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Latest update: Sep 25, 2023

Fuck Me Dating Site: Don't Invest Until You Read HG Review

Fuck-me.io verdict

Fuck-Me is a great, modern hookup platform, but through no fault of its own, you might struggle to get a match in some cities or just want a change of scenery. If that's the case, you'll enjoy WannaHookUp, AdultFriendFinder, OneNight Friend and BeNaughty. These top-tier dating sites are just as good as Fuck-Me, and you'll be overwhelmed by the attention you find here!

Fuck-me.io is an adult dating platform that offers casual sex encounters and relationships with no-strings-attached. Jerking off is great, as well as searching for new thrilling and cock-rising porn. But don't you want to feel a tight pussy around your hard dick? Stop being lazy and try something new, for example, the Fuck Me chat. However, will Fuck Me dating site show you a new world of pleasure as it claims? Sites like Fuck Me can also lead you to a world of disappointment. Read on to know what I think about it.

Best for:

  • Those who appreciate pointless chatting and winking
  • Those looking for free profiles browsing and few communication tools
  • Men who like to play the match game

Not for:

  • Those who want to quickly find real chicks for local hookups
  • Those who seek legit and trustworthy adult dating site

Member structure

Member Structure
Members geography
250,000 from the USA
Members activity
50,000 active weekly
Gender Rating

How to create an account on Fuck Me dating site

Fuck-me Registration

When you enter Fuck Me, you Do your best choice. Still, is this statement true?

The registration process is where the problems begin. We all want to visit good sex sites and just jerk off without unnecessary questions, right? But on this site, you first need to register.

Yeah, buddy, it's a must! Who those hot bitches will fuck if you'll stay incognito? Moreover, you can't browse the site as a guest. Sign-up is fast, so you actually have nothing to fear. Even if you're too old for computers, you'll finish right in time when all the girls will be leaking juice.

So, to on the site, enter your name, age, location, and email, and add a reliable password. And that's it! The moment you finish the procedure, you're ready to browse all those horny birds!

Are Fuck-me.io female profiles good?

Fuck-me Profiles

Each chick uploads sexy or, at least, seductive photos, so it's easy to make a final decision based only on this factor. But don't forget to look through the info she puts in her account. There you'll find her preferences and who exactly she's looking for. What if she's a lesbian? Well, if she's too hot, offer her a sex date anyway. Maybe she'll invite you to join her and her girlfriend? Yet, I’m not sure. Be prepared to stumble upon many bitches who won't desire to meet for a real fuck as I did. They come here just for your money. But still, it's your choice.

Chat options

Fuck-me contact

If you register on similar Fuck Me websites, you’ve probably already received messages from fakes. They usually tell you everything you want to hear, but you’ll pay for it. So, there are some things that you should keep in mind when using this website. Don't lose your head and don’t share any personal data and provocative pictures online!

Not to lose any real hotties add them to your favorites list to reach them at any time. Double your chances to meet again with a naughty one you've already had memorable sex with!

Sex requests

This section is the best indicator of how sexy you're. Here you'll get the list of girls who already want to fuck you! This means they've found you and sent you this sweet note. Take it as a flirt or a come-on. Both ways may lead to an orgasm.


That's popular stuff on any dating site, even if it's about sex dating like Fuck-me.io. It works like Tinder — you Like or Skip the photo. And when you like it, the girl gets a notification. It means you want to fuck her! That is the best compliment any real chick can get.

Fuck-me Matches

Any other extra sex stuff on Fuck-me.io?

For those who are bored with the search or just not in the mood to have sex (don't tell me it's about you), Fuck-me.io has added a section! It's actually the platform of the Fuck me website, where you'll be transferred right after clicking the corresponding button. Teens, MILFs, matures, grannies, Latina, Asians, and others are gathered here. It's an extra tool to kill time or in case your cock is old enough and you have an erection once in a blue moon. Treat him with some webcam sex before jumping to real dates.

How to use Fuck Me dating site for hookups

Fuck-me search

Joining the site isn't enough to get fucked. For this, you have to do at least a little research. Check if there are any hotties your dick would enjoy in the surroundings.

To narrow down the possible matches with single pussies in the neighborhood, apply filters. I could tell you everything about each of them, but it'll be enough to mention they have boobs filter! I mean, is there anything more important for a hungry man in search filters? If sex God exists, I beg him to create a pussy hairiness filter on every shitty sex dating site. It'd save time greatly.

So, after you've applied needed filters and got the list of most fitting bitches your cock finds hot, stop at one or a few of them to find out their preferences and invite them for a sex date if you look for the same stuff. If someone evades the answer, dump the scammer and move on. Spoiler: on Fuck Me website you’ll waste a lot of time on bots!

How much is Fuck Me app a month

I hope you're sitting now because I have “good” news for you, my pervert. You don't have to pay anything to use the Fuckme site! And I mean it! The platform doesn't offer you to buy any subscription or to upgrade the membership. You can use all the site's features for absolutely no cost. Isn't that amazing, champ? I wouldn’t say so. Free cheese is only in a mousetrap. Here is the price for free services: you’ll get the impression that all profiles are fake and that chatbots send messages, the ad will constantly irritate you and many features will lead to other suspicious websites. Fuck Me dating site has a lot of that shit that might be a pain in the ass.

How to delete Fuck Me account

If you understand that Fuck Me dating site doesn't satisfy you fully, you want to know how to delete your account.

