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Detailed Review Of The Best Sex Dolls For Men: TOP 10 List

Latest update: Feb 04, 2021
Best Sex Dolls

Modern age isn't only about the fast-developing society and science, it`s about the highest level of loneliness ever as well. People go to work to climb career ladders and spend hours, days, weeks, months, and, damn, years just like that! No time for creating the family, no time for even a casual fuck! Hookups also require your attention and involvement. Wanking to webcam sites is cool shit, but do you really want to do that all life long?

For those who feel lonely without real women next to them or just desire to test something new in sex, sex dolls were made. And I`m going to show you the magical world of the best sex dolls.

What`s a love sex doll?

Actually, I'd say it's an artificial female. See yourself, it has the same height, complexion, weight, and skin smoothness a real chick has. Pussy, ass, mouth, even hair on the cunt — top rated sex dolls have it all. It`s not that pomp sex shops usually sell that looks like a hole in the shape of pussy. It`s a gal you may practice all the poses you like the most, fuck her mouth, try anal without any complaints, and cum whenever you desire. Sounds like a dream woman, agree?

She doesn`t argue with you, never tries to mind-fuck, and is obedient. There are even cases when men start serious relationships with such sexy dolls! They take them out for dates, show them the world traveling together, buy new sexy outfits, watch romantic movies at night, and sleep cuddling in one bed. I mean, what stops you from at least trying then? Let's get right to the details.

Types of the best love dolls

So many human appearances, so many sex dolls. They have different size, look, functionality, and purpose. But all sex dolls reviews distinguish a few main types of love dolls.

Lifelike sex dolls

It's all pretty clear with this type. These dolls look like real people, they have the same size of body, face, pussy, and ass. Their eyelashes, hair, and even pussy hair are just like your ex-girlfriend has. They can be skinny, curvy, or fit. You choose the final package: from eye color to asshole size.

Mini/small sex dolls

These are the above mentioned lifelike dolls but of a much smaller size. I mean their body parts look pretty genuine, the only difference is height and weight. A real person at a smaller scale. It`d be easier to transport such an artificial sex partner if you`re going on a vacation.

Sex doll torsos

This concerns the body parts of your biggest interest. Pussy and ass are in the focus. In other words, you get just a core. It might be just legs and a cunt, or tits, tummy, and pussy. Sometimes it's a head with a mouth prepared for a blowjob, sometimes — not. You choose what variant fits you the best. Such sex dolls usually aren`t longer than 100 cm. But all the “important body parts'' are of a real “human” size. You know what I mean by “important body parts'', don`t you?

Male sex dolls

Maybe you want to test how gay you`re inside? Don`t tell me you`ve never tried to play with your asshole! We all do that, and that's heaven! Don't be ashamed to admit that. Male sex dolls are the lifelike dolls mentioned above but of another sex. They have a nice dick, and you may let them fuck you. Or let your girlfriend ride it and admire her orgasm. This doll might be good for couples if you`re up to threesomes but aren't ready to allow another man to your bed.

AI sex dolls

These are only at their rise. You might experience lots of obstacles searching for such a doll now, but, hopefully, in a few years, it`ll be possible. Just imagine, fucking a doll and get a reaction from her like she`s a real girl! Moaning, cumming, asking to slow down or take it slower, informing when she's going to cum, so you can keep up with her pace, amazing, isn't it? If this is our nearest future, why the hell would we need to mess up with real hookups?

Anime sex dolls

You now literally can fuck that wolf-chick from your favorite anime! The good anime sex dolls have the height and weight of lifelike dolls, but they possess many unrealistic features. A tail, huge tits, vampire teeth, or maybe horns. Now your sex can become really magical!

Also, all the types differ from each other by these features:

  • Material. All popular sex dolls are usually made of silicone or thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). TE dolls are generally more popular among customers as they`re considered softer and more flesh-like. On the other hand, you can take your silicone doll to have a bath together, and the overall care and storage is less headache. The best quality silicone sex dolls are also more pricey (about several thousand).
  • Design. It concerns appearance, hair and eye color, body type, clothes style, etc. You usually can pick up all the options when buying a particular sex doll.
  • Functionality. This concerns the ways you`re going to use your doll. Anal, oral, or old-school missionary invasion of her vagina?
  • Gender. Choose among male, female, and shemale sex dolls. I hope I don't need to explain the difference between them (it's the cock thing, silly!).
  • Age. Virgin teenager or a mature milf? Yes, you can have both of them!

