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Ashley Madison Review: Don't Invest Until You Read HG Review

Ashley Madison is the home for sugar daddies looking for dates, discreet flirts, and everything related to a sexual relationship. I know, I know, after spending a few years with a girlfriend, you get bored. Why fuck one pussy when there are hundreds of tight teen cunts in your city ready to fuck with older men? No matter your intentions, you need to use highly secure online dating sites like Ashley Madison that guarantee the confidentiality of registration, communication, etc. Just read this Ashley Madison review, and you’ll fuck girls from this platform every night! I'm gonna give you general information about the Ashley Madison app, its dating services, the quality of member profiles on the site, security and protection, and fees.

Best for:

  • People seeking to rekindle excitement and passion in their sex life
  • Married people interested in engaging in an extramarital affair discreetly
  • Single people seeking non-monogamous relationships
  • People looking for sexual intercourse and hookups

Not for:

  • Those who prioritize committed, serious relationships over casual ones
  • People who value monogamy and are uninterested in cheating on their partners
  • People who want to fall in love

Member Structure

Member Structure
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180,000 from USA
Members activity
1,200,000 active weekly
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How to create an account on Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison adult dating

Millions of people just like you are looking for a discreet connection. You’re one of them, right? Ashley Madison is one of the hookup apps that work perfectly. To access Ashley Madison, you need to a highly secure account that takes only 30 seconds to complete, despite requiring more information than unprotected free sites. During registration, you'll need to:

  1. Indicate your marital status (single/in open relationships/long term relationships/etc.)
  2. Create a username (stay anonymous)
  3. Set a strong password
  4. Provide your location and zip code for region-based matchmaking

Like on any other paid sex websites, you have to share your date of birth and email address (which should also be created separately to ensure anonymity and not used for any other purpose).

It's highly recommended to use a separate email for your Ashley Madison account that doesn't reveal your real name or other personal details to prevent any potential information leaks! You don't want anyone to know you're a fucking pervert, do you?

Are Ashley Madison female profiles good?

Ashley Madison features

Despite being a high-end dating site with a cost, Ashley Madison still attracts many users. This Internet site has female-friendly policies, resulting in a higher percentage of female users than other online dating sites.

I found various divorced and married women from different backgrounds, ages, and body types when browsing the online dating site. There were MILFs, college students, and so on, making it easy to find someone to have virtual sex with. Scrolling through profiles of attractive women is a big turn-on for every wanker.

Once you've created your Ashley Madison profile, browsing other users' profiles is super easy. Take a moment to read their bio and interests before sending them a message. You can view their private photos and galleries directly from their profile. You can first jerk off to this explicit content and then start a conversation with some horny girl.

Chat options

Sending messages on the Ashley Madison website is only available to Ashley Madison Premium members, which includes all women. Men must purchase credits to access messaging and other site features. Once you purchase credits and create a Premium account, you can use the chat function to communicate with other individuals.

Different credit packages offer varying numbers of messages. With the top-tier "Elite" credit package, you can send up to 120 messages.

Extra special features

Ashley Madison offers several fun and useful features to enhance your experience:

  • Winks. You can send winks to express your playful interest in some slut.
  • Gifts. You can send virtual gifts to a real woman for a few credits. They can serve as a promise for something more tangible in the future.
  • Favorites. You can list up to 100 profiles as "favorites" for future sexting. It's useful if you don't have time to make contact immediately but want to do so later or if you're unsure which profiles you're most interested in.
  • Golden status. It gives you higher visibility in search results.
  • Traveling Man. This feature helps you find women in the area you're visiting.
  • Another user begins communication. Choosing this feature allows other users to initiate conversations with you, and you can read their messages for free.

How to use Ashley Madison for hookups

After analyzing this sugar daddy site, the important question is how easy it is to use Ashley Madison to find a hookup. Ashley Madison dating site is a great place to find a hookup if you're willing to spend some money on it. People on Ashley Madison know what they want and are looking for discreet hookups.

