Frequently Asked Questions

1. 1. How to find best hookup sites that actually work?

The best thing you can do is to find a site that exists for the sole purpose of hooking up rather than those that include people looking for more long-term relationships. A quick Google search will land you a lot of suggested websites and apps, so here are a few that are worth checking out. FuckSwіpе.com, with millions of users and thousands of hot women online and available at any time, this is the place to go if you have no time to waste and are looking for quick results. Other options include Fuckbook, SnаpSеxt, and the interestingly named BеNаughty. All of these sites have been around for years and have a legitimate multimillion database of users that are always active, so feel free to begin your quest for a hookup on these sites.

2. 2. Is it real to find a woman on casual hook up sites?

Believe it or not real women join casual hook up sites in order to find a man they can have great sex with without any attachments that usually come with a serious relationship. Fortunately, women no longer have to be ashamed of their sexuality and are free to sleep with any man. So whether or not you find a real woman or are scammed by a man pretending to be a lonely housewife is entirely up to you. If you have decent communication skills and know how to escalate the dialogue between you two from texting to meeting in real-life and hooking up, then you can count on finding a real woman on casual hook up sites.

3. 3. What are the best VPN services for live sex chat websites?

It may be hard to find the perfect VPN service for visiting live sex chat websites. Having tested and compared VPN Unlimited, Torguard, PureVPN, NordVPN, PrivateInternetAccess, and Hidemyass, here are the ones worth checking out. PIA (PrivateInternetAccess) on average has the best video streaming quality out there. Independent of the time of the day, the service quality is always stable and practically never freezes. The only possible downside is the limited number of VPN servers, which include: Germany, Australia, Canada, USA, UK, Sweden, Ireland and others. As an alternative you may want to consider Torguard and NordVPN, they are almost just as stable and reliable but have a wider variety of VPN servers. Services like VPN Unlimited and PureVPN had a few issues with some major freezes as well as slowing the operating system down.

4. 4. Can anyone see my private information on hookup dating sites?

No. As long as you have chosen a legitimate site with users to back its reputation up, you can count on your private information remaining inaccessible to anyone but other registered members who need to be logged in at the time of them viewing your profile. Also, you can rest assured that your profile will not appear in the search results of various search engines like Yahoo and Google. Hence, it will not be accessible to the public’s eye.

5. 5. Are there legit adult sexual sites?

Finding an adult dating site that is host to people looking for casual sex and not full of fake profiles and people wanting to scam you may seem like a daunting task. Many big sites these days have trouble stopping the countless fake profiles and scammers from signing up. Many adult dating sites with a small user base actually resort to using various marketing tactics to lure you in with smart ads that are geographically fine-tuned to your area. Your safest bet is to always go with sites that have a strong user base and positive reviews from third party review websites. Read what the people are saying and whether or not the success rate is indeed high for a particular site. There are a lot of adults available and looking for casual sex these days. Therefore you should see results rather quickly.

6. 6. Where are the most beautiful camgirls?

Having gone through a variety of webcam girl sites such as, СаmSоdа.com, LіvеJаsmі, BоngаСа, ІmLіvе.com,, Са, and GоnnаBа, the conclusion was made that the best and most beautiful camgirls are usually found on In fact, most of the gorgeous girls you will see there are actually Romanian. A surprisingly large percentage of the girls there have supermodel bodies that have you lusting for more from the first time you set your eyes on her. Some even have the looks to rival some Victoria Secret models. There are a lot of beautiful brunettes that actually look like spicy Latinas. You will find women of all body types here, whether it be a bubble butt, those with long model legs, or some tanned dark skin, the possibilities are almost endless.

7. 7. How to identify scammer profile on adult hookup sites?

Not all people are who they say they are, and pretending to be someone else online is easier than ever these days, which is especially useful for scammers, so here are a few tips on identifying and saving yourself from any potential scam artists. Starting with the obvious, never give anyone you have met online your financial information. Common sense here. Also, keep an eye out for people that are contacting you from another country and refusing to meet you in person or even talk via the phone. An obvious red flag is also when they start pressuring you into sharing your contact information such as your email and phone number. Watch out for them if they are constantly dodging your questions without providing any answers in return or often repeat the same things and seem to be disconnected from the conversation. Lastly, avoid anyone that tries to sell you some kind of product or service, or even worse, are offering you a job opportunity in a foreign country.

8. 8. How can you pay for webcam sex chat without a credit card?

The two sites that are worth your time and that offer alternative methods of payment are ImLive and LiveJasmin. On LiveJasmin, you can buy credits with bitcoins or Paysafecard. Both are found by going to your account > getting credits > choosing a payment method > adding another payment method > choosing either bitcoin or Paysafecard. For the adult webcam site ImLive you are allowed the option to pay with PayPal, Paysafecard or with a SEPA bank transfer. If you buy credits via PayPal or Paysafecard, the credits are instantly added to your account. By resorting to SEPA bank transfers, the credits are added after a period of 2-5 days.

