Best Hookup Apps That Work In 2023

Latest update: Jul 06, 2023
Hookup Apps

If you say you've never wanted to get an easy hookup online, you're such a liar. Sometimes, both men and women just wanna fuck hard or be fucked. That’s why it’s time to talk about real useful shit: not where to watch others’ fucking, but to find the best hook up apps. Are you ready, you horny little dummy? Hookup Guru has so many apps to hookup hot perverts. And each hook up app from my list will bring you unforgettable satisfaction!

Here is the list:

  • WannaHookUp
  • Uberhorny
  • SmokeandPoke
  • Ashley Madison
  • Together 2 Night
  • BeNaughty
  • AdultFriendFinder
  • HornySpot
  • Fuckbook

Oh man, why find hook up app, I can fuck my neighbor or colleague…

Do you say you want to continue fucking the same ugly lady for years but not to try a hot nasty 20-year-old chick? Okay then, America’s for free people, dude, do what you want. But don’t ask me for help when you figure out all your pimply mates have fun with gorgeous babes thanks to all these quick fuck apps.

Ah, now you want to know what apps? Alrighty, I’ll tell you. But only if you come through not to show this to all your buddies because you know… Why share the source of nasty cuties? Nah, don’t allow them to take all the sauce out. Try it yourself first!

What are the best hookup apps to get pussy?


UberHorny App

Best for:

  • People looking for hookups and casual sex
  • Those who are looking for entertainment for swingers, threesomes, and couples
  • Couples who want to spice up their boring relationship

If you have sensual desires and want to make them come true, welcome to UberHorny. It's one of the best online sex sites. It looks promising for wankers interested in sex entertainment and potential dates, regardless of location, race, or gender. Dating apps like UberHorny offer many options for online dating, casual hookup, and sex. So, it works well if your horny dick wants to try something new, and the site's distinctive features help make this sex adventure more captivating. Communication on UberHorny is chargeable, and you must upgrade your account to a paid membership to unlock this feature. Pricing starts at $0.95 per 2-day trial.


  • Who's Cute Game. Visiting real hook up apps like UberHorny, you get 50 profile suggestions daily, and you can vote on whether you find a member cute. Click on the green "✓" or the red "x" to go to the next profile.
  • Photos/Video features. There are thousands of photos and videos of online daters available. Just search for them in the "Trend Now" corner.
  • Premium Content. Users can upload their sexy photos in a Premium Content gallery, and other online daters can view the photos by purchasing credits.
  • Live Streaming. You can use the search tab to watch the best live performances.


Girls in SmokeandPoke brand wear

Best for:

  • Cannabis lovers who want to have sex
  • Those who don't hesitate to create explicit content
  • Those who believe that cannabis smoking can be an attractive quality in a hookup culture

Looking for unusual dating apps, buddy? Well, have you ever smoked cannabis before having sex? SmokeAndPoke is one of the hookup apps that work for all cannabis connoisseurs. Whether you're a regular smoker or a marijuana lover, you'll be fine when you come to this online dating app! In the SmokeAndPoke free app, you'll find people in your neighborhood who feel the same way you do. Use a live video chat or exchange photos if you're too smoky to talk. You can pay $4.95 in two days or choose a seven-day trial that costs just $9.95. So, meet like-minded people, find new smoking friends, find your potential match, and have sex today, thanks to the best dating app!


  • Potential matches game. Dating apps often allow you to rate several users and let them know you want to fuck. But you need to add at least one photo to rate profiles.
  • Video/Photo Gallery. If you aren't yet ready for real-time communication (such as horny chat or video chat), you can just look at explicit photos and videos of other smokers and jerk off.
  • Discrete profile. This sex app feature allows you to hide your videos and photos and only show them to your friends on the platform.
  • Blog. New to the cannabis world? The "SmokeAndPoke Blog" section contains informative and useful materials and data.

