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Latest update: Nov 27, 2023

OneNightFriend Review: Don’t Invest Until You Read HG Review

What is One Night Friend? OneNightFriend is a popular adult dating Internet site for finding one-night stands and what I usually think of when quick sexual connections are needed ASAP. A few clicks and a hot girl is in your bad—that's why I appreciate this great site. Yet for newcomers who never tried paid premium dating apps for hookups, this may seem sus: is One Night Friend real?

This is why I'm here today, to shed some light on the OneNightFriend app forInternet dating, explain its benefits and show why exactly I, the HookupGuru, count this one as the best site that can lead to a real life one night stand.

Best for:

  • People who look for local casual encounters;
  • Those who look for exceptional first hookups;
  • Gay/Lesbian hookups.

Not for:

  • Long term relationships or a life spouse;
  • Free users.

Member structure

Member Structure
Members geography
127,000 from USA
Members activity
256,000 active weekly
Gender Rating

How to create an account on the dating site

OneNightFriend registration

So, your choice falls on One Night Friend online dating website, hoping to find a cool chick. Guess what? You’re in luck because you’ll definitely succeed here. And to see how online dating operates, you need to register. The first time you open up their web page, you'll be greeted by a prompt asking you to fill out some details:

  1. Set your gender;
  2. Set your sex preferences (man/woman);
  3. Input your nickname and e-mail;
  4. Verify;
  5. Set an avatar.

You got it! Now that you’re part of the gang and can start browsing the site active audience. Set up account settings and use search filters that match your vibe and immerse into quick hookup dating on one of the best porn dating sites out there. This platform knows how to keep the hookup game strong.

Are OneNightFriend female profiles good?

OneNightFriend girl memebers

In order to find out is One Night Friend real or not I initiated dialogues with different females in my state. I think almost a quarter of users are of the average age of 25, and their mental and physical health seems normal. They just look for a one night stand, and don’t think it is something strange. There were no fake profiles, which is quite positive for me. Bots' profiles are usually well-filled and too perfect and have a description that seems exceedingly romantic. One Night Friend profiles are usually not that filled and contain this info:

  • Ethnicity;
  • Orientation;
  • Body type;
  • Appearance description;
  • Backround/religion/smoker or non-smoker;
  • Private gallery;
  • Who they look for here.

As you can see there is nothing extraordinary in the search filters on the site. I mean, to have casual dates with someone don't really require to know what their favorite pizza sort is or what movies they prefer (yup, I've met a number of dating sites
), so here you have it: simple and concise. No unnecessary time-wasting questions, just what you need for some easy hookups.

Chat options

Chat repeats profiles, there are only messages, attachments, and emojis. Really, what do you need except these ones? If you have no idea how to start flirting with another sweetheart you've come across, OneNightFriend would throw you suggestions like that: Let's get straight to the point: are we both good enough to chat and have fun?

Extra special features for an online dating

Have a free account? It’s bad. You need to change it because OneNightFriend offers a plethora of features for those having a premium membership which will boost your experience and set it apart from all the other sites on the market. With a premium membership, you basically enter the VIP party and use seriously sweet tools to make your search easier. No more dealing with limitations. It’s all about making your time here worth every click.

Okay, okay, I know that I have already intrigued you, and you want me to stop talking meaningless crap and tell you specifically about the paid functions. Here you are:


Got dozens of the hottest ladies on your search page, but you don't know how to hit on all of them in a time-efficient manner? Fret not, because OneNightFriend has got your back. Forget about the old-school way of sending flirty messages one by one. Try the particular service Flirtcats—your mind will be blown by its unusual matchmaking generally. Instead of manually hitting on each attractive lady individually, Flirtcast simply sends several women on the search page a prewritten flirt message. This way, you can just tap a button to hit on all those ladies. The ones who are interested in you can text you back! I would call Flirtcast a “weapon” every man needs when hunting for gals.

onenightfriend Flirtcasts

Satisfaction Policy

Look, OneNightFriend is confident in their ability to find you a chick to bang. They're so serious about it that they actually offer a unique “Satisfaction Policy”. By the way, it’s states if you don't get find a chick to fuck within the first 3 months of you buying a paid membership, you'll get a free 3 day membership to OneNightMembership or any of its sister dating sites. Not that you'll have to use it! We both know that there's no way a stud like you isn't finding action on this platform.


