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About USASexGuide

  • Free registration
  • Free services
  • More than half a million members
  • Plenty of providers
  • A few thousands members online at any time

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Member Structure
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USASexGuide is the forum that connects people looking for some fun, want to find partners, like discussing sex and strip clubs, hire escorts around the United States. This is one of the most popular boards in the country: currently, there are over half a million members, and there are always at least a few hundred members online, no matter what time you visit the site.

USASexGuide provides members with various services: registered users can share reviews of escorts, post photo materials, share travel info and guides, exchange private messages, discuss various topics, and so on and so forth.

One of the best things about the forum is that it is open to the visitors who have access to tons of useful information. However, access to other features is limited. So, is this adult dating site worth joining? In this USASexGuide, we will analyze the basic and special features of the platform to give the right answer to this question.

Registration on USASexGuide

USASexGuide registration

There are a few things you need to know about USASexGuide:

  1. You do not need to create an account to visit the website and read forum posts
  2. You need to create an account to view photos
  3. You need to create an account to post reports and interact with other members
  4. Registration is free

USASexGuide dating

What do you need to create your account on USASexGuideReview?

  • Choose registration type (forum user, paid escort, free escort classified)
  • Create user name
  • Create password and confirm it
  • Time Zone
  • Agree to Forum Rules
  • Confirm your email

*Users can change their usernames later by sending a request to the Support Department.

USASexGuide membership types

There are 4 membership types on this board:

  • Members Awaiting Email Activation – these are the new members who have not confirmed their email address yet. They do not have access to the main services provided by the platform, i.e., they cannot post anything, upload photo materials and send messages to other members. Right after the email is confirmed they are promoted to Regular Members.
  • Regular Members – these members get access to all basic services provided by USASexGuide. They can post reports, view photos uploaded by other members, upload their own photos, and exchange messages with others.
  • Senior Members – they are the Regular Members who are using the services for more than half a year and made 25+ contributions to the board.
  • Unmoderated Members – they are the Senior Members that write their reports according to the Forum rules. Their posts are not even moderated.

USASexGuide hookup

USASexGuide billing policy

The biggest advantage of this forum is that the services it provides are free for every registered member.

Users, however, can thank the administration by making a contribution to the WSG Charities.

How does USASexGuide function?

This is a unique platform. USASexGuide functions in a different way where members can avail escort service but paying a hefty price. Users have to register on the site, and depending on their location, they can get these sex services. The functioning of the network is simple and easy to understand for subscribers of all ages.

What kind of services does USASexGuide provide?

What can members do on USASexGuide?

      • Submit their reports
      • Suggest new topics for the forum
      • Contact another member
      • Send personal notes, congratulations, and so forth
      • Exchange contacts
      • Make arrangement to meet other members in real life
      • Organize group meetings
      • Place classified ads
      • Add photos to the forum

Members also have access to the list of abbreviations, escort webcams, and “What’s New” section.

USASexGuide features

You can search for the most interesting and useful reports by states and cities. Of course, there are more reports and discussions in the bigger cities, but even if you are from a small town, you have a chance to find something really interesting in your area. There are also Craigslist Reviews that are divided on the cities, Special Interest section (Amateurs, Jokes & Humorous, Sex Toys, etc.), Opinions & Editorials section, and Site Administration section (here you can find all useful info about the way the site works, from Terms and Abbreviations to Internet Security.)

Consequently, any user who has joined USASexGuide gets access to plenty of great features. This escort forum actually has everything a good forum is supposed to have. Members can exchange private messages, post their reports, place their ads, upload photos and view the photos posted by other users.

What is even more important, the administration protects the clients’ privacy. Yes, they keep the email address on record, but they never share it with other parties or post it in the Forum. USASexGuide also protects any other info provided by the members, from photos to personal messages.

USAsexguide forum

Where are the best girls?


Alabama is tough on nude dance and sex toys, but forbidden fruit is the sweetest! Restrictions (which are sexy) and nice beaches are the reasons why sex tourists flood Alabama. Just the Baldwin County saw the record numbers of tourists in 2019 (6.5 million!), many of them came for sex fun.


Alaska’s largest city Anchorage is the top place for sex tourists. It’s famous for strip clubs and adult pubs. People come to Alaska to have sex under northern lights! Yearly, it hosts 2 million tourists.


Annually around 44 million people visit Arizona, but that’s not because of the Grand Canyon solely. Multiple sex clubs, party mansions and adult cabarets make Arizona a special sex destination.


Arkansas is full of gentlemen’s clubs and vice businesses. Top destinations are Camden, Eureka Springs and Hot Springs with their casinos, liquor stores and adult establishments. Hot Springs is usually visited by 7 million tourists.


Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Sacrament and Santa Barbara – these are the most sexually active cities in sunny California. In each of them, 3,000-21,000 hookups a year take place. That’s why California is so visited – 250 million tourists yearly.


Colorado welcomes around 85 million tourists (among them 38 million are overnight!). What do many of them do? They attend slumber parties, enjoy escorts, strip and hunt clubs!


World-class museums, hiking trails in forests, sandy beaches – these are some of the few things that attract millions of visitors to Connecticut. But this state is also famous for wild sex life!


