and that means you need to pay taxes. The cam model taxes rate in this case is 15.3%. It consists of two parts: 12.4% for social security (old-age, survivors, and disability insurance) and 2.9% for Medicare (hospital insurance).

If you’ve earned on your webcam site more than $600, they MUST send you a 1099 Form, and they do report this to the IRS.

In case you earned less than $600 or your employer company isn’t US-based, you still need to report 100% of your income on your Schedule C.

Not to fail doing all that stuff, think of hiring a tax specialist.

Cam Girl Tips: How To Be A Successful Camgirl?

Having all the extra stuff ready for the online performance doesn’t mean you’ll start earning like a president immediately. It takes your efforts! Let me cover some major cam girl tips so you benefit from modeling.

Here’s what webcam model should NEVER say to a customer

Hungry guys come to webcam chats for entertainment. They don’t want to deal with moody bitches that don’t even try to seem happy and pleased. The main rule of the successful webcam session is to satisfy and be satisfied. There are two topics that will definitely kill all the fun:

  • Time. Every attempt to make horny wankers stay in chat longer will be noticed, 100%. It’s not so hard to see when you truly enjoy the process and when you just play time with them. So saying “I can’t show you my nipples only after 10 minutes of chat” you’ll lose all your fans.
  • Money. Never should you insist on going private with you. Everyone knows it’s more expensive and when you force it, it’ll be clear you do it just to get more cash. Damn, make it natural! Think of how you can seduce boys and make them desire you and you won’t have any troubles with private chats. And with dollars too.

Also, never ignore any of your customers. Even if you sense he won’t go private with you and won’t send tips. You never know. Seeing you acting like a cold bitch, no guy will want to come back to your performance. And not only that poor man notices your ignorance, everyone in chat sees it. You’re there to please and entertain, remember? Do your job!

Gorgeous Model on Bed

Can a cam girl be naughty? Behavior rules for webcam models

So many men, so many minds. Some respect boring wanking on naked curves, while others won’t even get hard until you put on a mistress costume. How to make every customer happy? Darling, it’s impossible to satisfy everyone. But to get the biggest profit, remember these webcam sex tips:

  • You’re expected to be horny, no matter what. If you’re not, pretend that you are and then you’ll catch this sex vibe anyway.
  • Stay neutral in the group chat. Yes, you have to be naughty. Hear your customers’ wishes and fulfill them. They usually don’t come to watch a virgin's show. But, even BDSM play isn’t for everyone so watch your orders and just do what your audience wants. If they ALL are ok with that, give them some fire!
  • Leave any fetish stuff for private chats. When some wanker wants to see how you piss on your pillow, invite him to enjoy this show one-to-one.

How webcam models should respond to annoying customers

You’ll face real jerks while webcamming. It’s inevitable. First, never forget they may have multiple reasons to behave like assholes. Bad day at work, breakup with a girlfriend, depressing debts, just “jerk nature”. It’s their problems and burden, not yours. You’re there to entertain and have fun. So when someone writes you “hey, call your mom there, I want to fuck her,” smile on cam and say you can make him explode yourself or ask what he’s going to do with you two. Here are the main cam model tips to follow when you deal with a bastard in chat:

  • Don’t play his rules and never choose rude behavior like he does.
  • Answer him in a flirty way. Always.
  • React with a nice joke.
  • Don’t let the situation turn into a conflict.
  • Remember about other viewers and keep playing your role.
  • Don’t take any rudeness close to heart.

Tips to make more money as a webcam model

Why to limit yourself only to streaming on cam when you can do much more to make your income x10 bigger? Look at webcam modeling tips to get more cash. What else can you do?

Tips for Webcam Models

Sell nudes

Very few cam girls take advantage of this, as they simply don’t know it’s possible. You definitely make dozens of pic daily, and they’re just stored on your iPhone with no use. Sell them! You can make up to $100 a day and that’s not the final sum. The more content you make, the more you can sell. Often, webcam sites themselves have such an option, so you can market your photos right there. And you’re not limited with platforms to use, darling. Imagine how much you can earn just for pics of your ass even in panties?