Writing this OneNightFriend review, I have ensured that this dating site offers regular surprise promotions to keep you pleased and invested in the platform. You'll regularly find “Buy one day, get one day for free” service membership bonuses, as well as sudden discounts. These offers can vary, often going all the way up to 40% off on memberships. Remember, these discounts are on a time limit. If you don't take advantage of an online dating offer within 5 minutes or less, it'll disappear. These promos are completely randomized, and you'll have no clue as to when you'll get the next one.

The Like Gallery shows you one user at a time. It's a sort of “swipe to like/dislike” game. The only thing that matters is your first impression based on their profile. You can check out their profile and look at more pictures of them if you wanna make an informed decision. Alternatively, you can just swipe through each user based just on how hot they look. The choice is yours. If you like a user who likes you as well, you'll get a notification saying you matched. That'll give you the confidence to send them a message! Remember, you can send up to five messages per day.

onenightfriend Like Gallery

How to use OneNightFriend for hookups

It's okay if you're new to hookup sites. Maybe you used only a sugar daddy site previously and now want to avoid essentialscrew ups before you try something new. Oh boy, I understand. If you had no previous experience with one night stand sites, here is how to use the OneNightFriend to get laid in your state (breakdown from scratch):

  1. Create your profile and fill it out; don’t forget to post a status message to attract more attention;
  2. Pick your best photos (take it seriously), set a banging profile picture;
  3. Buy a premium to unlock chatting and other site supplies;
  4. Adjust search filters for the distance, appearance, and whatever you give a shit for;
  5. Send messages, flirt, and like profiles—be active;
  6. Invite pussies to meet in real life and enjoy your sex.

So, shake off your lazy ass and put in a little effort to find a one-night honey. All you have to do is register on the site and invest a half-hour browsing the site. Bro, you’ll be amazed at how easy it can be to find a date for the night.

How much is OneNightFriend a month

Premium memberships are the way to go if you wanna try this online dating site at its max capabilities. But do you know what’s the best thing about them? They won’t make you a beggar, man! Premium memberships here are damn affordable! So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade to premium right now. I swear, you will enjoy all the extra benefits that come with it!

Oh, wait. I didn’t tell you the price for a premium membership. Sorry, here it is:

1 Day
1 Week
1 Month
3 Months

You can see for yourself how extremely convenient a premium membership at OneNightFriend is. However, you may be thinking, “But Hookup Guru, do I really need a to have a premium account to use this Internet site? What difference could it possibly make?” Buddy, here's why you're gonna want it:

  • No limits on chats: You're on a casual dating site, bro. There's gonna be a lot of flirting and a lot more sexting. How the hell are you gonna sweet talk a chick into your bed when you can’t send messages via your free account? Numerous people with premium get rid of those chains and enjoy flirting via hassle free texting. Moreover, you can use the Safe Mode feature if you want to control the incoming messages. So, send all the texts you want to have a hot meetup, champ.
  • Max res photos: It’s the golden ticket to unlocking the visual feast. To view all the photos on other members hot pages, you need have a paid subscription. This also lets you view them in full size. You can get a real taste of what a girl looks like. Don’t let those blurry, low-res photos fool you.
  • Premium support: OneNightFriend staff takes good care of its premium members. It’s like being protected by the VIP crew. They don’t mess around. In case you run into problems while on this platform, their customer support service will always prioritize fixing your problems.
  • Attachments in a sms chat service: Instead of being limited to just texts with other users in the chats, you get to send (and receive!) photos and video clips. It’s like leveling up your chat game, my friend. Suppose your conversation with a chick or even a hot guy gets hotter on an online site. Then, you might receive naughty pics of them, and maybe even send a dick pic of your own. I know you can't wait anymore.

