How To Get A Girl To Send You Nudes In A Few Steps

Latest update: Jan 26, 2022
How To Get A Girl To Send You Nudes

There's probably no guy who would refuse to see her girlfriend's dirty pictures when she's far away. And what about the chicks you don't know? Do you recall situations when you were texting each other for a long time, and you went to bed with a hard-on again and again getting nothing to treat him?

With this guide, your dick will finally receive the desired dessert. How to get a girl to send you dirty pictures and still be a nice guy? Is there perfect timing to ask a girl for nudes? Everything you need to know is right here.

When to make a girl send nudes?

Obviously, demanding "send me your titties" all of a sudden will result in zero photos and maybe even a block from her. Unless you're on adult cam sites, of course. So when it's the best time to text girls for nudes?

  • When you know her at least a bit. It would be strange and creepy demanding a chick you don't know to send you dirty pictures. You need to know that bird or at least establish some connection with her, even if you've met on sex dating sites.
  • When she gives you hints. "I'm heading to shower" or "I just tried a new lingerie set in the shopping mall" are definitely obvious signals, buddy. She wants you to fantasize about her!
  • When you're in the middle of sexting. When you both are horny and talking dirty, there eventually comes a moment when sending nudes is just inevitable. You'll feel it when it's time.
  • When she asks for dirty pictures of yours. It means she already wants to fuck you! And you just don't know what horny chicks are ready for. This is when girls send sexting pictures eagerly than ever.
  • When you've already fucked before. Is there a better moment to make your girlfriend send you dirty pictures? You saw each other naked already, so nothing to hide!

How to get a girl to send nudes

Tips on how to get a girl to send nudes

For the perfect moment of girls sending nudes to come, you need to follow a few simple recommendations.

Make her feel comfortable with you

For a chick, there's nothing sexier than a man who cares about her. Even if she's only looking for some casual fuck or sexting, she won't ever spread her legs for a guy who doesn't respect her. So create a comfortable atmosphere where she feels confident and free in expressing herself.

Give compliments

A woman is sexy when you make her feel so. Chicks adore when you admire them. The harder you try to make her feel special, the better results you'll get and in the soonest. Say what you like about her, tell how beautiful she is, and her pants will get much wetter, believe me.

Show interest in her personality

If you want to get nudes from a girl, you first need to see more than appearance in her. Or at least pretend you do. ;) Even on sex chat sites babes pay more attention to men who write something different from "you have tasty ass." Chicks get tons of messages like that! So make yourself stand out from other jerks.

Set up the mood

You're the one who is responsible for the beginning of seducing stage. Make your compliments a bit nastier. Say something like "I wish you knew what things you do in my dreams every night" or "I bet you make all guys stare when you're wearing a bikini on the beach." Be creative! But remember, there's a fine line between teasing and being vulgar.

How to get a girl to send you dirty pictures

Start sexting

Yes. The first step is on you as well. A chick might give you as many sexy hints as possible, but it's you who says, "I want you." Getting nudes sent afterward, you might start with something like: "Do you want to know what I saw in my dream tonight that still makes me feel hot?".

Ask whether she wants to see more of yourself

When you're already on the sweet sexting stage, offer her to see a dirty picture of yourself. Yes, you have to be ready to send pics to make a girl send nudes too. And no, I'm not talking about some corny dickpics. Make a photo of your boner (when you're in pants) from some unusual angle. Or make a mirror-selfie with only a towel on. Don't open all the cards so fast! Teasing is the key to fabulous pleasure afterward.

Say you're dying to see more of her

When you've shown yourself, ask whether she wants to send you something in a reply. Honestly express your desire. Having a sexy photo of yours, she'll already feel a bit more comfortable with you. For a chick, it means you won't go bragging to your friends about the pic she sent.

Use Instagram or Snapchat for nudes exchange

To make a gal feel even safer, offer to change pictures on Instagram or Snapchat at first. These platforms have the function of disappearing photos right after you send them. Or at least say you'll delete her photo right away if she's afraid.

girl send nudes

Ask for something more explicit

Let's say she sent you a cute selfie with no nudity. This is your chance to ask her some more! For example, you can say something like "Can I see the rest of you?" or "I wonder what are you hiding from me under that dress." It doesn't guarantee you'll get a girl to send you nudes, but you'll at least express your expectations.

Don'ts to get a girls nudes

Obviously, the art of getting dirty pictures from chicks includes certain things you better never do. Let's outline the major of them.

Don't ask directly

Writing something like "show me your tits" or "send nudes" is the biggest turn-off of all time. Even when it's only about sending nasty photos, every gal wants to be courted at least a bit. And when you demand a quick treat for your cock you show nothing except for disrespect, my perverted friend.

Don't send a dickpic

Who the hell told guys their ugly dickpics are sexy? Damn, I hope they at least take photos of their cocks when they're hard. Seduce that gal, make her want you, make all her juices flow just for you. Don't show all you've got at the very beginning!

Don't beg

How to get her to send pics if she refuses? Well, accept her position with respect and wait for a better moment. Never beg, dude! This makes you look disgusting and weak in her eyes. After that, you'll see neither nudes nor a girl herself. For chicks, a man should always be a man—that's what makes them horny.

sexting pictures

Don't be too persistent

That's another extremity. It's important to respect the gal's opinion and decision. If you keep asking for nudes even after she says "no," not only do you act like a jerk, but you also terrify her. Only creepy freaks do so.

Never use peach or eggplant emojis

Are you 16, buddy? Do you really believe she'll get wet after seeing such a childish request for nudes in her DM? Chicks want real men! If you can't talk about sex with words, how can you be good at it? You only show how immature you are and won't get anything as a result when using emojis to ask a girl for nudes.

Don't expect her to send a pic after you did

Yes, that's not the scenario you planned, I understand. But there's always a chance she won't send you her tits, even after you share your dirty pictures with her. She doesn't owe you anything, buddy. So when you send her a photo, it has to be a voluntary thing to do. Never use it to manipulate her!

Don't say you get nudes from girls all the time

This is the worst thing to say when you make a girl send nudes. Do you really believe a chick will be encouraged to show you titties or pussy after you admit you have other babes to talk to? Girls enjoy feeling special! Even if you have dozens of them to chat on dating websites, never brag about that! Every chick you're planning to fuck has to be the only one. At least, this is what you need to tell her.

girls sending nudes

How to react when you're getting nudes from a girl?

Yay, you've got it! A teasing boobs photo is on the screen of your laptop, what's next? You'll be surprised, but the art of getting nudes doesn't end here. It's easy to screw everything up with your reaction. When girls are sending their nudes, they open up and are very vulnerable at that moment. So be careful with what you say!

For instance, you can try some of these lines:

  • "Damn, how I am supposed to fall asleep after this?"
  • "You look so tasty!"
  • "Your curves are perfect!"
  • "Look what you've done to me!" (and attach a photo of your boner)
  • "I want to kiss you all over right now."
  • "Where you would like me to kiss you?"
  • "I desire to do bad things to you after this pic."
  • "Are you aware how horny you make me feel?"
  • "Would you mind me telling you in detail what nasty thoughts I have looked at you?"

These are just a few examples, you can say whatever fits the moment. Be creative and honest! Just remember not to be too vulgar and opt for some teasing instead.

Your phone memory will soon be full of sexy pictures chicks send you with this guide on how to get nudes. Take the tips I gave you into consideration, but still, mind every particular situation. The main rule is to balance between teasing and being vulgar, dude. So, give these recommendations a test!

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