Ashley Madison

AshleyMadison app

Best for:

  • People who want to bring passion back to their lives
  • Someone looking for a polygamous relationship
  • Those who are looking for casual sex

Whether you're single, in love, or just looking to experiment, real hookup apps like Ashley Madison might be what you're looking for. There are many naughty users, so if you do everything correctly, you won't have problems finding your ideal match for sex. The people on the Ashley Madison dating app tell straight about their desires. They’re here for a reason, and they don't want to waste time with someone who isn't looking for the same thing, namely, sex. You can try the free version of the dating site first. It’s one of the best dating sites Hookup Guru recommends.


  • Favorites. You can add up to 100 favorite profiles to the list and then fuck them.
  • Discreet Photos. You can make the image unrecognizable or add multiple face masks to protect your data. When you meet someone you like, you can allow them to see a clear version of your photo.
  • Wink. If you send a wink, you let the other person know you're interested in having sex with them.
  • TravelingMan. It's a convenient feature for perverts who are always on the go. You can write to up to 30 girls in a particular area and get them to know you better a few days before your arrival.
  • Priority Man. It's a paid feature that makes your profile look different on search pages. Use this feature of apps to get pussy easily.

Together 2 Night

Together2Night General Page Website

Best for:

  • Those looking for casual relationships with gorgeous sluts
  • People with non-traditional orientation
  • Those who care about their privacy

Together2Night is a unique quickfuck app. You can download Together2Night on your Android or iOS smartphone. Unlike other dating apps, this platform isn't difficult to use. Just decide what you want from it, and new opportunities will open up for just $2.14 for a 3-day trial. You can view other user profiles even with free membership. Profiles tell you what users are interested in, what kind of sex they are looking for, how old they are, where they live, what habits they have, etc.


  • Chat room. It’s a great feature of the best dating apps that allows you to participate in one of several conversations. Users usually discuss things that concern them and flirt with each other.
  • Like Gallery. When viewing a photo, swipe left or right to like or dislike it.
  • Search options. It is a unique feature of dating apps that allows you to apply advanced search filters like appearance and city to find the best option for fuck.


BeNaughty screenshot from AppStore

Best for:

  • Singles looking for sex partners
  • Those who are looking for erotic adventures and casual meetings
  • Bachelors who just want to flirt with hot girls

Quick fuck apps like BeNaughty dramatically simplify casual dating. It’s like a Facebook dating platform for singles. Imagine a night full of sex. BeNaughty will make your dreams come true. Just look at the pictures of the gals, and you understand that you're in the right place – they're so sexy. They fill in the relationship questionnaire, specifying preferences and fantasies they want to fulfill. You can also see the location information. Just pick who you want to send messages to, take a shower, and get ready for kinky speed dating. By the way, it is one of the best dating apps with completely free registration.


  • Completely safe mode. Enabling this option ensures that only authenticated users can send you messages. This will prevent fakes from accessing your profile.
  • Flirtcast. Using this tool, you can show your intentions to several gals. Choose from messages generated by the dating app to evoke reactions.


AdultFriendFinder app

Best for:

  • Casual sex seekers, friends with benefits
  • Singles who want to diversify their sex life without romantic consequences
  • Those who are looking for swinger groups and threesomes

In the virtual dating world, a lone wolf can enjoy communicating with queer women worldwide using hookup sites. Adult FriendFinder is one of the best fuck me apps you can use. People from America, Europe, and Asia mostly visit the app. It's like social media that helps find people for sex. The women here are ready to share their nudes and erotic photos, and videos. The connection takes place via webcams with a secure live broadcast. And you can use the dating app for free.


  • Live Member Webcams. This feature allows you to watch the gals who show their tits online.
  • Groups and chat rooms for adults. There are over 1000 adult chats and groups. If you can't find a room with a specific topic, you can create it.
  • Blog. Each participant can run their blog and write about their sex achievements.
  • Sex Academy. It is a collection of educational videos about anal, cunnilingus, online dating, tips on hooking up ladies, etc.
  • Erotic Stories. These stories can be based on true events or may be fictional.

