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Latest update: Sep 25, 2023

EasySex Review: Don't Invest Until You Read HG Review

Hookupguru's verdict

EasySex is a scam. Hope my EasySex app review has convinced you. It has nothing except sad guys who gave their credit card information to meet pictures of girls in bikinis. If you don't want to waste your time and get straight down to business, try WannaHookUp, AdultFriendFinder, OneNight Friend and BeNaughty. These XXX sites are fully fleshed out, have fair prices, and, most importantly, tons of active users you can actually flirt and have fun with.

If you wake up with the thought, "I need to find a hookup!" It's high time to visit decent adult dating websites. EasySex is the hookup platform for those looking for a one-night stand. Many EasySex reviews state that the professional photoshoots and attractive design make it look like a real hookup site. But there are many fake profiles, automated emails, and highly manipulative tricks. This means you can spend a lot of money but get an unsatisfactory result. So, is EasySex website a scam? Is EasySex worth your time and money? Let's quickly learn in this EasySex review everything about its features to decide if this site is worth using or if it's bullshit to be avoided.

Best for:

  • People not paying great attention to the reputation of an adult dating site
  • Those who don't mind chatting with a computer-generated person
  • Singles who pay for Premium to send messages

Not for:

  • Those looking for real users focused on hookups
  • Singles who prefer joining only high-quality adult dating platforms

Member structure

Member Structure
Members geography
290,000 from USA
Members activity
58,500 active weekly
Gender Rating

How to create an account on EasySex

EasySex adult dating site

Registration here is free and happens quickly, as on all similar services.

  • Enter the necessary data
  • State your preferences
  • Confirm your email

After that, you can take a look at a platform to see all the features here.

But here is a trick many users don't pay attention to. The site clearly states that by registering on EasySex, you automatically agree to the terms, mailing, privacy policy, and chats with fakes. An online regent may be a digital actor, an avatar, or a synthespian (e.g., a computer-generated "person" or "character"). How do you like it?

Are EasySex female profiles good?

I have already mentioned that you may chat with the EasySex scam female profiles created by the site itself. They look like real female users, send and receive emails, and have profile pictures and all sorts of personal information, but they are fakes. Why don't you try reliable paid sex websites?

Chat options

EasySex com scam will send you automated messages. These fake messages are sent to members for free and are used to trick members into buying monthly memberships so that they can communicate with the fake female members who send the emails.

You may communicate with a text chat or upgrade your account and participate in live video chats – it’s up to you. Regardless of the option you choose, you can be sure that EasySex would disappoint or frustrate you.

How to use EasySex for hookups

EasySex belongs to the scam adult match sites. Numerous EasySex reviews confirm the platform to be a bad place to find a hookup: the fake users registered here are sincerely not into adult dating and it’d be hard for you to find hookups online. You have all reasons to worry as its reputation talks for itself. You need to put really special effort to find someone who’d support and share your desires.

If you wanna try it yourself you can regularly look through the lists of the members, check out who has joined the portal lately, and detect the users who are located nearby. Also, you may contact those members who are currently online and those who are ready to talk via webcam.

How much is EasySex a month

It allows you to register for free but the Basic membership limits you in terms of functionality you get (e.g., you’re not allowed to view explicit visual content).

When you click on an image, a button, or any feature on this website, you’ll automatically be taken to the "Membership Upgrade" page. Of course, "free" accounts require credit card information. And not noticing the small fonts, I also signed up for campaigns from other companies that cost only $1.95 the first time, but it's almost $49.95 per month. And the expiration date will be automatically extended.

How to delete EasySex account

To get rid of the account on the EasySex scam site, you should go to the settings and select the appropriate function. After clicking the button, you must confirm this action. Think about taking away your photos before.

Customer support

No one will answer you if you contact support. Numerous reviews prove it, and I can tell you the same. I tested their customer support for my EasySex app review and got no replies.

Hooking up with bots or is EasySex a scam?

Is EasySex com a scam? Look, I gave you more than enough reasons indicating that you have to avoid EasySex. And you, silly boy, still want to try it? Its general layout is the same as the other 100 fake dating sites. In fact, they all create fake profiles and send fake matches. It's also very expensive compared to other dating sites. If that’s not the reason why you have to stay away from this site, I don't know what else you want to hear.

All I can advise you is to visit really nice websites. There are no fakes, and you can definitely find someone for sex there.

  • WannaHookUp
  • AdultFriendFinder
  • OneNightFriend
  • BeNaughty
  • SmokeandPoke
  • HornySpot
  • SweetSext
  • Passion.com

EasySex review: Your questions answered

Oh Gosh, are you still here? Do you think I’m a liar and this site is one of the best? Okay, let's go over the basics again, and I’ll prove to you that you shouldn't use the EasySex com scam site.

Is EasySex good?

No, it's not, even though they say it’s a great platform for people to focus on lightweight hookups. Your chance of finding a partner with similar intentions is very low.

Does EasySex have an app?

Currently, EasySex doesn't offer a mobile app.

How does EasySex work?

After registering, you can look for users interested in using the advanced search. Here you can choose the orientation, preferences in sex, and appearance of your future partner. Also, access text chats with users or video chat. Just select who is ready to join the conversation now. You can also see hot videos of users. But if you’re searching for a one-night stand, try another site. It doesn't give real results.

How to find someone on EasySex?

Use the site's search. But the chances you’ll encounter a fake page are pretty high. Always double-check the information you receive. Also, mind what you share with others.

Is EasySex reliable?

No, it isn't. So, you need to follow some simple rules to ensure you won't be a scam victim. Never send your personal information or money if someone asks you to. Please report it to the customer support team.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is EasySex legit?

The site isn’t legit, and many fake profiles and messages make it unreliable.

2. Is EasySex free?

You can't use the EasySex adult dating site for free. The premium account costs $49.95. You will get access to all the features of the platform and to all user content that is here. A free membership gives you only limited access to the website, and you cannot use all the platform's features.

3. Is EasySex safe?

Even though there are only fee-based memberships, the number of users with bad intentions is high. The platform isn’t serious about the protection of users' data.

4. Is EasySex worth it?

No, the site sucks. If you’re tired of everything ordinary, EasySex won't help you to get out of your routine anyway.

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The plethora of easysex reviews indicates a platform that struggles with legitimacy. Questions like is easysex com a scam and is easysex a scam are recurrent among users. Despite the functional usability highlighted in the easysex app review, the site must address these credibility issues, particularly the concerns surrounding easysex scam.


Totally loving EasySex! The site is amazing for hookups, and it's super easy to use. The vibe here is exactly what I was looking for!


EasySex is just another site where expectations often fall short. Too many fake profiles. Is easysex com a scam? Seems likely. Just an average experience overall.


Technologically, EasySex offers basic functionality, but the persistent questions like is easysex a scam suggest a need for improved security. The positive aspects in the easysex app review are overshadowed by these concerns, to be honest...


Tried out EasySex – it's straightforward and easy to navigate. Pretty similar to other hookup sites but decent for some casual browsing.

Bobby B

EasySex is a realm where fleeting desires find digital expression. Amidst the array of easysex reviews, one senses an underlying query of is easysex real, veiled beneath the allure of transient connections.


Not impressed with EasySex. Feels like a waste of time with so many fake profiles. Wondering, is easysex a scam? The experience doesn't live up to the hype in easysex reviews.


EasySex is a fun ride! Might not be the best for serious dating, but if you're in for a laugh and some light-hearted flirting, it's the place to be.


Just started on EasySex and trying to figure it out. The site seems alright, but I'm curious about its authenticity. Is easysex legit? Guess I'll find out soon.

Grunts N Grits
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