Best Hookup Apps That Work In 2022

Latest update: Jan 26, 2022
Hookup Apps

The Best Hookup Apps For a Quick Fuck With A Hot Nasty Babes

If you say you’ve never wanted to get an easy hookup online, you’re such a liar. Sometimes, both men and women just wanna fuck hard or be fucked. That’s why it’s time to talk about real useful shit: not where to watch others’ fucking, but to find places for hookups. Are you ready, you horny little dummy?

Oh man, why to find Hookup Apps, I can fuck my neighbor or colleague...

Do you say you want to continue fucking the same ugly lady for years but not to try hot nasty 20-years-old chick? Okay then, America’s for free people, dude, do what you want. But don’t ask me for help when you figure out all your pimply mates have fun with gorgeous babes thanks to all these hookup apps.

Ah, now you want to know what apps? Alrighty, I’ll tell you. But only if you come through not to show this to all your buddies because you know… Why share the source of nasty cuties? Nah, don’t allow them to take all the sauce out. Try it yourself first!

What hookup apps are the best for my cock?

I feel you wonder now what are the best hookup apps. Dude, I’ve got you covered! Here’s a list of 13 free hookup apps and those that’ll need some payment, so sit back and relax. Soon, you’ll be too sweaty and out of breath thanks to them.


UberHorny App

If you're searching for the hookup apps that work, this is your new friend. UberHorny is a hookup platform with lots of horny and hell sexy chicks in your neighborhood. Profile photos here are quite explicit, so don't get surprised seeing a curvy ass or a juicy pussy instead of some shitty selfie. You understand what babes are looking for here from the very first sight.

To contact them, use chat. Communication on UberHorny is paid, and you need to upgrade your membership to unlock it. The prices start at $0.95 for a 2-day trial.

Your cock will enjoy premium photo and video content, Match Game, live streams, and many more among extra features.

If you don't find your casual sex partner within 3 months, this hookup app promises you 3 extra months of premium usage for free.


SweetSext App

This is one of the best apps for hookups thanks to the variety of services they provide and the extensive size of the users base. You literally can find bitches of all kinds at Sweetsext: from curvy black babes to skinny young Asian dolls.

Making contact is easy because you can start everything with simple flirting winks and end with a detailed explanation of how you'll fuck that chick in chat. Sending Likes and Winks is free while chatting and even viewing the profile is paid. You need to upgrade your membership to do that, buddy. Though, the prices are pretty affordable and start at $0.95 for a 2-day trial.

What's more, some girls stream live and lots of premium photo and video content. I hope you understand it's not their cooking they demonstrate there, right? So, it's possible not only to find a hookup partner but even masturbate on SweetSext.

Ashley Madison

AshleyMadison app

It’s one of the oldest, most established sex hookup apps my dick has ever seen. The best part is that it already has millions of hungry users across the world! Whether you’re single, married or somewhere in between, AshleyMadison shows you everyone who’s down to fuck in your area. You may as well compare it to a fishing pole for horny folks, with your profile being the bait to lure them in.

Register at AshleyMadison for Free.


Fling app

It’s your one-stop-shop for hookups, sex webcams, and sex toys. What else is there to want? Fling goes out of its way to make itself appealing. Not only free access to a sex shop you have but also a guarantee that if you don’t find a hook up within 3 months, you’ll get an additional 3 months for free! Fling also has video chat and live cam girls, and you can even sell your own content there! Maybe it’s your finest hour to demonstrate your sex hunger to the world? As a final touch, you can rate other users on how sexy they look. The more often you do it, the more visible/promoted your profile becomes to other people. Means more chances to fuck cuties, dummy. 

Register at Fling for Free.


SPdate app

SPdate guarantees you a night of quick and casual sex. SPdate doesn’t muck about. They know you come to get laid and don’t beat around the bush. They don’t try to sell you on the idea of emotions or a serious relationship. Just to find someone to have a memorable fuck with. The best part of all? You get complete access to the entire site for free, regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman! Isn’t this the best dessert to your dick? Register at SPdate for Free.


AdultFriendFinder app

It’s like Facebook, but only for adults and ridiculously erotic! It’s social media and unfiltered horniness, rolled all into one. AdultFriendFinder App has got free and paid memberships. Free users are limited to browsing profiles and commenting on blogs and photos. Now if you’ve enough to shell out for a premium account, you can message without limits, send gifts and tips, watch live streams, add friends, view profiles, join adult group chatrooms, read erotic stories, take part in contests, and even try a sex academy where you can learn how to impress girls in bed! Is it worth the price of admission? Absolutely. You want to be the king of sex, right?

Register at AdultFriendFinder for Free.


