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Sex stories are another type of adult content. Just like porn, it can satisfy your wildest desires. In the form of textual narratives, sex stories can make your fantasy fly high as well as your libido.

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Some people enjoy watching TV, while others prefer reading books. When it comes to sexual content, it’s all the same. It’s easy to get entertained while watching somebody else performing adult acts, but it’s much more pleasing to fantasize on your own. Sex stories is a great opportunity for that – they let your imagination fly wild and bring you more satisfaction.

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On this website, you are exposed to a wide assortment of sex stories. Convenient search, an array of genres, and, most importantly, voluptuous plots here will deprive you of boredom. Below you can find more information about:

  1. What exactly sex stories are
  2. Are free sex stories better than the paid ones?
  3. How to choose sex stories for reading
  4. Is it anonymous to enjoy sex stories and more

Scroll down to discover the seductive and wild world of adult narratives!

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What are sex stories?

Sex stories are relatively short pieces of fiction which narrate about sexual adventures. They exist to spice up your lonely (or not) evenings. Sex stories can be about any aspect of sexual life. Let’s take a handful of examples:

  • First sex stories
  • Oral, anal, petting and masturbation stories
  • Threesomes and group sex stories
  • Romantic erotica narratives
  • Hardcore porn in text
  • Extramarital affairs
  • Hookup stories
  • Sex in public places
  • Kamasutra variations
  • Good girl goes bad stories
  • BDSM
  • Anime stories
  • Interracial sex stories
  • Dirty talk stories
  • Swingers sex stories
  • And many others

Many of these topics can intersect in one story and create a whole new lascivious world with just one or multiple characters and sexual interactions.

Usually, sex stories are presented on sex stories sites in written online. There are some downloadable sex stories which you can read on your e-book, smartphone, or any other device.

Some sites offer audio sex stories, which we don’t recommend to listen to in public – you may start feeling too hot to handle it! Sex stories come out as podcasts and videos too. Some sites, apart from sex stories, also provide access to other types of adult content like porn videos and webcam sex. Thanks to technology you can have access to any online sexual entertainment you want.

Free vs. paid sex stories

The Internet is flooded by free hookup sites which offer various services. Access to sex stories isn’t an exclusion. You can enjoy reading naughty stories for free, copying them and sharing with your sex partner or friends. You can save sex stories and read them later or download in a convenient format for you.

At the same time, some sex stories sites offer this content for payment. Why? Because they make sure the intellectual rights of sex stories authors are preserved, there are fewer or no ads and that additional adult services are provided too. Let’s compare free and paid sex stories sites:

Free sex stories sites

  • Limited range of sex stories
  • Limited topic and genre diversity of stories
  • Lots of annoying ads
  • Your data can be shared with the third parties
  • Wider range and diversity of sex stories
  • Registration required
  • No ads
  • No scam
  • A higher level of protection
  • Anonymity guaranteed
  • Additional services (sex stories podcasts, webcam sex, porn videos, etc.)

It’s up to you what to choose, but know that sex stories options are at your disposal!

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How to choose sex stories for reading

It is never easy to select a good story for reading. There are many aspects that you have to take into consideration:

  1. A genre
  2. A topic
  3. Types of characters
  4. Types of sex involved
  5. Length, etc.

On our website, you can use potent search tools for filtering out stories that you will be the most interested in. Either you are searching for:

  • hardcore sex or romantic daydream stories
  • fingering in public transport or erotica on a bed covered with rose petals
  • lesbian dirty talk porn or first innocent sex
  • swinger orgy or platonic connections
  • harsh BDSM or genuine making love stories,

– you can find anything of your taste on our platform.

Can one read sex stories anonymously?

If you’re using a free sex stories site, you aren’t likely to get a chance to browse it anonymously. Free sex stories websites usually collect data of their users and may share it with third parties (usually advertisers) in the best-case scenario. In the worst-case scenario, your information may leak in the general public. You may want to use incognito mode in your browser (thus, your search history won’t be stored) as well as VPN services which can give you some anonymity.

However, if you want to be 100% sure you’re safe and your data won’t be unveiled, it’s better to use paid sex stories sites. During registration, you will not be asked to provide your essential personal. Your payment data will be secured under encryption. Also, you will be able to take advantage of the site’s anonymous mode, applicable to all members.

On our website, you can relish reading sex stories while not being worried about your identity being revealed. You can also read sex stories without being bothered that your personal or payment information may be exposed in public – our site guarantees utter anonymity!

Can you write your own sex stories?

Sure thing! If you've had the sex of a lifetime, why don't you tell your co-jerkers about it? This is also a great way to brag about your sex victories, as you can add as many details as you desire to make your story the best on the particular sex stories website.

For example, you've once met a smoking hot chick on adult dating sites, and she gave you the best blowjob you've ever had. Give all the juiciest details of your sex dates so that other sex hookup stories lovers could cum when reading it. Who knows, maybe you inspire other jerkers for such dates as well?

For this, choose a website for sex stories that provides you with such a service.

How to search for the best sex stories?

Usually, sex stories websites have a search bar where you can just type what you'd like to read about at the moment (squirting, for instance). This is the easiest way, as you get top paid and free sex stories in seconds.

In case you don't know what exactly you'd like to read about, search for sex stories with the help of the categories many best sex stories sites offer. If you're a fan of BDSM, click the appropriate button and get the selection of BDSM erotic hookup stories.

You can also just keep browsing the main page if you want to reach new sex stories that were recently uploaded to the sex stories site.

Do women enjoy online sex stories more than men?

Dude, for guys like you and me naked boobs on the screen will be enough to get rock hard, agree? On the other side, chicks need more to get wet. Moreover, they have way better imagination!

That's exactly why reading sex stories is such fun for them. They can picture all the fucking details in their head and imagine the perfect sex. They enjoy it when their pussies get wet slowly while reading, while guys need more action.

Moreover, for many men, sex stories online without any pictures are torture. We just don't want to picture anything, we want to literally see it. That's why we like online adult webcams so much.

Still, sex stories are cool to read because this way, you learn how not to come in 3 seconds. And real women will appreciate that during real sex, buddy.

The bottom line

Sex stories are wonderful journeys to the sensual, naughty and lustful world. On his page, you can find dozens of top-notch sexual stories for entertainment. You can read them alone or with your partner. They can make your fantasy fly high and help you masturbate or turn on your second half for a wild night ride!

Get access to a broad variety of sex stories of different genres and in different forms, don’t worry about your anonymity and enjoy the adult content here!

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