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I think we need to start with casual dating sites. Online dating scene changed. I don't know if anyone still needs serious relationships and all this fuss. It seems to me that now everyone is just looking for one night stands. And you're probably exactly the same if you're on my site.

Well, really, casual encounters are now more common among young, beautiful, and single (or not single, you know, marriage is a suck sometimes). Ask your friends what is more important to them now: to quickly take off someone's panties or to spend money on fucking gifts and dates. I think the first option is better. But where can you find this notorious casual sex? On any specialized paid or free hookup site! You don't know how to use Google or what? Okay, I'm dealing with a slowpoke. I would better give you away hot online spots than you start looking for these hookup sites for yourself.


Male/female ratio: 49%/51%

Visits/month: 1M

If you, for some reason, don't wanna a serious relationship but intimate connections, then the first dating site you can consider is WannaHookup. This free hookup site is perfect for those just looking for casual dating. It can boast an above average success rate. So, your balls will definitely be empty today. You will receive aesthetic pleasure from the first seconds of being on this adult online dating platform. It hooks you up with a sexy girl in a short skirt from the first seconds. They definitely know how to turn you on. But to get in on the action, you have to sign up on this hookup site. After you fill in all the fields, click that "Join Now" button and dive into a world of satisfaction of casual connection.

I wanna say that even if you have a basic membership on this hookup website, you still get some benefits. For example, with a free version, you can check out nude photos of attractive sluts you can have a casual encounter with, use the search feature, and even send some messages to free users. But I'd recommend splurging on a premium subscription because it unlocks a video chat for casual hookups on this online dating site. Yeah, you can get virtual sex this way, if you know what I mean. Hope you don't think it's free? But don't worry, 1250 credits cost only 39,95 dollars. In any case, it is cheaper than calling a prostitute.

Free services:

  • Set up your profile, make yourself known even if you have a free membership
  • Scroll through its diverse user base
  • Send a few messages to potential hookup partners
  • Use the site on mobile devices

Paid services:

  • Open unlimited private messaging feature for chatting with potential matches in chat rooms
  • Get dirty with some explicit photos and a video chat
  • Level up your game with those advanced search filters, making it easier to find what you’re looking for


Male/female ratio: 65%/35%

Visits/month: 25M

Adult Friend Finder? Oh, it's the most popular online dating spot for casual connections with a nice sex community. Such dating apps are like a paradise for those looking for a one-night thrill. Unlike other hookup sites, you can find ladies, men, couples, and trans here if your tastes are more specific. They're all about that sex-positive vibe.

Sign-up? It is free even with a basic membership and thanks to a nice user friendly interface, it takes literally 30 seconds. Enter your email, name, and password, and you're ready. But hey, if you wanna up your experience, add more info in your bio and an attractive picture to attract ladies. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you about some important things about Adult Friend Finder. There is a personality test to help you find dating profiles with the same sex preferences to have unforgettable casual encounters.

No doubt, this free hookup site is like a self-esteem booster. Its vibrant community is so active that you can't help but feel like a superstar. It seems to me that every girl on this dating platform wants to quickly jump on your dick. The judgment-free environment on Adult Friend Finder helps you relax and just get high for just $19.95 a month (if you pay for the whole year) for a paid membership.

Free services:

  • Put likes on others’ sexy photos and videos
  • Create your own HotList of the hottest user profiles
  • Join different groups to connect with like-minded users looking for no strings attached sex
  • Drop comments on spicy photos
  • Use search filters to find what you’re into

Paid services:

  • View full user profiles like a boss
  • Unlock all chat features and slide into the DMs of any bitch you like
  • Open and read the incoming messages flooding your inbox
  • Stream and upload your very own videos
  • Watch live streams in the best dating app


Male/female ratio: 60%/40%

Visits/month: 500K

Need more online hookup sites? No problems! Here is where the OneNightFriend hookup site comes into play. It's all about helping its users find no strings attached encounters, not long term relationships. It is an adult incognito spot to find local hookups and connect with like-minded, sexy girls who share your thirst for casual sex adventure. One day of using a paid membership on this dating site costs $0.99.