2 million users and all of them just want casual hookups? You’re in luck! Another hookup app, it has its share of features that make it worth it. You can check out as many profiles as you like, as well as the pictures and videos horny girls post. The greatest thing about EasySex is you can send unlimited messages to users! Means unlimited chances to get fucked, dummy. With so many users, there’s someone for everyone on EasySex. Look for your sex queen! 

Register at EasySex for Free.


Join the Xpress of pleasure and endless sex. It’s one of those legit hookup apps giving you the sex of your dreams. Xpress isn’t free, but it makes up for that with a 100-day guarantee. You don’t find someone to fuck in that time period? You’ll get your membership extended for free! It also has escorts offers on the website, so if you don’t feel like chasing after horny bitches, you could just pay to get some. Xpress has video profiles instead of the usual pictures everyone’s tired of and is kind of modeled after Facebook. So it’ll be super easy for you to navigate, geezer. 

Register at XPress for Free.


It’s like finding friends, but with benefits — exactly what you need! To get qualitative sex you’ll have to give some cash, as there are free accounts and paid ones, so don’t be a Scrooge. However, premium means a ton of extra features for you to play with. Sex Academy, full-length videos, full-size photos, unlimited messaging, ability to send flirts and friend requests! Don’t you see it’s worth it?


BeNaughty app

Be yourself on BeNaughty, chap. They’re focused on one night stands and give you enough space to do it finally. Features like messaging, looking at and sharing photos are restricted to paid members. For chicks website is free. You realize you’re in the right place when you see gals’ photos — pure seduction. They give basic information in their bios such as preferences and fantasies they desire to realize. You’ll also see their location. Just choose whom to message and rush to the shower to prepare for the sex date. Register at BeNaughty for Free.


Happn app

Why bother looking for people miles away when you can hook up with someone you’ve already literally crossed paths with? Instead of giving you random profiles that may be within a few miles of you, Happn shows only those who you’ve crossed through your day and who are within 250m of you. This means if you hit it off in the conversations, you can get with them in mere minutes. This definitely makes it one of the top ten free hookup apps on my personal cock’s list.


Pure app

A unique twist to how quick dating apps can be. You’ll finally end up beating your meat! Pure gets points for style right off the bat. With an extremely appealing minimalist black and white layout, it gives a premium feel. The app is free for women, but not for men, buddy. You can only use a selfie to work your magic, and nothing else. The odd thing is that each profile ‘self-destructs’ after an hour, meaning you have to create a new profile again. This creates a sense of urgency and exhilaration, and makes hooking up with someone on Pure even more exciting!


Tinder app

You surely know this hookup app. If no, are you from the 18th century? As far as hookups go, Tinder could easily be called the gold standard. After all, it made swiping popular, and whenever guys think of hooking up online, their first thought is Tinder! Through its huge user base and simplicity, it revolutionized hookup apps. You add a simple bio and a few pictures and start swiping. You swipe right on a person you like, and if they swipe right on you as well, you get matched! This way, you can only message people you get matched with and not every cutie you see. There’s also a gold membership which lets you see all the sexy birds who swiped right on you. A perfect app for those who deal badly with technics.


OkCupid app

It’s one of those hookup apps that work flawlessly. Easy to join, easy to hook up. You create an account, then fill out the details for your profile and bio. Following this, you have the option of answering a bunch of questions. The more questions you answer, the easier it is for the algorithm to show you what your best sex matches would be. As far as the top hookup apps go, OkCupid is the perfect decision thanks to its simplicity and effectiveness. Isn’t this your cock wants?


Badoo app

Badoo claims to have 478 million users. If it has even half as many active users, you won’t ever have to spend a night alone again. Badoo doesn’t quite fall into the category of free hookup apps. This is because guys need to pay to send messages, but it’s free for gals. It’s so popular that it has more than 100 million downloads on Google Playstore alone. It creates matches using the ‘Encounters’ tool. It’ll pop up random profiles based on your search restrictions, and you can choose to like or dislike them! Easy, pervert.

Okay, dude, find me some reasons to use these shitty apps!

Now when you’re so cocky about it, I’m gonna tell you the real reasons to use it. I’ve got a lot of stories of different dudes who have found a lot of fun here. They were just like you – confused without any experience in a good sex dating – and now they’re all like the fucking kings of the horny Internet. Yeah, sit and listen to some good stories.

Reason 1: You’re married and you’re fucked up

There was Dan, who’s 41 and married for 20 years. This is half his life, can you imagine?! Dude, he never saw another cunt but his wife! The good hookup app was the only thing to save all the male things that he has by this time. He went to one of these and found a gorgeous college girl Rosalyn.

He’s goddamn romantic and awkward but it seems like he’s just the type of her. So they went to a restaurant to eat some sushi and you guess what happened then! Yep, they didn’t even get home. She started sucking his dick right in the car in the parking. Then he fucked her in the back seat.

