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Fuckbook adult dating
Latest update: Mar 15, 2023

Fuckbook Review: Don't Invest Until You Read HG Review

What is Fuckbook? Fuckbook is a cam site for those looking for a casual meeting or two. Well, this is a site that doesn’t do exactly what it says. Is Fuckbook free? Definitely not. Yet, people say in their Fuckbook reviews that you might end up paying for nothing but fake profiles and scammers. That’s why I couldn't stay away and have done some research and can say that the site is far from perfect. But first things first.

Best for:

  • Those who want to chat with fake users
  • Those who don't know what a good dating site is
  • Those who can spend a lot of money on online dating

Not for:

  • Those who want to find a real girl for sex
  • Those who have a lot of fetishes and want to implement them in life

Member structure

Member Structure
Members geography
270,000 from USA
Members activity
52,000 active weekly
Gender Rating

How to create an account on Fuckbook

Fuckbook review

They say that Fuckbook is an adult dating site for sexual desires and fantasies. But I don't think so. If you want real results, do yourself a favor and check out other top xxx dating sites.

Yet, if you still want to try this site, it’ll take seconds to for an account on Fuckbook dating app. Once you've done that, you just need to continue with the email verification, and you'll be online and ready to chat in minutes.

Add a tantalizing photograph of yourself, tell your fellow users a bit about what you're into, and wait for the messages to come flooding in. The messages are instant, and you can set up email notifications to ensure you don't miss a trick. And the more information you fill in, the better your matches will be, thanks to the matching algorithm.

However, if you're a sober person, you don't have to give out any personal details at all. Just be aware that other users might want to know a little about you before getting to your bank account.

Are Fuckbook female profiles good?

Fuckbook dating site

A quick search after registration reveals that there are actually enough profiles of attractive women. The thing is that all the accounts I saw were almost certainly fake. I found that most of the girls came from other sites. The site's workers create tons of fake accounts to trick men into believing they are real women.

Chat options

This is where the negatives begin. Within minutes of signing up on the Fuckbook dating app, I started getting messages from lovely women. That was before I posted a photo and completed my account. Do you think it’s normal? I think no real girl will send messages to an empty account!

Of course, you need to purchase a paid membership to see what women say to you in their messages. If you want to reply to women, you also must be a Premium member. It looks very suspicious.

Extra special features

One of the most interesting features of Fuckbook is the members' blog section. This is where you'll find members detailing their naughty, no-strings-attached adventures and deepest, darkest desires. It's a good way to get to know other users better and also to see what you could be experiencing once you delve into the opportunities of this adult dating site.

It's worth mentioning that Fuckbook has an attached cam site where you can access additional entertainment from Fuckbook users. If you're browsing for free, you'll be able to see lots of girls entertaining users in their lingerie. And if you're willing to pay, you’re promised to see plenty more than that!

Fuckbook features

How to use Fuckbook for hookups

One of the features of Fuckbook to use for hookups is its filters, which enable you to browse your fellow users via a useful search function. The categories allow you to choose your preferred age, ethnicity, and fetish. Whilst the fetish section is quite limited, the most common and kinkiest ones are all present and accounted for. So, you can browse users with similar desires quickly and easily. However, my browsing through Fuckbook fucking community never leads to real naughty encounters.

How much is Fuckbook a month

Is Fuckbook free? No, it’s not. Yet, Fuckbook is a reasonably priced hookup dating site where you’re sworn to get your hands on no-strings-attached sex for a pretty low fee. A one-month membership will set you back $29.95, or if you go for a three-month membership, you'll pay $44.85.

Fuckbook pricing

How to delete a Fuckbook account

As you can understand, many consider FuckBook a low-quality dating site that looks like the NSFW version of Facebook. If you realize this too late and have already registered, you probably want to delete your account. Follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your account
  • Click on the "Account" button
  • Find an item "Delete My Profile"
  • Enter the captcha code
  • Click "Delete My Profile"

Customer support

I’ve bought a trial but after meaningless time online with nothing even close to a real sex encounter, I settled to rest the case and deleted my account. And even after I canceled my account I saw a transaction for Fuckbook. I've applied for cancellation and written an email to customer support about the same matter but they don’t seem to give a fuck and never replied.

Hooking up with bots or is Fuckbook a scam?

Well, I think Fuckbook is a scam, and they want to steal your data. I understood it by reading: Under our Privacy Policy, you are responsible for all content you provide through or in any way on the website and all information provided. You are granting an unlimited right to Fuckbook for using your personal information.

This document also states that they may use your photos to modify, display, transmit, or create new materials. This means they can use your photo to create a new profile on this site or any other site. They can also use your information to place ads.

Is Fuckbook legit? Legitimate sites don't advertise competitors' sites. Wouldn't it be suspicious if McDonald's convinced me to go to Burger King nearby? Here is the same. Fuckbook fucking community is a big advertisement, not a real site to meet webcam women.

You should visit more reliable sites:

What are possible red flags or signs of a scam on Fuckbook?

Is Fuckbook a scam? Yes, it is. Many women sent me messages. But my profile wasn't complete. There was neither a photo nor a self-introduction. Why are these beautiful women interested in me? I think they’re just scammers who want to get my money or any personal information.

As with any adult dating site, safety and security are paramount. But with Fuckbook, you can't rest assured that your details are well protected. It's worth noting that the website can keep information about you, just as similar social networks do. Not only that, Fuckbook is part of interest-based advertising, meaning that you might see adverts for similar sites pop-up on your browser. If you'd prefer to avoid this, I recommend you browse on Google Incognito.

Fuckbook review: Your questions answered

Here are some important points to consider before using the site:

Is Fuckbook good?

Fuckbook dating app has many fake profiles. They want you to join the site with a paid subscription. But they also want you to upload content, and they’ll sell it! So, is Fuckbook good? I don't think so. You shouldn't use it to find someone for sex.

Does Fuckbook have an app?

No, FuckBook doesn't have an app.

How does Fuckbook work?

After registration, you can familiarize yourself with the site’s capabilities. But your profile won’t be available to everyone. You can take a look at how things work here. After that, you’ll have to pay a subscription to continue to use it without restrictions.

How to find someone on Fuckbook?

To start exploring the site, register and create a profile. Enter the correct information about yourself and add your real photos. After that, you can start looking for exciting people nearby to invite today. Also, many here prefer to chat on hot topics.

Can you use Fuckbook for free?

No, there are two subscriptions: monthly and quarterly. In the first case, you have to pay $29.95 per month, and in the second, $14.95 per month, that is $44.85 for three months in one payment. You get full access to all the platform's features at this price.

Is Fuckbook reliable?

Is Fuckbook safe? No, you can't be sure of the safety of this site. It doesn't protect your data and payments. Besides, most users here are fakes. This platform has been operating for many years but has a bad reputation.

Hookupguru's verdict

Is Fuckbook real? I think that Fuckbook is neither real nor legit. There are too many fake profiles that send messages, and they used other dubious tactics on me to think otherwise. I hope you read my Fuckbook review. It’ll help you understand how the site is trying to get your money and personal content. Don't be fooled by their designs and images. This site is a waste of time.

Free Registration

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Fuckbook legit?

No, it’s not legit. You should avoid it.

2. Is Fuckbook free?

There is a free version of Fuckbook, but it works better if you have a Premium membership.

3. Is Fuckbook safe?

Look, they don't check each account to avoid bots and scammers. You should also pay attention to how the user communicates with you or what photos he/she has in his profile. Don't transfer your data to anyone on the site or money to third parties.

4. Is Fuckbook worth it?

No, this is not the best platform if you want quick, straightforward hookups.

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