You need to initiate contact, and Ashley Madison makes it easy to browse user profiles and find like minded individuals who share your interests. Many users on Ashley Madison are looking for hookups ranging from casual to serious. If you present yourself well and are upfront about what you want, you will easily find what you want – sex, dirty messages, or whatever you want.

How much is Ashley Madison a month

You’ll find a conspicuous button on the Ashley Madison homepage labeled "BUY CREDITS," an obvious call to action for using your credit card to purchase credits. The Ashley Madison cost of credits may vary depending on your location, current sales, or promotions. However, three credit plans are generally available for purchase: Basic, Classic, and Elite.

  • The Basic membership price is $59 for 100 credits, which is $0.59 per credit.
  • The Classic plan is the most popular and offers 500 credits for $169, equivalent to $0.34 per credit.
  • The Elite plan gives you 1,000 credits for $289, or $0.29 per credit.

Women seeking male users can use free membership of a site, while women seeking women and men seeking women or men must pay. However, you can also sign up for a free Guest Membership to view profiles, share photos, and send winks. When you're ready to interact with other Ashley Madison members, choose from various subscription or credit packages. Users can also become Full Members, which gives them a set number of credits or an active subscription to communicate with other members.

By the way, accessing the site via smartphone incurs an additional fee.

You can buy one of the packages through a credit/debit card or PayPal. Overall, the price for those packages is affordable and reasonable.

Free features

This Internet site is free for ladies. Men, in turn, can do the following for free:

  • Sign up
  • Add a dating profile picture
  • Browse profiles
  • View public pictures
  • Like profiles and send winks
  • Send virtual gifts
  • Use a boost feature
  • Send personalized messages

Customer support

If you experience technical difficulties, can't find a solution, or see suspicious activity, contact Ashley Madison's team. Many Ashley Madison reviews prove that it works perfectly. Additionally, the website has a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section that addresses the most common questions. I wrote to their customer service team when I had minor troubles, and they quickly answered me and resolved all the questions.

Hooking up with bots or is Ashley Madison a scam?

Ashley Madison website

Ashley Madison is where love is born, and everyone has an equal chance of success. After the site was hacked, this Internet site immediately enhanced its security system, which is now much better than the previous one. The registration process has been reformed and includes questions that take longer than on other dating sites. It may seem like a small inconvenience, but it's worth it when you consider the importance of discretion in extramarital affairs. It reduces the number of fake accounts.

In fact, Ashley Madison is the only dating Internet site that offers an "Affair guarantee" – if you pay $200 for a three-month subscription and don't meet anyone in person during that time, they’ll refund your money. It’s a testament to their confidence in their dating website and commitment to helping people find just what they want.

Sites like Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is designed for perverts seeking extramarital affairs or casual relationships, not a romantic date. However, if you're still looking for something that Ashley Madison can't offer to you, there are the best online dating sites available:

  • WannaHookUp
  • AdultFriendFinder
  • OneNightFriend
  • BeNaughty
  • SmokeandPoke
  • HornySpot
  • SweetSext

These Ashley Madison alternatives will offer you anything you want.

Ashley Madison review: Your questions answered

I'm sure you can't wait to go to the site, find hot babes for one night stands, and have good virtual sex with them. But let me still answer the main questions that may raise doubts:

Is Ashley Madison good?

Yes, it's perfect! It’s an Internet dating service designed specifically for people currently in committed relationships who want to have sex affairs. Its primary purpose is to provide a source of enjoyment, amusement, and connection for individuals seeking to engage with like-minded individuals. Ashley Madison membership base is over 60 million individuals located across 53 different countries, suggesting widespread popularity and appeal.

Does Ashley Madison have an app?

Yes, Ashley Madison has a dating app available for download on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. The mobile app allows Ashley Madison users to create an account, browse the profiles of other users, and communicate with them.

How does Ashley Madison work?

Ashley Madison is the best dating site that helps its users to connect with others nearby or globally and engage in discreet affairs.

How to find someone on Ashley Madison?

To find someone on Ashley Madison, create an account on the website or app and complete your profile with accurate information about yourself. Once your profile is set up, you can use the search option and messaging features to connect with other users based on your preferences and location. You can search for users by age, gender, location, and interests and message them to start a conversation.

