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Ahegao Faces & Ahegao Girls

Latest update: Mar 07, 2019
Ahegao Faces & Ahegao Girls

Cute, Sexy & Exotic: All About Ahegao Fetish

Rolled-up eyes, blushing cheeks and a stuck-out tongue — this is a sexy facial expression that thousands of girls try to imitate online. Perhaps, you have seen them playing like that on Instagram, YouTube , or maybe you have watched some Japanese adult animations with characters making such faces.

But what is that, what does it mean and where does it come from? This phenomenon is called Ahegao, and what you have seen girls doing is called Ahegao faces.

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What does Ahegao mean?

ahegao face

Even though Ahegao is a bandwagon nowadays, it is not a new thing at all. The Ahegao fetish has been popular for many years and Ahegao girls have been actively attracting online users for around ten years. The first thing you must know is that Ahegao is an intrinsic part of Japanese adult animation — known as «hentai» outside of Japan per se

How do dictionaries define Ahegao? Let’s look at the top suggestions to learn what Ahegao is.

Wikipedia definition of Ahegao

The world’s top free online encyclopedia refers to Ahegao (あへがお) as a term used in Japanese animated pornography. In particular, the source says, Ahegao means «facial expression of fictional characters during sex». Ahegao has synonyms such as « Oro-Face " or simply O-Face.

Where can you see Ahegao faces ? According to Wikipedia, it is frequently used in eroge (Japanese porn video games) and anime as well as manga.

The encyclopedia also emphasizes that Ahegao is highly endorsed by Japanese erotic devotees nowadays. Ahegao girls put on special clothes and artistic makeup (cosplay) to portray hentai characters and get tons of appreciation from anime-fans for that.

Today, Ahegao silly faces are featured not only in the adult context but also in the non-sexual entertainment industry, the source states.

Urban dictionary definition of Ahegao

real life ahegao

The Urban dictionary explains that Ahegao is «an orgasmic facial expression» used in anime and manga. To the description of a hanging tongue and rolled eyes, the dictionary adds «heart eyes» or «heart pupils» but they might not necessarily be met in Ahegao expressions. Interestingly, other definitions suggest Ahegao may be accompanied by «star eyes» as well.

Overall, Urban dictionary singles out, Ahegao is a very lewd and sexualized type of facial expression. Not like Wikipedia, Urban dictionary goes as far as relating Ahegao to BDSM hentai and even to «rape» fetish in such animation. However, it doesn’t equal Ahegao to rape itself.

KnowYourMeme definition of Ahegao

KnowYourMeme narrows the definition down to «a drawing genre in Japanese Hentai comics». The source also implies that Ahegao face expression is not limited to the portrayal of female characters only. The site also states that Ahegao is when a character shows «an intense amount of pleasure» during sexual intercourse in comics.

Concerning the etymology, KnowYourMeme breaks Ahegao into two words — « Ahe » (part of Japanese «Aheahe» which means female’s moaning in sex) and «Gao» («face» in Japanese).

What does an Ahegao expression look like? The site describes it as a combination of:

  • A hanging tongue
  • Eye-rolling
  • Blushing cheeks
  • Presence of body fluids like semen, tears, drool or even snot on the face

Moreover, according to KnowYourMeme, a genuine Ahegao can also be accompanied by weird moans. Here is a handful of examples:

  1. I guuh !
  2. Nhoooh!
  3. Aheee!

That’s all you had to know about the term Ahegao. Now let’s move to the history of Ahegao fetish .

History of Ahegao faces

Ahegao per se is not a new word. It was used as early as at the beginning of the 1990s in magazines for adults . There, it helped to describe the pleasure on the faces of porn actresses. Today it is one of the most popular fetishes in Japanese animation and comics. How come Ahegao became so popular within just a few decades? Let’s look at the timeline of Ahegao to find the answer.

ahegao meaning
  • The early 1990s — the word «Ahegao» used in adult magazines to describe actresses’ facial expression of sexual satisfaction.
  • The early 2000s — Ahegao used at 2channel, porn-content community BBSPINK and in adult videos on e-commerce platforms in the same context.
  • 2003-2005 — for the first time Ahegao used by creators of adult-oriented animation (including manga) in «dark context». In particular, Ahegao was the portrayal of the erratic orgasm after unwelcome sex, rape or hardcore BDSM.
  • The mid-2000s — Ahegao evolved into an independent drawing style as the term was established. It also became a part of otaku culture — the culture of people obsessed with manga and anime.
  • 2008 — the first Ahegao-themed doujin comic anthology A-H-E released.
  • 2010 — Urban Dictionary's article and Reddit's subreddit /r/Ahegao launched.
  • The 2010s — significant publishers used Ahegao themed comic anthologies. Ahegao as a facial expression used in porn videos in the real-life adult industry (as part of the popularization of hentai fetishes).
  • 2017 — Japanese illustrators community Pixiv held more than 20,000 illustrations tagged as «Ahegao».

With the advent of Instagram and further popularization of YouTube and other platforms, Ahegao has left the domain of Japanese animation and now is manifested in the production of social media bloggers like Belle Delphine and meme-makers.