Sreenshot from AppStore

Best for:

  • Seekers of erotic adventure and casual hookup
  • Lonely wolves looking for casual sex without obligations, not a serious relationship
  • Singles who want to meet like-minded people regardless of gender or sexual orientation is an adult dating app where you can meet the best local singles. The website will be useful for sex seekers. Its numerous features make it easy for every pervert to fulfill their sensual fantasies here. Many active users are trying to show their sensual side. You can choose from over 36 million users. This is the legit way to find someone and have sex tonight. Moreover, you can create an account for free, simplifying the process.


  • Votes and points. The participants with the most positive points are presented in the "What's Hot" section.
  • Virtual gifts. You can buy a gift in the message center. A girl can show her pussy for a gift.
  • Live webcam. It's fun to watch live sex shows of naughty participants.
  • Movies for adults. You can stream adult content when you want it.


Wannahookup General Page Screenshot

Best for:

  • People looking for casual hookups, not a long-term relationship
  • Those who want to use a relatively inexpensive app
  • Singles who want to jerk off and flirt online

WannaHookup is a dating app for a casual fling. It ensures you never have to deal with scammers or fake profiles. WannaHookup guarantees a vast dating pool with relaxed sex nights. It doesn't try to impose feelings or serious relationships. It just wants to offer you a potential partner to have an unforgettable nice time with. Both men and women can use WannaHookup for free to find someone for fuck.


  • Browse profiles. You can search profiles of dirty bitches by age, location, and other parameters.
  • Messages. Most dating apps offer this feature. But in this free dating app, you can exchange sex messages with everyone who seems attractive to you and who you want to fuck for free.
  • My visitors. You can activate the "My visitors" option and see who visited your page. What if there is some busty slut? Act! You have to fuck her!
  • Blog. Still don't know how to pick up a girl? Check out the blog. There's a lot of great stuff! Only the best dating apps can boast such an option.


Hornyspot General Page Sreenshot

Best for:

  • People hunting for singles to bang via a dating site
  • Those who want to look at the naughty photos of other members
  • Those looking for unique explicit content in the hookup app

HornySpot is an adult dating app for those who want to meet for sex rather than romance. Almost every profile is obscene, from the name to the photo. Don't be surprised to see beautiful and sexy women who proudly demonstrate nude photos in their profiles. Try our 3-day trial version to see if this app is right for you. But with great features, a nice dating scene, many sexy users, and a fun and user-friendly interface, you'll never regret paying a subscription. So, don't waste time and join it!


  • Hot & Not. The essence of this game is to find girls who you think are hot. If the girl you like thinks you're cool, it's a match. This is where it gets most interesting.
  • Favorites. Found a girl who turns you on but don't have time to write to her? Save her in your Favorites.
  • Video. If you want to stay alone with your hand, you can watch the AV video in the dating app for free.
  • Love Stars. These profiles are created to keep you guaranteed entertained. A profile with the LS logo is not a real person.
  • Visitors. On this tab, you can see who found you attractive enough. So, don't waste time and arrange video chats with them!

Fuckbook Shemale

Fuckbook Shemale Profile Sreenshot

Best for:

  • Single shemales who want to find someone for sex via online dating sites
  • Those willing to chat with LGBTQ+ people and couples

Looking for online dating apps for shemales? The FuckBook Shemale top app is designed for fuckers with different sexual orientations. Make contact with shemales worldwide, make appointments, and discover new sex techniques. It's an app where you can try different things and test your sexual taste. So, if you want to meet shemales for casual dating or find a transgender partner for serious relationships, FuckBook Shemale can be your excellent option. The online dating app offers paid and free options to help you balance your budget.

  • Pinboards. This hookup site offers a feature similar to Pinterest boards. This way, you can control your posts by inserting them into your board.
  • Blog. Other users can write whatever they want, such as fantasies, meeting invitations, success stories, or personal thoughts and reflections.
  • Match. The matching is done based on profile information such as place of residence, age, other ethnicities, educational background, and lifestyle provided by you.
  • Cam site. The FuckBook Shemale comes with a website equipped with a camera for additional sex entertainment. So, you can find more explicit and high-quality shemale content there.
  • Virtual gift. You can send virtual gifts to shemales you like most, and they will show you their pricks.

