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Proven Hookup on First Date Tips from HookupGuru

Latest update: Jul 20, 2023
First-date hookup

What’s up lonely boys? Lockdown, no bitches for million years, you lost your communication skills, and now you hold yourself from raping your dakimakura? Embrace the HookupGuru hooking up for the first time guide.

Perfect first time hookup requires army-level training—girls won’t go off with a loser, so grab your earphones, turn on your Rammstein “Sex” song, and lemme show you how to make your first time hooking up heavenly spectacular.

List of Best Hookup Sites:

  • WannaHookUp
  • AdultFriendFinder
  • BeNaughty
  • SmokeandPoke
  • HornySpot
  • SweetSext

Things to avoid in your first hookup time to be A-grade

I presume you live in America—and if so you might need first hook up tips for your state. Try out my local hookups tips. But if you’re not an American, I shall adjust my tips for hooking up to make it universal.

Don’t think that every person is hookable

You should understand it. When you install a Tinder app with the intention of quick sex, be ready to be many times rejected. So, if you’re looking to successfully first date hookup—find someone who WANTS sex with a stranger. So here is how do you hook up: install a hookup app (gonna talk about it further) and literally find “I want to be fucked” in the user bio.

Don’t wait for them to take the lead

Who should text first after a hookup? No one. Unless you want a repeat. And if it’s you the one who WANTS, then you should text first. If you love things to be your way,—especially in the bedroom,—don’t be shy to command, make first moves, and drive the action.

Cease acting awkward from the beginning

You’ll probably be looking for your first hookup with the use of online sex sites, there you should start being confident. Show ‘em who is the master, the boss. I mean, don’t be the “president of lonely boys”, complaints of zero-pussy motherfucker won’t work out. So, the tip for how to hook up without awkwardness would be: turn off your shyness and wear your emotional balaclava.

Don’t neglect fetish-negotiation

This should have been the #1 tip for how to hook up with someone for the first time. Ask out the potential sex partner to the restaurant, have a nice whatever, and start the negotiation. Your task is to learn what this person dreams of trying in the bedroom.

Also, share your fancies. ACHTUNG: do that AFTER you’ve met a like-minded match on a website. If you’re the BDSM dungeon master and she dreams of a gentle femboi—it would be more than awkward.

Stop shaking about ruining the moment

Here is the universal rule on how to hook up without it being awkward: accept your body. It may produce funny sounds sometimes, especially in the moment of fusion with another body. You can ignore it or just have a little fun over it.

first time hookup

How to experience the perfect first gay hookup

Yet if you’re looking for first time lesbian hookup or seek a passive or even active guy—here are some vital hook up rules to turn to. Brace yourself for a different game this time, however not THAT different.

Make sure you both know what you want

So since you’re going to go off with someone of your sex, you should discuss all the subtleties of your first gay hookup. First, you should set: who is passive and who is active. The second part is fantasies and their implementation—which is also to never neglect.

Don’t bank on improvisation

Gay-partners things don’t like impromptu—discuss your plans with your partner. Your surprising ideas may not work out as you wish them to, and you’ll spoil your first and probably the last experience.

Don’t believe what you saw in porn

Having porn as a sex tutor is a usual practice, we all do that, I did so, you did so—it usually works with like-minded people. Yet every gay hookup has to be discussed. First lesbian hookup should be thoroughly planned and prepared—especially the part about passives and actives.

HookupGuru's top sites for your first hook up

As I said, it really matters where you hooked up a partner. If you wonder how to have a successful hookup from the very first time—try out geared one-night-afternoon-delight hookup sites. You certainly won’t look for a loaf of bread in a sex shop—then don’t look for a horny willing individual in casuals. I listed the most, in my opinion, working websites, since I had my first hook with the use of one of them :p.

  1. AdultFriendFinder
  2. Uberhorny
  3. Together2Night
  4. SmokeandPoke
  5. BeNaughty
  6. HornySpot
  7. SweetSext

Conclusion from HookupGuru

There are many things to avoid in your first time hookup, and you won’t be able to use universal hook up tips to everyone. The foundation of every successful one-time sex lies in simple negotiation. Find the most undisclosed desire of a person you want and make it come true—but also make sure the hookup partner has the same plans for you.

It’s time for you to have some practice. Get on your best underwear and sign-up on some hookup site right away. And check out the rest of my sex lessons if you seek to become a real sex guru.


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