Best Sex Quotes

Latest update: 18.06.2019
Sex Quotes

Are both you and your partner bored with the «I want you» thing? Have you been wondering about how to spice up your relationship? Have you been breaking your head over how to turn on your new partner? Are you bad at dirty talking?

Well, the solution for you is sex quotes. Naughty, yet innocent, giving small or serious hints, best sex quotes 2019 can make your partner long for more in bed. Scroll down to see how to hit on new girls or surprise your current partner with racy sex phrases.

Funny sex quotes


Don’t get distracted!



You rock hard



I’m not a doctor but I can make you feel better



When she’s had a rough day, give her a rough night!



Want some cream on your lips?



What I love sex for is that it tickles



I’ll leave some nice love bites on your neck tonight



You remind me of my big toe... Sooner or later I'm gonna bang you on a table



I want you to hop on my humps


Horny sex quotes


Feed me with your…



Keep me humming, keep me moaning



Take your clothes off, I’m coming



Spontaneous fuck. I want it.



I want to play in your deep…



You better run away from me baby unless you want to burn in the flames of passion



Climb until you reach my peak, babe!



Are you ready for a ride?



Let’s do bad things together


Romantic sex quotes


People say we should be with someone who gives us butterflies, makes us smile and makes us feel horny



When I look into your eyes, I have euphoria. When you kiss my neck, I taste paradise.



I want to sit on your knees at the back of the car



Your eyes are deep like the ocean, I want to drown in you



Do what you want with my body...



Life is never good unless you have good sex. Thank you, babe!


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