Fuckbook Gay

Fuckbook Gay Profile Screenshot

Best for:

  • Gay or bisexual men looking for casual dating and fun flirting
  • Single men who want to express their sexuality freely
  • Single guys who want to try gay relationships

If you understand that your dick gets up only on sweet boys, there is nothing to worry about. There are dating services where you can find sex for one night. FuckBook Gay is where you can meet single gays online and have sex with them! This app is cheaper than other premium platforms. Registration is free, after which most of the functions will be available. However, if you want to get full satisfaction with the service, you should purchase the Premium version for $29.95 per month.


  • Feeds. The feed will be updated every 15 minutes. You can view content posted by other members and also share your own.
  • Search. This feature allows you to quickly find wankers who may interest you.
  • Match. It prompts you to initiate communication with random people. If you like each other, go to private messages and have hot online sex!

Okay, dude, give me some reasons to use these shitty apps to hookup!

Now when you’re so cocky about it, I’m gonna tell you the real reasons to use a hook up app. And if you fall into at least one category, don’t thank!

  • You’re married and you’re fucked up
  • You’re a nerd who needs a good fuck at least once a month
  • You’re a badass hot dude who just needs a quick fuck without romantic bullshit
  • You’re a nasty girl who is sick and tired of searching for love
  • You can’t find someone to fuck in your town

It doesn’t matter if you’re into girls or a boy, there are certain fuck me apps for everybody. Why not websites? Who the fuck still uses a computer? Go to Lesbo apps or Gay apps if you’re not actually straight or just wanna shake things up a little bit.

Your balls won’t stay full with so many tools. I’m pretty sure you can find here what you like and walk away from being alone and horny for ages. Check best hook up apps out and you’ll see how great these dick helpers are!

How to choose the best hook up app?

Naturally, with such a variety of sex hookup apps on the market, it's quite a challenge to select only one for your regular use. This is what you should take into consideration when making a decision:

  • Size of the users' base. The more chicks are registered on the platform, the more chance you have to bang at least one in real life!
  • Variety of communication tools. Even the biggest range of pussies online won't help you if there's no proper way to contact them. All good hookup apps have at least a chat, but it's always better when there's something extra.
  • Subscription plans. Easy hookup apps have easy payment options and give you a choice when it's come to subscription plans. Ensure you're ok with paying the money a certain platform asks for.
  • Safety measures and quality of support. The best adult hookup apps take care of their members' security and ensure their data is never disclosed or shared with third parties. Moreover, you should always have access to the Support team in case some pussy causes you troubles.
  • Experts′ reviews. Why the hell do I review each fucking platform, after all? I've already tested all the possible apps for hookups and shared my honest opinion about each of them. Study them and just rely on the professional's opinion.

How to stay safe while using quick fuck apps?

No one will take care of your ass if you won't. No matter how good your hookup app is, better follow these simple rules.

    • Never share your personal and financial data with chicks on the web. You don't want all the city to know that the local university professor is looking for a threesome, right?
    • Ask girls to send you recent selfies. This is a basic rule to make sure you're talking to a person from the profile picture. It's better to ask once than regret later finding out you chat with some fat guy instead of a skinny bitch.
    • Don't use photos from your social media. When you place the same picture on every account you create, you make it easier for scammers to find your other personal pages. And you definitely provide much more personal details on Facebook than on the hookup app.
    • Never send money to strangers. No matter what words those girls use begging you for some financial help, never send money to a chick you only know for a few days. Otherwise, it might be the last time you talk to her.
    • Report any suspicious behavior. Legit hookup apps always moderate their users so that no fraudsters could operate on the platform. Still, it's your responsibility to inform the administration if you stumble upon some suspicious chick.

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