Free features

  • Sign-up;
  • Profile editing;
  • Extended search;
  • Reading messages;
  • Adding profiles to your favorites.
  • Sending messages;
  • Sending attachments;
  • Private gallery unlocking.

OneNightFriends is super great in terms of the fact that it accepts debit/credit cards from VISA, Mastercard, Amex, Diners Club International, and Discover. So, don’t worry at all. You can use your plastic to take advantage of paying for all the site's functions and use it to the fullest.

Customer support

The support team on the site is really cool and they will quickly do everything they can to help you. Simply click on “Get support”, select a topic and formulate your question. They will answer you by email within a day. Is this difficult? I think no. Even a dumbass can handle it. Therefore, if you have any questions or problems, its technical support will always help and easily solve any crap that you may have while using the site.

Hooking up with bots or is OneNightFriend a scam?

Scammy profiles? Hardly any, man. As I said, I've never met fake profiles on my hookup marathon—there is a huge user base from the US of willing-to-fuck real people and minimal scammed profile. I swear, it’s a legit spot to find some uncomplicated fun.

Dating sites like OneNightFriend

No doubt, OneNightFriend is cool if you’re looking for a quick, no-strings-attached rendezvous. But it’s not the only one. So, don’t limit yourself to just one option. Check out other sites similar to OneNightFriend:

  • WannaHookUp
  • AdultFriendFinder
  • BeNaughty
  • SmokeandPoke
  • HornySpot
  • SweetSext

I don't rule out that you will find a hot bitch on some other site. So, I advise you to try other online dating platforms from the list. I compiled and tested them myself. And you can trust my choice. After all, we are almost best friends, right? So, I know what you need.

OneNightFriend review: Your questions answered

Do you have any questions left? Here is a quick summary of the online dating website, check it away.

Is OneNightFriend good?

I appreciated the efficiency of the ONF and had some fun chatting with females around the globe for quite a while. Filters work accurately and really help you find someone nearby. My best experience on the OneNightFriend was a girl from Scotland, red and damn insane, but extremely hot. 10/10.

Does OneNightFriend have an app?

Nupe, however, the mobile version works pretty well so any cellphone owner literally doesn’t even need the app, just open OneNightFriend through your mobile. So, I see no reason to get upset. You anyway stay in touch with your girls.

How to find someone on OneNightFriend?

Use advanced search to find someone nearby: set search filters for appearance, preferences, ethnicity, body type, and other settings to find the most relevant profiles (but no drugs mention!). Initiate a dialogue with other members to start getting along and meet as soon as you feel the chemistry.

Can you use OneNightFriend for free?

No, the most vital option for dating online—chatting—is only available to paid users. If you can't decide whether is One Night Friend safe enough to deposit there—rely on my review since I deposited and never met fake accounts throughout the weeks.

Is OneNightFriend reliable?

Is One Night Friend a scam? It ain't. This legit site has thousands of real users inside, loyal to this specific service, and willing to have fun with you. Your credit card details are secured as well and you can see your billing history whenever you want. However, you may meet scammed profiles wherever you go on the Internet. I recommend reading their “Safe Dating” section.

Hookupguru's verdict

It is definitely not a bad site with a nice mobile version. The OneNightFriend hookup site is an astounding dating platform that makes getting laid an easy feat. They've got nice search function features, hundreds of active users you can send up to five messages a day to, a flawless UI, and an affordable premium tier. What are you waiting for, bucko? Pay them a visit and you could get laid tonight!

Total Score

Total score 9.1
Ease of Use
Number of Members
Safety & Anti-Scam
Customer Service
Quality of Profiles
Value for Money

Contact Information

Company:  Blue Vision
Address:Bulgaria, 1000 Sofia, 16, Lavele Street

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to have my profile approved?