TOP 10 sex dolls you`ll enjoy playing with

”Where can I buy a sex doll?” you ask. “Here are the best rated sex dolls from the Jollylovedolls both beginner and an experienced dolls` fucker would enjoy” I answer.

Anastasia Premium

Material: TPE

Brand: WM Dolls

Price: $1,299

Anastasia premium sex doll

This sex doll guide wouldn`t be full without this yummy. Anastasia looks like a genuine skinny blond girl you’d not likely fuck in reality. You can select almost every doll`s part, so it`ll fit your preferences: skin tone, pussy and skeleton type, hairstyle, eyes, mouth, breasts, pubic hair, and much more.

Saya Premium Curvy

Material: TPE

Brand: WM Dolls

Price: $1,749

Saya Premium Curvy doll

This a perfect sex doll for jerkers who love forms and curves. She has big boobs, delicious ass, curly hair, and plump lips waiting to take your hard cock in. The high quality made details let you the feeling you`re fucking a real chick. Saya has three holes for you to enjoy: pussy, mouth, and ass, all have realistic dimensions.

Sophia Joy Love Doll

Material: TPE

Brand: Joy Love Dolls

Price: $1,349

Sophia Joy Love doll

Sophia is a hot ebony artificial chick who lets you forget you`re banging the doll. She has sensual lips, nice silky hair, curvy butt, and big boobs. Every move inside her will feel exactly like in real life and even her buttocks will jiggle when you slap her in passion. You can customize Sophia by your preferences and change almost every part of her delicious body to your taste.

Jane Premium

Material: Silicone

Brand: WM Dolls

Price: $1,299

Jane Premium Sex Doll

Both anime and life like Asian chick ready to take you inside. Her pussy looks too much like real, and you can`t wait to enter it to feel the tightness. Her classic body has 164 cm and D-cup tits, but all the measurements can be customized. She`s dresses in a sexy lingerie and wears teasing kitten ears. Already desire to tame that cute cat?

Cash Premium Curvy

Material: TPE

Brand: WM Dolls

Price: $1,699

Cash Premium Curvy doll

Love when girls have forms to squeeze and slap? This doll will impress you! Her huge tits and curvy ass make you to desire to fuck her from behind and put your pecker between her boobs. With black curly hair she looks like a genuine Latina, and who doesn`t dream to bang a Latina? Seductive fishnet lingerie only adds flame to your dick! Choose her skin tone, vagina type, and pubic hair to reach the highest level of satisfaction.

Sofia Premium

Material: TPE

Brand: WM Dolls

Price: $1,299

Sophia premium sex doll

Ever dreamt to shag Rihanna? Look at Sofia and your cock will dance in pants because of excitement! She looks pretty much like Rihanna with a 2008 hairstyle and devils in eyes. This doll has 170 cm and D-cup classic body, but height and almost all body parts can be customized.

Amy Premium

Material: TPE

Brand: WM Dolls

Price: $1,299

Amy premium sex doll

Sex with this top rated sex doll will stay in your memory forever. She looks like that girl next door you`ve always dreamt to fuck, but she was out of your league. Fit body, flat tummy with abs, think waist, well-shaped ass — now you can enjoy all her parts and she won`t say “no”. This brunette is ready to fulfill your filthiest fantasies.

Hannah Joy Love

Material: TPE

Brand: Joy Love Dolls

Price: $1,349

Hannah Joy Love doll

Hanna is a sexy blonde with bit but tight tits, thin waist, long legs, and sexy outfit. You can set her in any position you like as well as use all three holes. Choose her size, skin tone, voice options, hairstyle, breast and vagina type, and many more.

Rebecca Premium

Material: TPE

Brand: WM Dolls

Price: $1,299

Rebecca Premium love doll

Rebecca is a perfect example of hot life like sex dolls. Her slim body and hard nipples combined with red hair will bring you a totally new sex experience. Thoroughly made details and lifelike skin allow you to feel like you`re fucking a girl from your fantasies! Customize her body parts as you wish and get a perfect fuck doll in the end.

Chrystal Joy Love

Material: TPE

Brand: Joy Love Dolls

Price: $1,299

Chrystal Joy Love

Chrystal is a cute ebony sex doll that looks innocent and nice but can gift you with orgasms you`ve never had before. She wears sexy white lingerie with stocking and has a tempting look. Choose body parts to your liking and have fun!

