Cheating on Your Partner: Are There Any Benefits?

Latest update: May 30, 2018
Cheating on Your Partner

Perhaps, every pair on earth lived through a period when one of the lovers felt like committing adultery.

The issue of cuckoldry and jealousy has been put in millions of songs, thousands of books have been written on this topic, yet adults struggle with understanding why they cheat on their partners and whether it can be healthy for a relationship.

Here’s we are going to finally find answers to these and many more questions concerning human’s infidelity in romantic relationships.

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Why is it wrong to cheat?

Some people may claim that cheating on a partner can be beneficial for a relationship. For instance, there are such so-called beliefs that regular or occasional manifestation of infidelity can help the twosome to reload or upgrade their interrelation.

However, as known psychologists emphasize such thoughts are a complete fallacy. Cheating cannot help a couple to make their relationship neither healthier nor stronger.

The reason is that cheating undermines the core of trust in the romantic alliance. And that’s the bond which ties two people together. Cheating does not only tear that bond, but it is like a bomb which explodes between partners.

If there is no trust, there is no respect, and a couple cannot survive with these two. Moreover, infidelity can crash the partner who has been cheated on. When committing adultery, it is like one of the partners tells the other: “You weren’t enough for me. You are not good enough.” Therefore, the self-esteem of the one who was cheated on declines significantly.

How does cheating work?

It is believed among psychologists that when there is no trust anymore, partners become less intimate and live with such negative emotions as jealousy, insecurity, anger and so on.

The cheating occurs when there is not enough of connection between partners. This leads to emotional and sexual disconnection, which one of them might try to look for in another person.

Thus, the only way to avoid cheating is to interact with each other more.

Why do people commit infidelity?

As an excuse, lots of people say that they cheat on their partners because they were not satisfied sexually in a bond. However, according to several studies, only up to 10% of people do commit infidelity for this reason.

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The rest cheats because, as we have already mentioned above, they lose sentimental kinship with their partners.

By the way, it is not common for people to think that unfaithfulness can improve their relationships. On the contrary, when one of the partners starts thinking about infidelity, it’s a warning sign that not everything between the two is smooth (there’s lack of connection).

However, there are dozens of other reasons for cheating. Sometimes it’s a way for a person to exit the relationship or a measure to get back the attention of a partner.

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What to do if cheating occurred?

There are only two ways:

  • both partners discuss it, forgive each other, find breaches in a relationship and work on them
  • they break up or stay together unhappy

Overall, cheating cannot make your relationship healthier. But it is a chance to end up the interrelation or to improve it, but that's a too a high price to pay.

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