Juice Up Your Day With Bombshell Khloe Terae Looks (17 Photos)

Burn bra
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This young lady is a definition of “bootylicious.” She has landed the covers of Playboy and Maxim, and now she’s conquering the world via her Instagram, which has already got the attention of 2 million followers.

I need a man and my heart is set on you!

Khloe Terae hot

Cali Girl Cleanse

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I can’t sea any problems from here

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If you ain't getting no pesos, ¿qué estás haciendo?

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Quack, Quack

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vegas glam god

khloe terae bikini

All my roses grew back as thorns.

chloe terae

Back to Slovenia

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roses & rosé

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euro 2018 at my fave spot in

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To my lover I’d never lie

playboy model

‪I really missed the feeling of being able to run my fingers through my hair

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Wine tasting in Malibu

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Happy Friday the 13th

sexy blonde girl

I can confirm that the glaciers are melting in Iceland!!!

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Let me be your sunshine

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Because who doesn’t want to be a California Girl!?

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