How to take care of sex dolls and where to stockpile them?

When you purchase sex dolls on Joylovedolls, there`s a great option letting you add a storage case to your order, as well as hooks, or bar suspension. Generally, there a few general rules to follow to make your sex dolls serve you long years:

    • Enclose your doll with 100% natural fabric or a special blanket to avoid dust and dirt spread.
    • Stock your doll in a dry dark place like a closet or wardrobe. Opt for a special storage case provided by Joylovedolls as well.
    • Don`t let your doll stay in a position with widely spread legs or arms for a long time to prevent deformation.
    • Rinse your doll with warm water and soap after every usage. Don`t let your liquid be inside the doll hours after intercourse.
    • Don't rub her skin roughly with a towel not to scratch it. Use a soft tissue instead.

Don`t let your doll hang from the neck, otherwise, it`ll cause deformation of her body. Use special hooks.

Pros and cons of purchase sex dolls


  • Realistic details and lifelike skin
  • Genuine feeling of sex
  • Ability to customize body parts of any doll
  • Affordable prices and long exploitation


  • Silicone dolls` price is much higher than TPE
  • It's not always easy to hide a lifelike doll due to a size of a real person.

You think there`s no more need to go pussy hunting having such sex dolls, or it`s just me? Damn, dude, what can be better than a silent and always ready chick? This sex doll buyers guide proves you don`t need to look for a real girlfriend to realize your deepest fantasies. Choose the sex doll your pecker prefers the most and test your own limits!


What`s a sex doll?

Basically, it's a human model you can shag whatever you want and have fun with. These dolls are TPE or silicone made and look and feel just like genuine chicks. They have lifelike eyes, boobs, hair, cunt, asshole, and are of the same height and weight as well. Practice with them any type of sex your pecker desire, they won`t say “no”. ;)

How much are sex dolls?

Price depends on many factors: from the material dolls are made of to the complete package you get with the doll (wigs, extra penises, lubricants, cleaning suppliers, and box to store a doll in). The cost usually starts at $1,000 (for TPE sex dolls) and can reach $10,000 (for full-sized silicone dolls).

Where to buy sex dolls?

Joylovedolls provides the widest choice of the best sex dolls of various complexion, age, gender, etc. There are 3 main brands listed on the site. Joylovedolls offer a reliable service and take care of your privacy while buying a sex doll.

How do sex dolls work?

The way real gal works! You can fuck it any way you desire: vagina, oral, anal. Usually, a particular sex doll has features letting you practice the sex you love, like sex dolls torsos where only a certain body part is given bigger attention. But mainly, you`ll meet all the features in every doll.

Who invented the sex doll?

The sex doll`s inventor remains unknown. Still, the appearance of the first artificial women for sex takes its roots from the 17th century, when Dutch sailors used something resembling a doll and made of clothes to release sexual tension during long sea trips. There are also rumors that Hitler provided sex dolls for his soldiers during World War II to stop syphilis distribution. But there's no proof to that fact.

How to hide a sex doll?

Storing your sex doll in the wardrobe is the best option. If your wardrobe isn't big enough for that, try to store her in a separate dark room (like a closet) where no one will accidentally enter. Also, using a special storing case Joylovedolls provides might solve your problem.

How to store sex dolls?

Joylovedolls offer a special storing case that looks like a big chest to store and hide your sex doll. Put your doll in a dark space where no direct sun rays will get. When you don`t play with the doll for some time, place her in the straight position (arms and legs should not be placed wide), her feet should touch the floor if you store her vertically. Better not to hang her from the neck! But you can hang the head separately with a special hook. Use natural fabric (like 100% cotton or muslin) to envelop your doll to protect her from dust and dirt.

Why are sex dolls expensive?

First, comes the material. Silicon dolls usually are more pricey than TPE ones, but both give you the same feeling as you`re touching the real skin. All the doll`s details look very genuine, you`ll notice curves, wrinkles, even their asses jiggle when you fuck them from behind. Also, dolls will more likely serve you for many years, that's why the price can be high.

Is it safe to have sex with a doll?

Yes, if you`re taking care of your doll and clean it regularly. If you let your liquids stay inside a doll for a long time and don't clean it before the next usage, it might become a reason for getting any microbes. The materials dolls are made of are 100% safe for your skin.

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