This adult dating app with a user friendly interface keeps it simple with the sign-up process. Just register a profile, drop in your age and location, and tell them what fun you're after. You've got to declare if you're into guys or gals, but hey, if you're swinging both ways, just specify it in the search filters. The search in the hookup app is completely free for anyone who registers. So, what are you waiting for?

By the way, regarding the accounts of these hot female users on this hookup site. I spotted no fake profiles. Most of them fill out their profiles efficiently and in detail. Everyone has long understood that the better you fill out your profile on dating sites, the more clicks you will get. After all, there is no time to get to know your soul. Everyone wants to read the profile, look at the photos, understand whether they want to have sex or not. That's all.

Free services:

  • Use the basic search even with a free version of the site
  • Check out those hot profiles who's catching your eye
  • Play the 'Like Gallery' and get your flirt on
  • Send up to five messages each day
  • No limits on Flirtcast with free membership

Paid services:

  • Say goodbye to texting hassles and enjoy smooth private messaging
  • Use an advanced search feature
  • Feast your eyes on Full HD photos of hot members
  • Get ready to share videos and photos in the chat

Ashley Madison

Male/female ratio: 71%/29%

Visits/month: 65M

Ashley Madison, my friend, is where married people can find someone outside their marriages to have a sex hookup. Your spouse will never know about this. So, if you're down for a little extramarital affairs and need a safe online hideout, you've hit the jackpot. As for the interface… I can say that only the best hookup sites can boast such a nice interface. And guess what? It is perfect on Ashley Madison, no mess, no fuss. The coolest thing is that this best hookup site has a huge demographic. You don't want your potential hookup living on the other side of the planet, right? Well, with many local people in one place, your chances of finding someone for a good time right now are high with the site's above average success rate. And regarding age, most people on Ashley Madison are about 25-34. That is, in the most active sexual phase.

I see how interested you are in this casual hookup platform. Okay, okay, I will tell you how to succeed on this partially free hookup site. Just add a bit of basic info – your age, nickname, and email. And then, you're good to start the hunt for someone special on Ashley Madison who can make your day or night.

The only thing that may annoy you on Ashley Madison is the price because, for 100 credits, you will have to pay 59 bucks. But, on the other hand, listen, you want to get the best result, so pay.

Free services:

  • Signing up on the Ashley Madison dating site
  • Like and view profiles of your future mistresses
  • Build a list of your faves
  • Use advanced search filters
  • Send flirty winks
  • Keep your photos on the down-low with the discreet photo feature

Paid services:

  • Show some love with digital gifts
  • Give your page a turbocharge to get more attention
  • Open and collect emails
  • Send personalized messages
  • Take the lead and start those conversations
  • Set your profile to "Travel Man" mode

Well, what are you waiting for? You know what, if you're on the hunt for no strings attached relationships, these four sites for casual hookups are where it's at. These free hookup sites didn't just make it onto my list; they're top-notch for your desires. They're designed for more than just serious commitments, friendship, and all that fucking romantic nonsense. Anonymity? Works perfect. Security? Works perfect. And their user base? It's massive. Everybody's in the know about these best hookup apps and sites. People go there for one reason only – to have casual fun. So, get in on the action now!

Important tips on hookups nearby

If you're new to the whole local sex scene, you gotta know its basics. So, let's get straight to the business.

Always use condoms. Listen, as much as you like the feeling of your cock unwrapped, don't risk it. You are not on the free hookup sites like Ashley Madison, you are in real life. Really, you want to fuck a juicy ass and walk out clean and satisfied, not the opposite.

Keep your boundaries. Yeah dude, even casual dates need respect to be amazing. If you're uncomfortable about some kinky shit, you have to mention it.

Never have casual encounters with a bitch who lives too close to your house. Come on, it would be awkward if you saw someone you put a dick into last night on your way to work. When having a casual relationship, choose girls that live in another part of your city to secure yourself some goddamn peace.

Alcohol can help you loosen up and get your little friend ready to win in the bedroom. If you're not a little fuck and can handle some whiskey or vodka, swallow two or three shots and watch yourself swim in local sex community like a fish in the water.

Local Hookup

Bitches looking for no strings attached relationships aren't too hard to find. They are everywhere - on hookup sites and in real life. Trust me, buddy, fucking a local girl isn't just about a good orgasm. Local casual dating is a hidden paradise full of pleasures for your dick. And here's why.