Is Ashley Madison reliable?

Yes, it's reliable. The Ashley Madison website prioritizes user security by ensuring that all users use nicknames instead of their real names and not sharing their email addresses or birth dates.

Hookupguru's verdict

Ashley Madison has operated for almost twenty years and has remained popular. Its longevity suggests it has been highly successful. The site's appeal lies in attracting and retaining a large user base, with many new users joining regularly. It's well known for providing a space where people can easily find potential partners for short-term sexual encounters or a long-term affair. Whatever one's preference, this great dating site offers a satisfying experience from start to finish. If you're interested in exploring new sexual encounters, Ashley Madison can be the perfect platform to help you achieve your goals. Don't waste time and join Ashley Madison and potentially meet women you've been missing out on in real life.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Ashley Madison free?

Yes, it's partially free. Although the Ashley Madison online dating service can be accessed for free, the site's features are limited. Active users can create an account, complete their profiles, upload pictures, and send winks to other users without cost. However, users must purchase credits to send a few messages, which cost eight credits for regular messages and 13 credits for priority messages.

2. Is Ashley Madison safe?

Yes, it's safe. Ashley Madison has implemented various security measures to ensure user safety, such as allowing users to use aliases instead of their real names and not sharing email addresses or birth dates unless authorized by the user. Additionally, this affair site uses encryption to protect user data and employs a team of experts to monitor and prevent security breaches.

3. Is Ashley Madison legit?

Yes, it's legit. Ashley Madison is a legitimate online dating platform operating since 2001. It's owned and operated by a reputable company based in Canada. Ashley Madison has millions of users worldwide and offers various features to help users connect with others seeking extramarital affairs.

4. Is Ashley Madison worth it?

It's definitely worth it! Ashley Madison is an Internet dating site specifically designed for individuals seeking extramarital affairs. So, if that's what you're looking for, it may be worth exploring.

More Sites Like Ashley Madison

AshleyMadison presents a unique case in the landscape of adult dating platforms. Known for its discretion and target audience, AshleyMadison has evolved significantly since its inception. The site's approach to facilitating extramarital liaisons raises important questions about social ethics, privacy, and the dynamics of modern relationships. Its user interface is designed for anonymity and ease of use, but this comes with its own set of challenges, including the security of user data and the potential for misuse of the platform.


AshleyMadison is incredible! It's the perfect place for those looking for something discreet and exciting. The people I've met here are amazing and really understand the need for privacy.


Tried AshleyMadison out of curiosity, and it's just as I expected. It's a mixed bag – some genuine profiles, but also a lot of ambiguity. It's an okay platform if you're looking for something discreet, but proceed with caution.


From a technical standpoint, AshleyMadison offers robust features for privacy and discreet communication. However, given its controversial past, continued improvements in security measures are essential to maintain user trust and protect sensitive data.


Gave AshleyMadison a quick look. It's well set up for people seeking discreet relationships. The platform is user-friendly, making it easy for casual browsing.


AshleyMadison, a shadowed garden of secret desires. Here, whispered promises and covert glances bloom in a world apart from the ordinary. It's a realm that speaks to the hidden parts of the soul, yet one must tread lightly amongst these silent echoes.


Not very satisfied with AshleyMadison. Despite its reputation, I found the experience underwhelming. There are too many profiles that don't seem genuine, and the overall experience doesn't justify the hype.


AshleyMadison? It's an interesting ride! If you're looking for some discreet fun without taking things too seriously, this might be the place for you. Just remember to keep your expectations in check!


Just started exploring AshleyMadison and it's quite an eye-opener. The site seems well-designed for discreet encounters, but I'm still learning how it all works. It's intriguing to see how people navigate privacy and connection here.


Over the years, I've seen many platforms, but AshleyMadison stands out for its unique approach to discreet affairs. While it caters to a specific need, it's important to approach the site with caution and discretion. Remember, the key to a positive experience is understanding the platform's purpose and respecting the boundaries it sets. Always prioritize safety and consent in any interaction.

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