You might ask why to believe, maybe my old pal Dan just bullshitted about this all? But I just know how it all works and easier than you think even for such buddies like Dan. If you’re sick and tired of fucking your old wife each Thursday under the blanket, stop this shit and go have fun with young hot pussy.

Reason 2: You’re a nerd who needs a good fuck at least once a month

Yeah, we all were there. When you weren’t born Channing Tatum alive, you have to make much more effort to have a girl. Sometimes, even not really beautiful. Thank God it’s not 2005 and now we have many more ways to get a quick fuck without tricky plans. Now even the dick of a loser is satisfied with nasty cunt.

Here’s the story of Rudolph. Yeah, now you can understand why it’s not easy to find a girl for him outside. He’s fucking 24, not 60, why did his parents named his with this?! Anyway. He’s good at searching shit, so he’s one of the readers of your blog. If you look at him, you can see a thin pale dude in shitty clothes. But the truth is he fucks a new hot pussy each Friday thanks to the app from our list.

Reason 3: You’re a badass hot dude who just needs a quick fuck without romantic bullshit

I’d say it’s about me but who the fuck believe. Anyway, I know many dudes who have everything in life: money, fame, body, hoes. But who wants all these relationships with fights and showdowns? Quick fuck or one night stand, call it as you want, but it’s definitely one of the best things the Internet can give us.

If you’re a guy who easily gets any chick he wants, hookup apps for you is just a catalog of pussies. You just open it, pick any chick you want and invite her to drink some coffee. In an hour, she’s in your bed naked and riding your cock. Yep, so easy. You’ll thank me later, ok?

Reason 4: You’re a nasty girl who sick and tired of searching for love

Ladies are rare guests in our expert’s sex blog, that’s why you’re more than welcome. If you still feel shy about having this natural desire to have a big cock between your legs, you just don’t know some things. First, we’re in 2022 and you won’t surprise anyone with a Tinder on your phone. Second, most girls are already doing it.

If you feel you’re not ready to wait a hell amount of time to meet a good guy who knows buttons to drive you, hookup apps are an awesome option. You can easily get any guy you want: slim or sporty, blonde or brunette, black or write. Any cock you want, girl! There’s nothing bad in wanting what’s natural, so why to stay unsatisfied?

Reason 5: You can’t find someone to fuck in your town

First of all, gays and lesbians. Sadly, there are some places where you can’t just go to the bad and pick up a person by your taste. Moreover, there is no diversity in public places. Apps are the source of good fucking for lesbians and gays.

It doesn’t matter if you’re into girls or a boy, there are certain apps for everybody. Why not websites? Who the fuck still uses a computer? You can actually use what the fuck you want, I’ll tell you about everything in my blog. Go to Lesbo apps or Gay apps if you’re not actually straight or just wanna shake things up a little bit.

As you see, your balls won’t stay full with so many tools. I’m pretty sure you can find here what you like and walk away from being alone and horny for ages. Check this out and you’ll see how great these dick helpers are!

How to choose the best one night stand app?

Naturally, with such a variety of sex hookup apps on the market, it's quite a challenge to select only one for your regular use. This is what you should take into consideration when making a decision:

  • Size of the users' base. The more chicks are registered on the platform, the more chance you have to bang at least one in real life!
  • Variety of communication tools. Even the biggest range of pussies online won't help you if there's no proper way to contact them. All good hookup apps have at least a chat, but it's always better when there's something extra.
  • Subscription plans. Easy hookup apps have easy payment options and give you a choice when it's come to subscription plans. Ensure you're ok with paying the money a certain platform asks for.
  • Safety measures and quality of support. The best adult hookup apps take care of their members' security and ensure their data is never disclosed or shared with third parties. Moreover, you should always have access to the Support team in case some pussy causes you troubles.
  • Experts′ reviews. Why the hell do I review each fucking platform, after all? I've already tested all the possible apps for hookups and shared my honest opinion about each of them. Study them and just rely on the professional's opinion.

How to stay safe while using apps for hookups?

No one will take care of your ass if you won't. No matter how good your hookup app is, better follow these simple rules.

  • Never share your personal and financial data with chicks on the web. You don't want all the city to know that the local university professor is looking for a threesome, right?
  • Ask girls to send you recent selfies. This is a basic rule to make sure you're talking to a person from the profile picture. It's better to ask once than regret later finding out you chat with some fat guy instead of a skinny bitch.
  • Don't use photos from your social media. When you place the same picture on every account you create, you make it easier for scammers to find your other personal pages. And you definitely provide much more personal details on Facebook than on the hookup app.
  • Never send money to strangers. No matter what words those girls use begging you for some financial help, never send money to a chick you only know for a few days. Otherwise, it might be the last time you talk to her.
  • Report any suspicious behavior. Legit hookup apps always moderate their users so that no fraudsters could operate on the platform. Still, it's your responsibility to inform the administration if you stumble upon some suspicious chick.

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