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Xpickup review
Latest update: Sep 25, 2023

XPickUp Review: Don't Invest Until You Read HG Review

XPickUp Verdict

XPickUp is a clunky, old site with no real users anymore. Signing up here would be a waste of time, and any messages you send would go to dead accounts or one of the many bots prowling the site. If getting laid is your goal, turn your eyes towards sites like WannaHookUp, AdultFriendFinder, OneNight Friend and BeNaughty. These dating sites are the real deal, with thousands of active users, giving you a far better shot at getting some.

XPickUp is one of many online dating resources for casual encounters, sex, and dirty chat. You might not have seen many XPickUp reviews for this website. Does it really remove sex boundaries and barriers, and connect singles, couples, and even swingers? Do they meet online, have fun and get unforgettable adventures? If yes, it all sounds so nice. But is XPickUp a legitimate website? Should you use it or is it better to stay away from it? My review will help you make the right decision. It contains a lot of useful information on how XPickUp dating website works and whether it's worth your time at all.

Best for:

  • Those who prefer clunky, old sites with outdated design
  • Those who don't care if they chat with fakes
  • Those who aren’t looking for getting laid

Not for:

  • Those who want to find a real partner for flirting and sex
  • Those who don't want to pay for bad services
  • Those looking for a large female user base

Member Structure

Member Structure
Members geography
157,000 from USA
Members activity
73,000 active weekly
Gender Rating

How to create an account on XPickUp

Xpickup site

The XPickUp sign in form on the homepage is short and easy to understand. Meet members nearby is what you see immediately on the homepage. Okay, I found it interesting and started my registration. But before registering, you must agree to the Terms & Conditions. It means that you agree to receive messages from virtual profiles. X PickUp is known for creating fake profiles and sending you fake messages. Buddy, listen to the old HookupGuru – you can't trust a website if it tries to cheat its users before they even sign up.

Are X PickUp female profiles good?

Xpickup website

XPickUp scam site has many fake profiles just to drive you crazy. Scammers use it to force you to share personal information or to get your money. How to recognize them?

  • Zero profile information
  • No photos or poor quality

Chat options

Xpickup doesn't have any unique features, and the website looks like it never got a facelift after 2005. There are no bells and whistles. There are just you, and thousands of bots. You`re allowed to create a profile, and then all that's left is to text people you find attractive.

I know how scam sites work and I can unmask them in the blink of an eye. And I’ll teach you to do the same with this XPickUp dating review. Look, this site sent me two emails from attractive girls in an hour. I know that these emails are fully automatically generated. Sexy girls don't send such emails. Unfortunately, with the help of computer programs, this site can make it seem like a local woman is sending emails, which is cheating. They send me fake mails to get my attention by reading them and responding. When I tried to reply, the site redirected me to a payment page, and they asked me to purchase a monthly paid membership. This is how the scam works, buddy. There are so many trustworthy online sex sites, and you still use this fucking XPickup.

Extra special features

Well, okay, if you really want to know what features you can use on the site, I can tell you.

  • Dating Center: You can access the most important parts of your account here.
  • XPickUp Search: You can for women by country, state, city, and age. You can also check "who is online right now" and "who has a photo."
  • Live Sex: This link will take you to a site called SlutRoulette.
  • Messages: A corner where you can read and reply to other members' emails.
  • Likes: Click "Like" if you're interested in a woman, and if she returns "Like," there is a match.

But you naively think that at least one of these things works fine? It’s so stupid to think so!

How to use XPickUp for hookups

You're an idiot if you think you can find real people here. Once again, they admit to using automated communications. That is, a computer program is used to make it look like you're interacting with a real person, but it's a fake. So, please, don't try to contact anyone here. Switch to another website.

How much is XPickUp a month

Xpickup dating site

X Pick Up dating services are too expensive. The standard monthly fee is $29.95 per month. Save 30% if you buy three months for $59.95 or $19.98 per month. Buy six months for $99.95 and save 40%, $16.66 per month. As a Premium member, you can send and reply to messages, get prioritized in XPickUp search results, watch XXX videos and get Premium indicators in your profile.

Should you buy a premium account? Definitely not. However, I’d say you can use the website first and see the reason yourself. The interface is old, the users aren’t real so you’re the only one raving about hookups. There are no exciting special features, no bells, and whistles.

How to delete XPickUp account

Contact the site's support staff if you want to delete your XPickup account. You can find this at the bottom of the page. Then, tell them you want to stop using the platform and give a reason. They will promptly delete your account.

Customer support

The support is as shitty as the website itself. No phone number is displayed on the XPickUp website to contact the manager if necessary. There is also no live chat on the platform. Inquiries to the support are accepted by email or via the tab. Find the appropriate question, click on it, and a pop-up window with a form will appear. They say that Premium users can expect faster responses than free users, as many reviews have been written. But do you believe in it? You wouldn't get an answer from them even if you were the biggest pervert in the world.

