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How To Cum A Lot And Keep Your Sperm Healthy

Latest update: Dec 20, 2021
How To Cum A Lot

Sometimes, guys can ejaculate just a fucking crapload of jizz, while others only keep guessing how to cum more and thinking if they're fine or not. There's a crapload of medical studies and reasons why you can or can't produce massive loads of cum. I'm here not to talk about smart terms, I'm here to solve your problem. So here goes: if you don't like how much sperm comes out of you, get your ass out of the couch and do something about it. And I'm going to help you out and teach you how to make yourself ejaculate more sperm!

Why have I lost strong ejaculations and when should I see a doctor?

Before you get some real advice on how to cum a lot, better check with the theory. It's important to understand what weak ejaculation is. And, to know how to produce more semen with such a problem, you should learn more about the possible issues happening inside your body. Let's dive right in then. Thank me later!

How To Cum More

Defining weak ejaculation in general

First of all, it's not when you don't know how to increase ejaculate volume, it's when you can't do it. Weak ejaculation isn't only a decreased productivity of your junk but also quite a subjective thing that you start noticing during some period of time.

You may notice your sperm acts differently. You can't cum as intensively as you used to, you start to feel like your orgasms became a bit weaker and not that sensitive, and in general, you don't feel like it's going quite well down there.

Weak ejaculation can and will affect your sex health, and that's when you should really see a doctor who could explain to you how to make yourself ejaculate more sperm and protect your little friend from potential problems. Don't make it wait till the last moment when you won't be able to ejaculate with at least ANY amount of sperm.

Age matters

Yes, it also can be a reason for you to jizz less than expected. Age, some inherent health troubles, and your lifestyle in general sometimes don't help you shoot better. Well, you don't have to worry about how to produce more cum when you're 60, but now, it'd be good if you put a little effort towards your wiener. Sure, some problems occur at an earlier age than 60. Still, you don't have to take it for granted and just go with the flow. In case you don't know how to ejaculate more now, in the future, you won't know how to deal with your health problems.

massive loads of cum

Weak pelvic muscles

Pelvic muscles are those helping your penis ejaculate or simply push jizz out of your body. Even if you know how to have a bigger cumshot, have a balanced diet and sleeping schedule, your age won't treat your muscles very well in the future. These pelvic dudes become weaker as you grow older, hence can't create that much pressure to ejaculate with former force. Still, if everything else is fine with your body, this will start to look like a problem when you're 50 or something. And, let's face it, you're not gonna use it a lot at that age.

Retrograde ejaculation

No, it's not that space thing related to retrograde Mercury and shit. This is a medical condition that affects your valve. Since it's basically a fence between your bladder and urethra, it may remain open long before or after ejaculation. If it remains unclosed for too long, your semen can come back to your bladder instead of flowing out of your junk. This can cause weaker or completely "empty" orgasms. Some main reasons for weak cum include depression, prostate drug usage, surgeries, nerve damage caused by a range of diseases, spinal cord injuries, etc. Even if you haven't had any of these injuries, you still should be prepared.

Perceived ejaculate volume reduction

This is (sadly) a popular thing among lots of men. Your penis just refuses to understand how to nut a lot and releases less cum than usual. This may also be a side effect of any cancer treatment procedures or lowering hormone production, for example. In this case, with much medicine, however useful it is for your body, you harm some parts of the organism anyway.

What can you do here to jizz more? Don't take excessive meds if not recommended by a doc, don't stress out too much, and just try to lead a healthy lifestyle even in case you feel like eating something greasy, lying on the couch all day, or smoking a full pack of cigarettes. Just think of your little friend and take a little more care of him.

strong ejaculations

Pro tips on how to get a bigger cum load

Let's get from theory to practice and learn some advice on how to increase semen volume and ejaculate happily ever after. If you can't increase load size, but your dick seems to be fine, there must be something going on inside your body, or it's just a shitty lifestyle that prevents you from gigantic cum load "sessions". Below, you'll find some useful tips on how to increase sperm count and improve your lifestyle.

Regular workouts

If you're a couch potato, this will in no way help your ejaculation problem. When you don't know how to make yourself cum more, try setting up a proper workout schedule. Don't put too much effort, you just need to stabilize the level of hormones—excessive training is also not that good for your cock. Plus, a little side effect: a chubby turns into a real macho, so this means you'll probably get laid way more than earlier. More attention from chicks—more motivation to workout—better sperm health and cum loads. See? Thanks to your cock, you'll soon become healthier than ever!

Kegel exercise

Talking about how to get thicker cum and workouts, there's a whole series of exercises made especially for your genitalia to improve "productivity" and make orgasms last longer and more powerful. These little kinky workouts work both for men and women, so you should try them with your partner too. It's really not that hard: squeeze and release muscles that control urination. This has shown some results, and well, at least it won't harm you at all. You'll only make the girls you fuck with happier to have your old friend back.

how to increase ejaculate volume

No smoking

Smoking kills not only your lungs and central nervous system but also your dick. Smoking affects sperm volume and quality. One of the best ways to increase seminal fluid is to decrease nicotine consumption and, if possible, quit smoking for good. You'll feel way better and less stressed, while your weenie will get back to life producing massive loads of cum. Sounds good, huh?

Fewer trans fats

Fried and fatty baked foods prevent you from producing lots of cum. In case you seek how to increase the size of your load faster, try reducing fats in your nutrition plan. Switch to all that fresh and healthy shit like fruit and vegetables, useful fats at last. I believe all these deep-fried meals and sticky buns are delicious, but if you want your cock to be happy and increase semen volume, do what you have to do, man.

Get enough sleep

Yes, man, 7-9 hours of some good, relaxed sleep on a regular basis is another way to increase seminal fluid. It's been announced that guys who either get too much or too little sleep eventually lose their heavy ejaculations and have problems with their sperm health. Make healthy sleeping your routine, set a schedule, and you'll see how easy it'll become for you to make a big cum shot pretty soon.

how to shoot bigger ropes

Avoid long baths

If you're a fan of spending hours in a hot tub playing with your rubber duck, watching TV series, or just taking a nap (yeah, that happens), better get rid of such a habit. Of course, now you're sure about how to shoot bigger ropes, but even such a little thing can just turn all your effort to shit in one shot (that just came out accidentally). Excessive heat, if applied often, damages your sperm and its quality, force of shooting, and its overall conditions get worse.

Visit a doctor

All this advice is useful, of course, but why would you use something if you doubt whether you need it? Pay regular visits to your doctor for check-ups, and you'll be sure either you've got nothing to worry about or you should do something about your lifestyle. This won't hurt but will help you get back on track and improve your overall condition.

Ready to shower your girl with jizz?

Now that you′re an expert on how to shoot big loads, you can literally squirt sperm all over your horny girlfriend. Show your bitch how to do it man style—this will make her even more turned on and want to jump your bones more often (if she likes it dirty, of course). I bet your nerd friends would also want to know some ways to increase seminal fluid, so share some information with these weenies and show the whole world who the daddy is! Advice on how to increase the size of your load can become a real helper in the future, especially when your organism starts giving error signals.

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