Your profile will be approved once you open the verification email and click on the link provided. This email will take at most 10 minutes from the moment you register to be sent to you. But sometimes, those sneaky spam folders like to play hide and seek. So, check this folder if the email doesn’t show up. That way, you will not be left scratching your head, wondering where the link is.

2. What payment methods does OneNightFriend accept?

No need to stress about payment methods. OneNightFriend involves all the big players to help you pay for its services. It accepts payments made through debit/credit cards from VISA, Mastercard, Amex, Diners Club International and Discover.

3. How to use OneNightFriend without paying?

Almost all of OneNightFriend can be used without paying, except viewing user photos. You can even send up to five free messages per day, and like other users. It means you can still slide into someone’s DMs and start chatting without spending millions. Yet, you will not be able to see a user's “Looking for” details on their profile.

4. How does OneNightFriend work?

OneNightFriend finds hundreds of women in your vicinity for you to chat up. Alternatively, you can use the search filters to hone in on your specific type of hookup partner. The Like Gallery is a fun swipe game which can help you find matches as well. The website simply shows you all the available prospects, and you can strike up a flirty conversation with any of them.

5. Can you delete your OneNightFriend account?

Delete your account by opening the dropdown menu at the top right of the page and going to the settings. At the bottom of the page, choose to remove your account. Follow the instructions and select all the applicable boxes. Your account will then be removed.

6. Is OneNightFriend legit?

Yes, OneNightFriend is a legit website with a large and real user base and 100% support. It has a team that’s always ready to assist. Whether you have worries about payments, spam messages, login, or verification processes, OneNightFriend has got you covered with a robust system that keeps cancel customer reviews concerns at bay.

7. Is OneNightFriend free?

OneNightFriend can be used without paying, but the features are limited. For free users can sign up, upload photos/videos, enjoy the basic search, and like photos. A paid membership, on the contrary, allows you to enjoy unlimited chats, extended searches, viewing user photos, “looking for” details, premium support, and more.

8. Is OneNightFriend safe?

Yes, it is fucking safe! OneNightFriend provides a strong and high-quality security system, cleans up fake profiles, prohibits illegal activities, offers a security mode feature, and blocks suspicious profiles. So, relax, take it easy. OneNightFriend will do everything for you to have a trouble-free online dating experience.

9. Is OneNightFriend worth it?

God, don't you get it yet? Yes, OneNightFriend finds hundreds of women in your vicinity for you to chat up and decide on your perfect hookup partner. Don't ask such damn stupid questions anymore!

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A comprehensive analysis of what is One Night Friend reveals a platform that distinctively caters to casual encounters. The OneNightFriend app integrates a user-friendly interface, promoting ease of interaction and connection. Addressing concerns like is One Night Friend real, my research affirms its legitimacy. To further its credibility, enhancing user verification could be beneficial.


Just tried the OneNightFriend app and it’s awesome! Lots of cool people and it’s so fun. Definitely real, not a scam!


Always wondered, is One Night Friend a scam? Turns out it's legit. Met a few interesting folks. It's okay for quick connections.


Technologically, the OneNightFriend app stands out with robust performance and user engagement features. While the question is One Night Friend safe arises, they seem to have implemented adequate security measures. However, refining the matchmaking algorithm could provide more accurate pairings.


The OneNightFriend app is pretty good for casual stuff. Simple, straightforward, and seems safe enough.


OneNightFriend, a digital tapestry where transient bonds are woven. It personifies the essence of is One Night Friend real, creating a space for fleeting yet memorable encounters.


Thought OneNightFriend might be a scam, but it's actually decent. Easy for quick chats, not too shabby.


Tried OneNightFriend for kicks and it's legit fun! Met some real characters. Definitely not a scam!


New to OneNightFriend, seems straightforward. It feels safe and legit. Any tips for a first-timer here?


OneNightFriend seems straightforward. It feels safe and legit.

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