There are two ways to remove your personal information from the site. Disabling a profile hides it and prevents members from being able to view it. This option allows you to log in anytime and reactivate your profile. Or you can close your account forever, and your profile will be deleted. You must create a new profile if you want to use the site one day.

You can delete it for free by clicking on Settings. You can also unsubscribe from any mailing list/newsletter at any time.

Customer support

Unfortunately, when I contacted support, they didn't answer me for a long time. So, my question remains unresolved.

Is Fuck Me a scam?

Yes, it is. There are many fake accounts. In total, the majority of profiles are inactive or fake on the site. Moreover, Fuck Me online scammers will do everything to get your confidential information or money.

I can say that Fuck Me app isn’t reliable. It doesn't guarantee the security of your data and transactions. So, it’s not one of the best sites to jerk off. There must be many other hookup dating sites that are better than this one.

I recommend visiting:

  • WannaHookUp
  • AdultFriendFinder
  • OneNightFriend
  • BeNaughty
  • SmokeandPoke
  • HornySpot
  • SweetSext
  • Passion.com

What are possible red flags on Fuck Me?

When I first explored the site, I felt unsettled about scammers. I wanted to find a very pleasant and friendly environment in terms of payment and interaction with the women.

I dreamed of crazy, sheer, cock-hungry babes who called me "Daddy" and did things I've never seen before. That's it! It's a pity, but this site can't make my experience unique.

Women can do everything just to get paid. This is a warning sign if someone you meet for the first time is trying to flatter you. They’ll tell you how handsome, smart, and unique you are. But don't forget that this person doesn't know you. It can be an attempt to get a little more money out of you.

Fuck Me dating site review: Your questions answered

Before my final verdict there are several questions that you’d like to know the answers to.

Is Fuck Me good?

No, it’s not that good. Of course, some girls search for real cocks. Yet, most users aren’t very interested in real meetings. Simple sexting and flirting are enough for them. And they just want you to send them money.

Does Fuck Me have an app?

For now, there is no Fuck Me app. If you desire to browse girls on the go and communicate in Fuck Me chat, you can use the mobile version of the site.

How does Fuck Me work?

To use the Fuck-me.io you'll first need to register. For this, provide your email and make up a password. After your profile is created, you can explore the platform and search for girls using search filters. When you find the one that makes you hard, use the Fuck Me chat tool to write her. Later, agree on a hookup date if she’s real.

How to find someone on Fuck Me?

You have to try hard to find real women for hookups in your city on this platform. Usually, your chat will be full of bots and scams. To find someone for a casual fling, use the search filters and chat options available to find an interested female. Don’t delay with an invitation to a real meeting.

Can you use Fuck Me for free?

Yes, Fuck Me dating comes at no cost for all users. There are no subscription plans or membership upgrades.

Is Fuck Me reliable?

No, definitely not. From my own experience with Fuck Me online dating scam, I’m certain that its profiles are fake and that the messages are computer-generated.

My verdict about Fuck Me

Dude, you’ll definitely lose if you go to this site to meet nice girls. There are not many real users. There are multiple fake accounts and a few additional functions. Of course, you have the right to at least just try this site. But free places like Fuck Me websites don't usually bring so much satisfaction. I suggest you go to the popular and trusted fee-based sites I recommended, get your dick out, grab some oil and tissue and start jerking off.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Fuck Me free?

Yes, you can use it for free.

2. Is Fuck Me legit?

Overall, the Fuck-Me.io is illegal. It’s unreliable and certainly not suitable for finding a date.

3. Is Fuck Me safe?

No, the site has a lot of fake profiles, and chatbots send messages.

4. Is Fuck Me worth it?

Looking for real people for sex meetings is unrealistic. Of course, this site isn't worth your time.

More Sites Like Fuck-Me

The Fuck Me chat feature represents an interesting development in online adult interactions. This facet of the Fuck Me dating site enables more direct communication compared to sites like Fuck Me, facilitating a unique blend of immediacy and intimacy. Nonetheless, an in-depth examination of user demographics and engagement patterns could further illuminate the site's efficacy and appeal.


OMG, the Fuck Me app is amazing! So much fun and super easy to meet people! Best app ever!!! 😍


Fuck Me online? More like waste your time online. It’s okay for a laugh, but don't expect much. Typical of these kinds of sites.


Upon examining the Fuck Me app, its technical infrastructure is commendable, particularly in handling real-time data during Fuck Me chat sessions. While it stands out among Fuck Me websites, further enhancements in user privacy and data security protocols would elevate its standing in the niche market.

Ice Cry

Checked out Fuck Me online. It’s alright for a quick chat or to kill some time.


In the ethereal corridors of Fuck Me websites, whispers of longing and desire dance through the Fuck Me chat, crafting a tapestry of fleeting encounters and hidden fantasies.


The Fuck Me dating site is just another run-of-the-mill platform. Chat's okay, but it's nothing special. Seen better.


Fuck Me app? I like to call it the 'Entertain Me' app! Good for a few laughs and some cheeky chats. 😄


Just got on the Fuck Me app. Seems interesting, but I'm a bit lost. How does the Fuck Me chat work exactly?


Exploring the Fuck Me app reveals a platform that, while typical of Fuck Me websites, offers a consistent experience in Fuck Me online interactions. Users should approach with a blend of caution and openness, recognizing the platform's limitations and potential for brief yet intriguing connections.

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