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Foods to Increase Libido in Females: Top 8 Natural Viagras Before Sex

Latest update: Dec 13, 2022
aphrodisiac food

Hey guys, what’s up, having sex tonight? If you’re a hottie yourself, then why do you even need to think about viagra? Joking. An aphrodisiac for women can skyrocket your libido more than your muscles—the secret lies in chemistry.

If you’re looking for how to increase excitement in female without any risks, foods to increase libido in females would be the best decision. Natural supplements would more likely give you the desirable results tonight, and do no harm to girl’s hormones. Get ready to see the most unexpected titles!

Horny but have no girl to feed her aphrodisiac?

I bet it’s perplexing to estimate benefits of pineapple sexually when your last sex was three years ago. For such an occasion, I gathered top of my most used sex sites for one night having fun. If you’re from Colorado, or have no idea how to pick up ladies in Illinois—also check out my local sex hookup tips. Grab the list:

  • Uberhorny
  • AdultFriendFinder
  • Together 2 Night
  • SmokeandPoke
  • HornySpot
  • BeNaughty
  • SweetSext

Food Aphrodisiac for Women: How it Works

Easy: foods that increase libido in women work by “dopamine boosting” principle: the more “happy” your brain is, the hornier you are. That works vice versa with foods and supplements that cause depression—the lack of dopamine causes a lack of affection and sexual excitement. Now we’re gonna look through the foods that boost dopamine, serotonin, and other “happy hormones” in her blood and brain.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate photo

The king of sex drive foods female is dark chocolate (over 57%). It releases a huge portion of dopamine and causes sexual activity, not only in women though. Chocolate will remain one of the most efficient natural libido supplements for females forever.

Red and chili peppers

Red and chili peppers photo

Heat the bedroom, peppers and other spices also stimulate your endorphins by Capsaicin that binds to the nerves' pain receptors. The euphoria from spicy erotic foods is guaranteed and hot sex is along with it.


Oysters photo

All right, oysters aphrodisiac is a placebo, more than a real aphrodisiac, but some experts say they may be efficient owing to zinc. Verdict: zinc is three times cheaper than oysters, better buy zinc supplements (they’re also good for skin and hair!).


Cinnamon photo

Happy Xmas! Cinnamon, besides cases when she’s allergic to it, is one of the most effective sex foods for females. Add it to her coffee. By the way, coffee!


Cup of Coffee photo

Flat-white—foods that make you horny. Caffeine causes miracles with you in the morning and gives your brain a huge boost for every single process for all of the six-eight hours. Use these aphrodisiac drinks along with chocolate and cinnamon and see her crazy.


Ginger photo

Ginger—not everyone likes ginger. Yet it works better than strawberries aphrodisiac. Nevertheless, along with dopamine, ginger also enhances serotonin—the sleepy hormone, take it into account!


Watermelon photo

However, scientists are still trying to understand whether watermelon is an aphrodisiac or better to prefer figs to it. From my experience, eating watermelon and watching cartoons is fun, and fun means serotonin, but it’s not the best foods to eat before sex.

Red wine

Red wine photo

Finally, red wine is one of the most sophisticated supplements to increase womens libido. She won’t release you from her legs, I guarantee. Humanity uses red wine as a natural female viagra since who-knows-from and it never disappoints—yet if you’re having sex with a thin girl, she may get wasted promptly and fall asleep.

Bonus: what NOT to eat before sex

No “heavy” dinners before sex! It’ll cause you a lot of pain. Those foods are bread, milk, anything with oil, meat as well, potatoes, chips, popcorn.

HookupGuru’s personal advice for top-notch sex

Make sure your date has no allergy to all the described above supplements, otherwise, your sex won’t even start, bro. From my experience, I’d say that coffee works with more “energized” people, while wine would perfectly suit your first time with the person if you both feel awkward. Try out the websites I listed for you and test sex foods on your own experience.


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