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Can an Affair Help a Marriage? HookupGuru explains

Latest update: Dec 14, 2022
Cheating on Your Partner

You’re here because you have this question yourself OR you have a partner who may be unfaithful to you, am I right? Anyways, I saw lots of articles on infidelity benefits and I thought to write one myself.

Technically, everything has its ups and downs and I bet there are even benefits of having an affair, but it’s for us to approve or disapprove. So let’s find out whether a married person, bored and sad, has any benefits of extra marital affairs and how one can try them safely, without risking family life.

Does cheating makes you a bad person?

First and foremost, cheating never means you’re a total mess and deserve to be thrown to sharks—every cheating has its background. To give you an idea, the background is versatile:

  • Unhappy union;
  • Abusive relationships;
  • Affection fizzled out;
  • Marriage with a wrong person;
  • Depression;
  • Feeling of being neglected.

So the truth is, cheating never goes unreasonably. According to the statistics, men are more likely to cheat on women, and this is obvious: guys feel loved when having sex, and when they feel unloved they’re looking for a way to feel loved again. For women, cheating is usually a way to leave an abusive relationship.

Are there any benefits of having an affair?

If you’re sure your marriage is broken forever and you’ll be able to sleep at night after what you did: read about benefits of having an affair. Yet be ready to encounter the effects of cheating in a relationship in any case.

You’ll indicate the reason for the crack in your marriage

Answering the question can an affair help a marriage—it may show you what exactly goes wrong in your union. Being happy with someone else will target your attention to what makes you unhappy with your partner and help you decide whether your current marriage is worth struggling for.

It may probably make you happier

Another reason why cheating is good in some cases is the following: if your partner for any reason neglects you or can’t satisfy your sexual needs—it’ll poison your life significantly, especially if you’re a guy. Sometimes your partner overworks or leaves you for long-term business trips, and you have no other choice rather than cheating—there are no disadvantages of extra marital affairs in unhappy relationships.

You’ll boost your confidence

After years of marriage you and your soulmate may get used to each other that much so you stop giving compliments to each other, don’t strive to surprise, or spice up your sexual routine. You start questioning yourself: am I still attractive?

An affair with another person in order to pump up your self-esteem and improve mental health is one of those infidelity benefits people feel amoral to talk about.

How to have a successful affair: offline and online apps to make it easy

The world of technologies brought a solution for how to have a successful affair for those who cheat and for those who don’t want to cheat but crave to see a young passionate booby creature, or a hot student—whatsoever. Looking to find a hot date for an afternoon delight? Here is where proven xxx dating sites are on a scene:

  • AdultFriendFinder
  • Uberhorny
  • SmokeandPoke
  • Together 2 Night
  • HornySpot
  • SweetSext
  • Fuckbook
  • Ashley Madison

Wondering whether is it okay to cheat on your boyfriend but have no desire to try it away? I’m a lonely ranger myself (consciously) and this is what I use in a minute of leisure—adult webcam sites to beat off online with a one-time jerk mate:

  • Jerkmate
  • Stripchat
  • CamSoda
  • Cam4
  • Slutroulette
  • LiveJasmin
  • BimBim
  • HookupGuru Live🔥

Cheating or not cheating what HookupGuru really advises

To conclude—if your relationships still have pure love in them—better go visit a therapist with your sweetheart. Yet sometimes when everything feels shitted up and fights, loneliness, depression, and devastation become routine in your relationships—go fuck someone and feel loved and needed.

Poisoned relationships are never to be saved, and cheating should, finally, draw a big fat dot in them. Visit the websites I left for you—they’re perfect for an ideal affair to go A-grade.


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