It's as simple as fuck

Literally, just find a local girl for casual encounters and make her knees shake! No obligations, no tears, and no “oh-you-fucked-me-and-left” bullshit. Both you and she know why you used hookup sites - to have sex without obligations. Honestly, dude, this is the best version of sex out there. No drama and lots of moans.

It's time-saving

Buddy, if you want to dig dirt and search for a good pussy to fuck regularly, go out to other dating apps and pretend you're not horny all the time. But if you just want to cum on a pretty girl's face, find babes for casual relationships on the best hookup site! It's easier than you might think. If your dick feels like fucking a wet pussy, you can find an American babe way on a hookup website faster than you finish wanking.

It has no drama involved

Dude, you don't need to pretend you're here to share your life story about meaningful relationships or some other personal shit. The only thing that matters is your dick and the ability to use it! Don't stress yourself out, local hookups are about wild sex and nothing else, so just fucking enjoy it.

If you're an experienced jerker, you know damn well what it's like to fap all the time and get no real sex. But masturbating isn't gonna give you the same orgasm American ladies with wet pussies do. Dude, you gotta try that shit out because horny girls in your area aren't gonna fuck themselves.

Where to go hunting for local sex partners?

These days nothing can stop a wild man from banging some hot chick in his town. Yeah, dude, the world is yours, especially if you use the best hookup apps! But there are also many other ways you can meet a woman for a hookup near you. You deserve a good fuck, buddy, so check our top free local hookup sites and find yourself a curvy bitch with a juicy ass.

What's so special about hooking up with local girls?

Listen here, buddy. You gotta be stupid to refuse strings attached sex especially if that's a bitch who's thirsting over your cock and wants the same things as you. The unique thing about local hookups in the USA is that bitches in your area know what they want and are damn open-minded to numerous stuff you've only dreamt before. They don't mind casual dating, want to ride your dick and make you cum until it hurts.

Local sex found via free hookup sites is also a wonderful opportunity for you to fuck different women. Trust me, buddy, hot curvy girls of any shape and color look for local hookups in your city! You don't have to overthink shit, just be yourself. Don't hide your fantasies if local birds can make them come true.

Things you gotta avoid while looking for free local sex

The first thing you should pay attention to when starting casual relationships is safety. You're not stupid, right? Even the best hookup sites can have its dangers and you know that damn well. Never trust potential matches who look sketchy and weird. Cunts can be evil sometimes and have bad intentions besides topping you in bed.

Firstly, don't even start a conversation with a hoe who looks like she's on drugs. Maybe she is! You're looking for a baddie who looks good, smells good, and takes care of herself. Secondly, if your convo is flowing well and you like her curvy body, pay attention to the way she talks about men, even when you chat in hookup apps. If she's too toxic and you are not on the same page, don't even bother to waste your time on a woman who doesn't appreciate your cock.

Last, but not least, be careful of STDs. You gotta always carry some condoms with you, otherwise, you're risking it all for sex. As much as you may like wild penetrating bitches right and left, your life isn't worth it, dude. If you plan on having a one night stand and fucking many girls, put effort into saving your cock from unwanted shit.

How to get more sex in my area?

Basic knowledge is great, but you're here for the real advice and legit information about local sex and how to behave on the best hookup sites. Listen, buddy, I've got some good advice for you on how to feel comfortable in the world of lusty hoes in your city. America's favorite tips just for you:

  1. Be confident. Nothing attracts girls when they're looking for a hookup more than confidence in guys even if you are chatting on hookup sites. You're here to destroy pussies and wet pants, then why be shy?
  2. Be honest. It's absolutely okay if you on a special dating site and say to a bitch you wanna take her to the bedroom. Sex isn't a taboo anymore, and many babes would love to use free hookup sites and get to business right away.
  3. Be aware of your appearance. You've gotta take care of your looks to attract hot baddies around you. By simply following hygiene rules and keeping your clothes neat, your chances at securing that bang increase a lot.

Summing up thoughts on local one night stands

The world of wild sex with no drama is right around the corner, you just gotta start. Dude, you've got it. Don't be scared to use free hookup sites and dive into wet pants of hundreds of sexy curvy women that live in your city. There's a true sex paradise waiting for you, so why don't you begin finding potential matches today?

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