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Latest update: Dec 13, 2023

Phrendly Review: Don't Invest Until You Read HG Review

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Best for:

  • People falling for slogans like "get cash for nothing"
  • Those who decide to pay a lot of money for new phrends on a dating site
  • Those not planning to venture beyond the USA and Canada in their search for sex

Not for:

  • Men looking for real flirting online or a female partner for no strings attached relationships
  • Those who don't wanna be get scammed
  • iPhone users because there's no app for them

Phrendly is a website where guys can virtually flirt with babes via a video chat. Many call it the perfect spot for those who don't have time for serious commitments but wanna get attention from hotties now and then. But what is Phrendly doing differently that makes this dating site stand out? Well, let's get on line to the bottom of things. As other Phrendly reviews state, you can supposedly earn cash here just by flirting with girls online. But c'mon, is it all worth trusting these promises? I decided to check it out by writing this Phrendly review — the prices, perks, and, of course, whether there are any fucking bots.

Member structure

Member Structure
Members geography
The USA and Canada
Members activity
100K monthly
Gender Rating

How to create an account on Phrendly

Screenshot Phrendly Sign Up

Get the Attention You Deserve, they say. Well, well, well, interesting. I wonder, how does Phrendly work? Of course, everything starts with an absurd quest that drives me insane.

  • You can choose how to join Phrendly — via email, Facebook, or Google.
  • Then, you have to come up with your nickname. You can use your real name, but who cares, right?.
  • Next is creating a password for your Phrendly account.
  • Link your phone number. You can't register without it. Once you enter your number, they'll send you an SMS with a verification code. If you ask is Phrendly safe, you will be right. I would also worry about my personal information.
  • Create a profile GIF. Nothing is better than a stupid animation on a dating site, right?

Are Phrendly female profiles good?

I noticed the kicker right from the start of writing this Phrendly review: the community only consists of American women and Canadian babes. You can see some of them on the main page. You're also supposed to learn everything about these bitches and their lives, watch their photos... But there's almost zero information in their accounts. I was disappointed.

Chat options

On the Phrendly site, they offer you to get real cash for conversations. Other users send you messages, and if you reply within 12 hours, they pay you money for it. In the chat, you can play with emojis, drop links, share files, give gifts — everything for the fun banter.

Earning from audio and video calls

Phone calls or a video chat offer you the possibility of getting more cash than a regular chat. But if you initiate a phone call, you must pay for every minute.

Re-connecting with long lost Phrends

Contact your forgotten online "friends" to get more money. Drop them a message on special occasions, like, say, Valentine's Day or Christmas, and see who you can cheat out of money this time.

Extra special features

  • Welcome bonus. Phrendly offers a measly $5 after you set up your profile. Big deal. Don't be fooled; it won't get you far.
  • Drinks. Get ready to pay for virtual drinks because there is a cash grab whenever you want to have a conversation.
  • Free drinks. Supposedly, you can score some "free" drinks by recruiting friends. But I don't think it's a good idea.

How to use Phrendly for hookups

Screenshot phrendly users' photo

As other Phrendly website reviews note, searching for hookups here's like playing a stupid game. See someone you like? Tap, and prepare to spend money. Every first message to a person will cost you 1 "drink." That's all that you need to know, I think.

How much is Phrendly a month?

Phrendly claims freedom from premiums. Yeah… No premium here… just constant "drinks" affecting your credit card balance.

Here is the Phrendly cost:

  • 2 drinks go for $20
  • 4 drinks will cost you $40
  • 10 drinks — $90

Is Phrendly legit at all? Yes, but it is so fucking expensive!!! I would use porn dating sites and got more satisfaction for less money.

Free features

  • Personalize your profile
  • Browse other users
  • Throw sexy babes into your favorites
  • Get dirty with sexy texts
  • Call hot bitches
  • Turn the heat up with steamy video chats

How to delete Phrendly account

After I answered the question of is Phrendly a scam, I went to "Settings" and a "Login Details" page and hit the "Close my Phrendly account" button. By the way, they gave me back the bucks for those drinks I didn't manage to use. Refunding was done to my credit card.

Customer support

Phrendly says their platform can boast safety quality, but I don't believe it. I doubt their encryption protects users' data against real threats. 24/7 support? I doubt they'll fix issues fast. Yet, there are tips on using the platform properly.

Hooking up with bots or is Phrendly a scam?

Screenshot phrendly profiles

Is Phrendly real at all? You may ask. Well, the platform itself is real. But it seems like most chicks are just focused on pushing their OnlyFans, while others are here getting money. Ain't nobody there for flirting or sex.

Don't visit Phrendly; there are many other reliable sites:

  • WannaHookUp
  • AdultFriendFinder
  • OneNightFriend
  • BeNaughty
  • SmokeandPoke
  • HornySpot
  • SweetSext
  • NoStringsAttached

Phrendly review: Your questions answered

Is Phrendly good?

The idea's kinda nice, and this is the only advantage of the site. Unfortunately, Phrendly ain't doing what it's supposed to. I can't accept that.

Does Phrendly have an app?

Android users get the Phrendly app, and iPhone users can use the Phrendly mobile version via any browser.

How does Phrendly work?

Have an interest in someone? Send a drink. Keep it going and talking.

How to find someone on Phrendly?

Same old procedure. Just sign up and use the filters in the search.

Is Phrendly reliable?

I don't think so. They don't deliver anything good.

Hookupguru's verdict

I don't even know how to end my review, really. Phrendly is just some hellhole for Americans and Canadians. The site isn't popular; it's just known that its users can be paid. In short, fuck it!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Phrendly legit?

Yeah, it's legit and doesn't break the law. Planning to use it now?

2. Is Phrendly free?

Nah, you'll have to pay for those damn drinks.

3. Is Phrendly safe?

Oh, come on, forget about that word on this site.

4. Is Phrendly worth it?

No, I can say with confidence that it's crap without any benefits!

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