Hooking up with bots or is XPickUp a scam?

Is XPickUp a scam? You're a fucking dumbass if you still think this is a reliable site! I’ve already given you so many facts, it's time to close the tab with the XPickUp scam site and try the platforms where you’ll find the juiciest babes, and they’re all real! Here are the sites for you. Don't thank me.

  • WannaHookUp
  • AdultFriendFinder
  • OneNightFriend
  • BeNaughty
  • SmokeandPoke
  • HornySpot
  • SweetSext
  • Passion.com

XPickUp dating review: Your questions answered

Uh, you've already pissed me off. Let's go into some details one more time.

Is XPickUp good?

No, no, no! People hardly believe this, but the X Pick Up dating site is really a piece of shit.

Does XPickUp have an app?

Xpickup`s developers didn’t create a mobile app, which is a massive plus in my opinion.

How does XPickUp work?

The X PickUp site uses matching technology, so the algorithm quickly selects the best match for you. It offers services such as photo and video sharing, private erotic chats, etc., allowing you to communicate with beautiful women as conveniently as possible… with beautiful FAKE women. Don't forget about it.

How to find someone on XPickUp?

Immediately after registration, free search options will be available. Algorithms that consider age, appearance, physique, and many other factors will allow you to choose your ideal partner quickly. But don't forget that all this can only work on a reliable site. And this one is shit.

Is XPickUp reliable?

No, this company isn’t officially registered. Few customers rate the service as reliable.

Hookupguru's verdict

Is XPickUp a scam? Yes, it is! XPickUp is a big waste of money. It’s a clunky, old site with no real users anymore. Signing up here would be a waste of time, and any messages you send would go to dead accounts or one of the many bots prowling the site. If getting laid is your goal, turn your eyes toward sites like AdultFriendFinder, OneNight Friend, Uberhorny, and Together 2 Night. These dating sites are the real deal, with thousands of active users, giving you a far better shot at getting some.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is XPickUp legit?

Let's close this topic once and for all. The site isn’t legit. You won't get any positive XPickUp reviews. The website works below the radar, it doesn't advertise itself and has no real happy users.

2. Is XPickUp free?

You can use it for free to create an account and browse the site, but that's the extent of it. If you wanna do anything like message users and view photos without restriction, you need to pony up the money for a premium account.

3. Is XPickUp safe?

No, the service doesn't care about your security and privacy.

4. Is XPickUp worth it?

XPickUp looks old and lacks all the fancy tech modern dating sites are sporting. People keep using it because they believe they can get the sex they want through it, but they fail. So, stay away from it.

More Sites Like Xpickup

Through a critical analysis of Xpickup, including an in-depth look at various xpickup reviews, it's clear that the site offers a mixed experience in adult dating. Addressing the question is xpickup a legitimate website, the platform provides basic features for adult interactions but is clouded by issues like xpickup scam. The xpickup dating website has its merits, but concerns about user authenticity and safety are prevalent. The xpickup sign in process is straightforward, yet greater transparency in user policies and improved security measures are needed.


Xpickup is super exciting! Lots of great people to meet and the chat feature is awesome. Definitely one of the better dating sites out there!


Had a look at Xpickup, and honestly, it's just okay. Some fun chats but also quite a few fake profiles. Decent for casual encounters, but take everything with a grain of salt.


Technically, Xpickup provides a stable platform for adult dating, with features like xpickup search and xpickup chat functioning well. However, the site could benefit from stronger data protection measures to address concerns about is xpickup safe and enhance user trust.


Xpickup is alright for a quick browse, user-friendly and quite straightforward for finding hookups.

Modern Prophet

Xpickup weaves a narrative of desires and digital encounters. It offers a space where x pick up dating and fleeting connections blend into a unique story of digital romance. Beneath the surface, however, users must navigate carefully, mindful of the realities behind each xpickup dating review.


Tried Xpickup and it was somewhat disappointing. The chat is okay, but it's not as engaging as other dating sites. Doesn't really live up to the hype.


Xpickup is good for a laugh! Enjoyed some fun chats, but don't expect too much. It's an entertaining site for casual conversations.


New to Xpickup and finding it quite interesting. The chat is lively, but I'm still learning how everything works. Any advice for a newcomer here?

NC Mike

Having explored numerous adult dating platforms, Xpickup presents itself as a typical example within its genre. While it raises questions like what is Xpickup and is Xpickup real, users should approach it with caution and realistic expectations. It provides an avenue for social interactions, but maintaining a cautious and discerning approach is key to a positive experience.

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