Sell panties

Surprised? There are many jerkers who desire to buy your used bikini. You can do it on specialized platforms or just some regular camsites. Price can be various: starting from $1 and to any maximum possible. Main trick: post the photo in panties you’re going to sell first, so potential buyers will be sure you wore it.

Have a fun club

This isn’t possible if you’re just a beginner. But after some experience you can announce you organize a fun club on the site you’re performing at. How to profit? Your fans will have to pay a monthly subscription to view your content. What’s required from your side? Regular posting of photos and videos, broadcasting shows. To do it daily is optimal. Grow your audience and earn cash from it.

Sell Skype shows

On private Skype shows you can get much more than on those on the webcam site as you set whatever price you want. Guys love to feel privileged and satisfying them on Skype is exactly about that. Sometimes you can promote your Skype shows even on the cam site you’re working at as some allow it. But in this case you’ll pay them a certain percentage of income made on this.

Webcam shows that make the most money

This is purely about fetishes. Perverted jerks rarely have their deep fantasies realized, so they’re ready to pay generously for that. Anything ranging from dominatrix stuff to golden showers. Know your limits and do only the things you want yourself.

How To Choose The Best Cam Sites To Make Money?

Your future income very much depends not only on your efforts but on the platform you’re performing at as well. What to pay attention to when choosing the best webcam sites to work for?

  • Traffic. The bigger traffic is, the more potential viewers for you. But, on the other side, it means great competition among models, so you’ll have to try hard to become one of the most popular.
  • Reviews. Before registering on the site, search for cam girls’ reviews that already worked there. They’ll tell you about all the possible pitfalls and advantages.
  • Payment policy. It includes the cashout options and payment schedules. E-wallets or bank wire, weekly or daily payouts. Opt for the most suitable for you.

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Free VS Private Chats: How To Make A Customer To Pay More?

Private chats are the main source of income for all camgirls. There you perform for a single viewer, and he pays you lavishly if you satisfy him. He’s charged per minute, so he expects real sexual action from you. But private chats won’t be possible without free ones.

Free chat is the only way to gather the audience. Before going private, guys want to evaluate you and understand how good you are for a one-to-one show. Here you perform for free but can earn some tips. If you make their cocks hard, they’ll pay for the private chat. When in private chat only site members are allowed to join, for a free chat a man doesn’t have to register. Call it a test-drive.

Sweet Model Posing in Lingerie

How to make guys go private and earn more?

  • Be horny and proactive. You have to tease them and make them want you. State your hunger and write in chat how you want to be fucked.
  • To test the audience, say what you can do right now and ask viewers to send you tips if they want to see it. This way you’ll spot potential buyers to pay them extra attention.
  • Call all the customers by nicknames. This demonstrates your equal interest in each of them. Damn, guys love to feel like kings!
  • Don’t underestimate silent viewers. If someone doesn’t write in chat but watches the show, make him answer you in chat. Be creative! If you get the answer in free chat, your chances to continue with him in private one grow significantly.
  • Communicate with your audience! Never keep quiet, always create some action. Ask questions, play teasing games with them, dance a little.


Who can be a webcam model?

Anyone. Gender, skin color, complexion, age, race ― nothing matters in webcam modelling. You’ll have your viewers anyway as tastes differ.

Will my data be kept confidential?

When registering on the webcam site you’re to provide your ID. But this is for the administration only. To create a profile you don’t need to mention your real name, location, or any other personal stuff. Meaning none from the visitors will know who you really are and how to find you. Getting your salary via bank transfer, there’ll be the name of the company like “ABC Media,” no “webcam” words to guess what you’re doing in life.

Can I block my state or country from seeing my profile?

Yes, you can. The majority of sites provide this feature so you can stay hidden for users from your country/state. Check if a platform offers such a service before registering.

How many hours a cam model records daily?

That’s completely up to you. No one controls you in this. You’re responsible for your own schedule and choose the working hours. The more time you dedicate to this, the more you’ll probably earn. Consider this as a full-time job to profit.

What papers do I need to become a live cam model?

You have to be at least 18-years-old to become a webcam model. A reputable company will always ask you to fill in the release form (this way you allow to broadcast you,) the contract or application form (this differs depending on the company,) the tax forms, provide an ID and payment info.

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