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Welcome to the club, dude! Or you thought I'm a professional in getting girls for sex? Well, sure I'm, but not always ;) Otherwise I won't spend all my free time on porn sites — you know what I mean?

Where to find a hot girl for a good fuck? I asked it myself since I was a teen. Easiest way to go to the local pub, get drunk there, and pick up any willing female. Usually, after such nights, I wake up in the bed with some not very fresh chick and don't feel satisfied 100%. What to do if you always want to get laid with a girl out of your league, but they never agree? Your old friend has a decision for you! Welcome to the world of escort!

What is escorting and why you should try it at least once?

hookupguru Escort Sites

You're a single man who has a pain in his hand from constant jerking off? Or your wife has turned to a gigantic woman after gaining 29 kilos? You barely have a place to sleep in your bed with her, and sex is a holiday in your home? And what if I say that you can get any chick you desire, all you need is some cash? And we aren't talking about cheap hookers now.

Actually, escort has a range of prices. You can spend 20 dollars on a date or 1000. It all depends only on the sickness of your wallet, or your wife’s wallet if you're going to spend her money on that ;)

Escort girls are willing to spend a date with you for some amount of cash. She'll do with you such things that you didn't even fantasize about before! Once you try escorting, it'll be hard to stop, as with those hot chicks, you feel like a rap star! How do I know that? Your old friend has tested this service for you, and not for once ;) And dude, you don't even imagine what kind of girls are there! Let me tell you more.

What chicks you can get laid with on escort sites?

All range of hot girls. I mean it, buddy! Have you ever dreamt of Latina Mamacita with a big butt? Or maybe you get hard on a fancy looking Russian princess? Or the black mamba is your secret fantasy, and you want to make a hot movie with her? Everything is possible! Just offer your price.

For what I like escorts is that everything is possible there. All kinds of things I saw in porn I can have in my real life with any girl I want! And chicks are always top class on those sites. Good thing is you always find local girls and get laid the same night! I promise you'll be surprised by how many sexy females live near you.

Blondes, brunettes, or redheaded. Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa. All the range can be in your place of living! You shouldn't go abroad to have exotic sex anymore. All you ask for will be realized by that sexy escort girl. I guess they really enjoy what they do because I don't remember any time when my choice would feel awkward doing really naughty things in bed with me. And not only in bed. They always were willing and very much excited to try. For them, I guess it's a great way not only to get some cash but to experiment with pleasure. Those chicks are all as sex addicts, as we're with you, trust me.

What to do if you don't have a lot of money to spend on an escort?

End your life jerking off in the bathroom of your mom’s house, buddy! Seriously, you won't try to have sex with the hottest girl you could ever meet if had such a chance? Don't be greedy! It isn't for her, it's for you and your pleasure!

But if you're a fucking cheapskate, you only choose a cheap girl. You should keep in mind the less cash you're willing to pay, the less pleasure you're going to get. For 20 bucks, no chick will demonstrate you all the range of her sexual potential. Also, cheap escort girls don't look like queens or supermodels. It can be a regular girl from your neighborhood who decided to earn some money. If that is ok for you, no problem. But you won't make your old friend upset, as I did such a great job searching only the best escort sites with the hottest and finest chicks. Always choose the best for yourself!

What are the best escort sites to get a girl for a hookup?

Are you blind, buddy? I already gave them to you! You think I'm just talking here? I'm a professional in porn and all the adult things. I know better than anyone what guys want, and I always find it. I spent hours looking for the hottest escorting chicks and tested them myself. It's kinda addictive, I should say. How can I refuse to have a porn queen in my bed even if I need to pay for that? Everything great deserved payment! So, don't hesitate to try, buddy. You'll have a reason to brag to your friend then at least.

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