As it can be seen, Ahegao has passed a long way from a simple word to describe orgasm in adult magazines to a fetish which is followed far beyond Japan and even otaku culture.

Ahegao faces compilation

So how do Ahegao faces look like in real life? As we have already said, thousands of Ahegao girls try to act as if they experience orgasm in an exaggerated way and share such pictures online. Here are some of the best. As of 2019, there are more than 395,000 posts on Instagram under the hashtag #Ahegao, but you can also search under #Ahegaogirls and #Ahegaoface.

A girl expresses herself with the help of «wet Ahegao».

ahegao girl

This is an Ahegao face from the actual Japanese comics.

ahegao comics

made, as it might seem, one of the most freaky Ahegao faces. 

ahegao real life

Ahegao girls are depicted in different techniques and styles.

best ahegao

Some Ahegao images can be very erotic and seductive, just like this one:

ahegao compilation

Ahegao girls may even close their eyes.

To impress their fans, Ahegao girls make their cheeks blush with the help of photo editing tools.

Goth girls are also in the Ahegao game!

ahegao selfie

The fetish of Ahegao goes far beyond anime culture.

real ahegao face

Some are cute and hot at the same time: 

ahegao eyes

Belle Delphine

Instagram Link:

Undoubtedly, one of the best cosplayers who performs Ahegao faces is Belle Delphine. Belle Delphine is a model based in the UK. She gained her online popularity thanks to notorious, lewd and cute content (photos and videos) which featured Ahegao faces.

Today Belle Delphine is at the forefront of Ahegao girls — accurate facial expressions and acting capabilities on par with playful character and cute appearance, made Belle Delphine an Ahegao superstar.

Currently, this cosplayer can boast of 2.7 million followers that she has on Instagram, over 228 subscribers on YouTube, more than 2,700 patrons on Patreon as well as multiple fan subreddits on Reddit with thousands of users.

Belle Delphine posted her first photo on the cosplay Instagram account in March 2015. Since then her looks have evolved much and we are going to check some of her representations and Ahegao personifications. 

Concerning Belle Delphine’s YouTube channel, she started it a bit later — in 2016 when uploaded her first makeup tutorial. In 2018 the model shared with subscribers a video of her pink bedroom. As of 2019, Belle Delphine has over 3.5 million views on YouTube just for two videos.

This Ahegao girl seems to be more flaunting and liberated on Patreon, where she shares lewd content and provides access to private Snapchat ad locked posts for fans’ donations.

Belle Delphine’s popularity is so widespread that her pseudonym has even been defined on Urban Dictionary. In particular, it is stated that Belle Delphine is an «internet thot» who became famous thanks to memes and delirious stupid things by doing Ahegao.

Now, let’s dive deeper into Belle Delphine’s Instagram and check out her online «reincarnations» with cute and thirsty Ahegao faces.

The earliest spotted Belle Delphine’s Ahegao face selfie dates back to October 2017. The cosplayer poses in a bright pink wig and clothes with BDSM elements while holding a camera in her hand and making a comics-influenced face. 

Another Belle Delphine’s most known Ahegao photo is the one uploaded a year later — in September 2018. In a blonde wig and artificial elf ears, the model shows the «orgasm» in an exaggerated manner. Braces are also visible on her teeth — very often in comments Belle Delphine’s fans emphasis how cute and sexy she is with these braces when doing Ahegao.

This Ahegao photo has been liked more than 72,000 times. The UK-based cosplayer also enjoys making the Ahegao expression while holding anime trappings.

The absolute record — over 650,000 likes — has broken this photo of Belle Delphine performing Ahegao i n a body-revealing cosplay suit. This photo is so erotic, that it becomes obvious why so many people appreciated it.

Belle Delphine is so confident that she even tries drooling for Ahegao — and gets appreciated by her fans even more! 

Hopefully, you enjoyed Belle Delphine’s Ahegao portrayal. 

Now, let’s check out other memes which resemble Ahegao faces.

Ahegao faces are not the only fetish that persists in the otaku culture. Based on the Ahegao phenomenon (or on par with it), other memes emerged. What are they?


This is a series of «exploitables for the face», according to KnowYourMeme. As it is known, exploitables are meme templates that do not have a defining trait and can be adjusted according to the needs of the author. Ahegaokin was born out of 2chan's Ahegao photoshopped image of Suiseiseki from Rozen Maiden (Japanese manga series). 

Baan Face

Iroe Gennma (or Nee-san) from «+Tic Elder Sister» (another Japanese manga) once made an Ahegao-like face. Then, that expression became a meme known as Baan Face.

Ahegao Double Peace

The only difference between this meme and a traditional Ahegao expression is that two V-signs (known as «peace» signs in Japan) are used alongside the «horny» Ahegao face. 


This one is related to a Desu meme. The latter is used to mock anime fans as well as those who mock such fans. Moreover, DESU DESU is a meme may contain a piece of advice and uses Suiseiseki's Ahegao face. 

ahegao meme

Ahegao Fingers

This one originated from Reddit and shows a woman getting a higher level of pleasure with the more fingers touching her vagina. Apparently, the upper stage of satisfaction is translated into the Ahegao face

ahegao fingers

Seems that now you know everything about Ahegao faces! Is it so?


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