This small mid-Atlantic state hosts 9 million tourists. What do they love about Delaware? Dune-backed beaches, heritage parks, Atlantic Ocean and sex clubs with corsets, fetish wear and kink toys.


With 120 million domestic visitors and 11 million tourists from overseas, Florida is a top-destination for high-class recreation. No, it’s not only Miami beaches that lure people. It’s erotic museums and best escorts!


Georgia hosts the world’s busiest airport – Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International – and welcomes 100 million people annually. It’s appealing for sex lovers since it has the best adult attractions.


Hawaii is a dreamland for sex tourists. Red-light districts of Honolulu, superb strip clubs, gay bars, classy escorts, erotic massages and sexual encounters – this state is sex itself! Visited by over 8 million tourists, by the way.


Stunning lakes, canyons, falls and rocks make up the beautiful nature of Idaho, which attracts millions of visitors. Many of them explore sexual desires in the tranquility of nature. Special tours are there!


114 million tourists per year! That’s how hostile Illinois is. People come, first of all, to see Chicago, take riverboat architecture tours, learn about gangsters’ life and, of course, have sex in the most unexpected spots!


If you look at Indiana’s adult entertainment map, you will be shocked. This state is full of gentlemen’s clubs, escort services, party and strip dancing places. That’s why tourists deluge this state – 79 million visitors annually.


Millions of people visit Iowa, each of them on average spends 16% of their budget on the entertainment. If for some it is fairs, bike trails, and outdoors, for others, it’s sex fun!


If you happen to be among 25 million yearly tourists in Kansas, you must visit Kansas City with its legendary adult places like Bazooka’s Showgirls, Legs and Shady Lady Lounge.


Tourism brings to the Kentucky economy $15 million. Most of the tourists explore the state’s horse racing, historic parks, bourbon distilleries, and sex entertainment.


Louisiana welcomes 51 minion tourists, who enjoy not only state’s conventional sightseeing spots, but also nightlife, adult entertainment, sex stores, and massage parlors.


Maine is known for the helpful staff of adult entertainment stores and establishments. The state welcomes 37 million people.


From 2015, Maryland government started promoting the state as a tourist destination. Baltimore, Frederick, and others now are popular also because of sex tourism.


Only Boston, the state’s capital, is visited by almost 20 million people! There you can find the best adult entertainment services.


Dirty shows, the Coliseum (not the same as in Rome), and Penthouse clubs attract a huge percent of all 113 million Michigan tourists.


33 million people visit Minnesota’s Twin Cities. One of them, Minneapolis, is super-attractive for sex tourists. Why? Because the law allows adult clubs only in downtown, which spices up the desires.


Fantastic escorts, top-notch gentlemen’s clubs and sex parties make Mississippi special. Yearly, 23 million tourists visit this state.


What do 41 million tourists find interesting in Missouri? Rumors Cabarets, open-minded ladies, and massage parlors, that’s for sure.


Montana doesn’t have that many tourists – only 12 million of non-residents, but they send a lot. In 2018 it was $3.7 billion, and part of that went for sex entertainment in Montana.


60% of nonresidents visiting Nebraska stay in hotels, on average, for 2 days. Why? Because Nebraska has the best escort services (not all use them, but still).


What brings over 49 million people to Nevada? Yes, Las Vegas. It’s not only about casinos. Themed rooms for adult encounters, strip clubs with dining, nude clubs – it’s all about Las Vegas!

New Hampshire

New Hampshire is divided into seven tourism regions with different patterns of tourism in each. But what unites all of them are adult adventures. In NH you can find the most beautiful and most hard-working strippers!

New Jersey

Dreamt of visiting erotic cafes, harem cabarets and gentlemen’s clubs? Become one of 101 million New Jersey’s tourists.

New Mexico

23-35 million trips are taken in New Mexico. This state is rich in adult entertainment clubs, try them out.

New York

New York City itself is visited by 60 million people, it’s just the center of the world, not only of NY state! Fetish clubs, strip and dance bars, music venues, and even nude dining for the open-minded!

North Carolina

Playhouses are what makes North Carolina famous. 50 million tourists indeed have a lot of fun here.

North Dakota

DJs, karaoke bars, and nude dancing available for adults almost anywhere in North Dakota.


Ohio is a superhero – it hosts over 210 million travelers. Many come for its stunning private dance clubs and dollhouses.


Sulphur, Blanchard, and Oklahoma City are the places where you can buy the most sex toys. Moreover, their people buy kinky toys the most. They are open-minded and for sure you can hookup in Oklahoma.


Movies hint that Oregon people have got sex on the brain. And there are 30 million overnight tourists in Oregon. What do many of them do? You know.


43 million visitors go to Pennsylvania in search of relaxation, sightseeing, and adult fun.

Rhode Island

In 2009 sex services on Rhode Island were prohibited, but many tourists still come to see nude dance and have sex fun (25 million visitors).

South Carolina

Beautiful girls on beaches, historical parks, many things lure tourists in South Carolina. Many of them go to Charleston (over 7 million visitors), a place of multiple strip clubs and other sex establishments.