9. 9. What is the cheapest live sex chat website?

If you are looking for a cheap live sex chat website that still has some impressive content, then the site you are looking for is Chаturbаtе.com. If you are looking for some private one on one chat to take place, you will find yourself a lot of cute women on this site that have a price-per-minute that goes as low as $1.60 per minute. Camcontacts is not a place where you will find supermodels, but rather the type of girl that can be considered the girl-next-door type. This means that these girls usually do not have fake breasts, lush makeup or some erotic and luxurious outfits. Most of them are streaming from their room in their apartment. Therefore there is a lack of professional lighting and all kind of fancy decor in the background. This is the place to go for seeing more authentic and everyday women. The only possible issue you may have is some language barriers, as not everyone you meet on this site will have good spoken English.

10. 10. Will my private information remain secure after I sign up?

Yes. As long as you register on a legitimate site that has been operating for quite some time and has mostly positive user reviews, then you should have no fear of this matter. When it comes to shady websites that seem like they are only halfway through development and have constant issues with stability and ask for your financial information every opportunity they can, then this should raise a few red flags for you. Obviously, the last thing you want to be doing is sharing your personal information with other users and camgirls on the website, that is never a good idea.

11. 11. Is it free to sign up for adult dating and webcam sites?

For the majority of the live sex camgirl websites it is free to sign up for a basic membership. With it, you are usually limited to a few actions. These include: performing regular searches among users, sending and receiving certain texts, viewing other members' profile pages, adding certain users to your favorites and sending and replying to messages sent by users that are full members and have initiated contact with you. Typically, to initiate contact with a camgirl you want and have some private sessions, you will have to upgrade your level of membership. This is done with credits that you purchase on the site via various payment methods. Some more anonymous than others.

12. 12. Is webcam modeling legal?

In most cases it is. Obviously being underage will raise a lot of trouble, but other than that, seeing how webcam modeling is technically pornography and not prostitution, there should be no problems with the government. The adult webcam concept is a working business model, and this is proven by the hundreds of sites available on the internet these days. Whether the site is run by professionals or amateurs, the requirements and duties are the same for both the people running the site as well as the girl working on it.

13. 13. Are webcam models involved in prostitution?

No. Adult webcam entertainment is classed not as prostitution but as pornography, which as you probably know is very much legal and incredibly popular among all age groups. The definition of prostitution would involve money in exchange for real-life physical and sexual contact between the woman and her client. It does not apply to adult webcam girls.

14. 14. How much money can be made in the first month of online modeling?

The sum can vary significantly depending on a lot of factors, but the general number is usually in the $2000-$20,000 range, depending on the class of viewers you have, your level of professionalism, and the rates that you charge them per minute. Considering you will likely be figuring your way around the process and all the small details in your first month, you can count on around $1000 in your first month of work as a camgirl. With newly gained experience and a new sense of self-confidence and understanding of how the process works, you are bound to increase your income and perhaps even make upwards of $10,000 eventually. For such results to take shape though, you have to put in some serious work and show some ambition, patience, and focus.

15. 15. Do webcam models have to pose nude?

You should make it clear on your profile page and let your potential clients know upfront what you are willing to do and what you will not be doing under any circumstances to avoid any possible misunderstandings. The case is that when you sign up for a live sex chat website, posing nude is considered to be part of the job. And even if you do not feel like doing it, which is completely fine and to be respected, understand that you sabotage yourself in a way by letting everyone know that there will be no nudity involved, which may send the viewers in search of other camgirls and spend their money elsewhere.

16. 16. What is the difference between a webcam model and a porn star?

Some of the differences between a webcam model and a porn star lie in the fact that webcam models typically stream live and are not prerecorded and edited footages. Additionally, while porn stars are usually paid for the end product in the form of a contract, webcam models earn their money on a per minute basis. Also, webcam girls can typically work on their own without the need for a man to be present. They are free to do whatever they want, such as using certain sexual toys like dildos and vibrators.

17. 17. How much does a private chat session cost?

Depending on the site, the prices may vary quite significantly. Some of the most expensive private chat sessions are held on Chaturbate, and this is not the result of the website's policy, but rather because the camgirls choose to set up some very high prices, which increases the average rate by quite a bit. For sites like LiveJasmin and Imlive, the prices are the most stable and average. Depending on the experience level of the camgirl, you can identify three price levels for a private session: low, medium and high. For instance, for LiveJasmin, the lowest rate starts at $1.99, medium at $2.99 and the highest rate at $4.99. Keep in mind that you can ask the camgirl to lower her price if it seems too expensive and overpriced, especially if her level of experience does not match the price. Keep in mind, that with high prices you can count on very beautiful girls that have a lot of experience in the field, have a good level of spoken English and are great at live sex shows.

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