South Dakota

South Dakota is a super sexy place. 14 million visitors come to see rock formations and to rock in adult places or with an escort.


Erotic massage, strip clubs, escort – all this you will find in Tennessee, and especially in its capital Nashville (15 million visitors).


Almost every girl here is like Beyonce. That’s why Texas is always flooded with tourists seeking adult entertainment (220 million domestic travelers only!). Do you want a ride in Texas?


Utah is known for its national parks, ski areas and scenic byways, which are seen by 23 million people. Some tourists seek sexual encounters, for which Utah is known for too.


It’s a perfect place with endless possibilities for art, outdoor, and adult activities.


19 million visitors are lured to Virginia because of its nature, infrastructural masterpieces and pleasure clubs.


Even though Washington seems to be a serious place, there’s space for lustfulness too (22 million domestic tourists).

West Virginia

Charleston, Morgantown, Huntington and others have the best strip and adult clubs. No wonder there are 16 million overnight tourists in WV.


Wisconsin has four seasons of fun, and each of them is sexy, attracting 105 million visitors.


Around 9 overnight visitors come to Wyoming. Why? Because it has exotic strip clubs with real bombshells.

Pricing for adult entertainment

Prices for sex services in the US vary from $50 to $1,000 per hour depending on the type. On average, a sexual encounter in the US may cost around $200 per hour. A massage parlor is $200-$400 in most of the states.

However, in some states prices are distinct from the average because of the population, the inflow of tourists and local regulations. Here’s the list of the most interesting prices for adult entertainment in the US:

  • Arizona (lesbian escort in Phoenix – $1,500 per day)
  • California (sex services in Silicon Valley $– 350-$500 per hour; in Santa Ana – $100)
  • Florida (sex services in Orlando – $300-400 per hour)
  • Indiana (high-end escort in Indianapolis – $500 per hour)
  • Minnesota (oral sex found online – from $60)
  • Nevada (legal brothel – $200-$600)
  • New York (high-end escort in New York City – $10,000 per night)
  • Oregon (sex services – $130-$500 per hour)
  • Washington (sex services – $200 per hour)

USASexGuide review – The bottom line

USASexGuide is one of the most popular forums for people who want to find partners for different kinds of entertainment, communicate with other members, make their reports, meet people with similar sexual preferences, share photos and discussing various topics. Why is it special? First of all, this forum is free. Secondly, there are a lot of US cities on the board with lots of active members and thousands of posts. Thirdly, members can advertise their services there. Finally, members can exchange private messages, arrange meetings , including the group ones.

However, it would be a mistake to say that this platform has no cons. The design of the website itself may seem outdated, and it is not really easy to use, at least for the newcomer. The profiles are not detailed. Still, the platform has more advantages than disadvantages. If you are looking for some fun, USASexGuide escort forum might be a good choice.

Total Score

Total score 8.8
Ease of Use
Number of Members
Safety & Anti-Scam
Customer Service
Quality of Profiles
Value for Money

Contact Information

Free Registration

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is USASexGuide site?

This is a unique network with unparalleled services. USASexGuide functions in different states in the USA. Subscribers can sign up on the site and then choose the type of service that they want. There are different plans available, depending on your location. Also, you have to make payments for the type of escort that you want. Then you can get these sex services right at your convenient location.

2. How to sign-up for USASexGuide?

The registration process is really simple on the network. Participants have to provide their basic information and answer a few questions to complete this procedure. You can sign up for free. You will also have to select your location where you want to get the services. Make sure you check out all the terms and functions of the network before completing this process.

3. What are the available payment methods?

Users on the site can opt to make a transaction using their credit cards and debit cards. There are no recurring payments since all of these are one-time services that subscribers can choose again. All these options make it convenient for the members to avail the benefits of USASexGuide.

4. How much does it cost on USASexGuide?

The pricing structure on the network varies a lot, and depending on the location where you are, it differs. The type of service that you want also matters significantly. The prices are from $50 to $1000 per hour, depending on the type of entertainment that they want. Therefore, the cost is certainly on the higher side.

5. Is USASexGuide worth the money?

Yes! Though this depends on what you are looking for and the type of escorts you are interested in. Also, the pricing structure is a little bit on the higher side, but the services are reliable, and it is totally worth the investment.

6. Is USASexGuide legit?

The network prioritizes the safety of its subscribers. Therefore, all the transactions and personal information are protected via 128-bit SSL encryption. Also, since all the people on the site are for escort service, there is nothing to worry about fake profiles.

7. How to use USASexGuide without paying?

Well, you cannot! The main purpose of the network is to allow easy access to sex services and escorts in different parts of the United States. Therefore, you will have to pay for the escort that you are interested in. These services are available in different states, and depending on where you live, and you can find the perfect person to cater to your pleasures.

8. How many participants use USASexGuide?

There are around 3.44 million members in the USA alone who are on this network. Most of the subscribers are looking for sex only. There are enough subscribers on USASexGuide on the platform to find a reliable and accurate sex partner

9. Can I delete my page on USASexGuide?

Yes, you can! To do so, either get in touch with the customer support team or go to your profile settings and deactivate your account.

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