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How To Get A Girl To Send You Nudes In A Few Steps

Latest update: Jan 13, 2023
How To Get A Girl To Send You Nudes

You were waiting for this, you asked for this, and you get this — my personal guide on how to get a girl to send you pics. I mean with boobs, of course, dummy. It's a first-hand practical, step-by-step guide on how to make a girl send you nudes to satisfy your dirty fantasies. And most importantly — how to make not an ordinary girl from local hookups, but how to get your girlfriend to send nudes? It's much more complicated than it looks at first sight!

Or visit some top live sex cams and forget about manners once and forever. Ok, I'm a hookup guru, and I can teach you:

  1. When to ask a girl about it?
  2. What are the best ways to get nudes?
  3. How not to hurt a girl with your reaction?
  4. Some message examples.
How to get a girl to send nudes

When to ask a girl for nudes? Frank answer

On my favorite sex dating sites as soon as possible, bro. There's nothing to say anymore! Why? Ok. When you learn how to get a girl to send u nudes, you can rate her body at least, and decide if she is worth spending your time, dime, and something else.

Ok, we found that you have to ask for nudes ASAP. But when is this appropriate moment? Here are the next situations, in which you have a chance to get some spicy photos:

  1. When you passed some dates.
  2. When you had your first sex with a girl.
  3. When you’re already at least a year in a relationship.

Is it too late for you? Then you can try your luck when she's drunk or after some sexts. Girl sending a nudes when she is drunk. almost all the time. You have to warm her up and make her go crazy before she sends you her real nudes. You need a strong argument to get her nudes. Or you should search for some tinder-whores. When asking them about nudes? Whenever you want, it's not forbidden by rules!

Do girls like sending nudes on Tinder? More often than you expect. But almost all the time, their nudes aren’t theirs.

How to get a girl to send you dirty pictures

Tips on how to get a girl to send nudes

Ok, so how to get a girl to send you a selfie? Firstly, you have to wait for the right moment. Then, you have to write her a message, which will warm her up to the max. Forget about all those 'Send me tits/boobs/kitty'. Or something else.

You have to strive to make her a little wet. It's much harder, it's like a prelude to virtual sex. If you want to know how to make a girl send you her pics, you have to learn how to get her to feel that she's one of the most beautiful girls in the world and that you want her right here, right now. I prepared some examples for you on how to ask a girl for titty pics. They can give you an idea.

girl send nudes

How to get nudes from girlfriend: Example 1

DO NOT send a dickpic.

You don't need dickpics to get some tits for your home screen. Remember it. If you want to learn how to get a girl naked, you have to be a little creative.

Send me something naughty, I have to prepare for our next meeting, is a great message for your partner in a relationship.

sexting pictures

How to get a girl to send u nudes: Example 2

DO NOT send a dickpic that’s not yours.

Trust me, the best way to ask for nudes from unknown girls is to use emojis and stickers with naughty undertones. They’ll be much more helpful. However, don’t forget that you shouldn’t start your dialog with stickers. At least you have to say ‘hello’!

Do girls like sending nudes after this? Example 3

DO NOT send a black dickpic less than 10 inches.

Be a Trickster. Don’t ask for nudes right away. Just warm her up with some sexting messages. Then use phrases like Would you want to snap nude pictures and share them?

girls sending nudes

How to react when she sent me nudes?

TIIIITTTS!!!! :P — this isn’t the answer she is waiting for, but it’s the most honest reaction we can have.

Remember that nudes are a very special moment for her. Not as special as taking virginity, but it's in 2nd place. So you have to stay gentle. You might react the way Wow, your body is amazing, you're really tender and beautiful. Don't concentrate your attention in your response exactly on her genitals. Better concentrate on all lines, waistline, and other… Be a romantic idiot at least, and who knows, maybe in a few moments, you'll get not only nudes but a laid!

And if a girl sending nudes, don’t be confused, better ask her whether she wants to see your nudes in response.

Conclusion from Hookupguru

Ok, after all, then you found girls that will send nudes, let's be serious. Are you sure that you need nude pictures from them for self-satisfaction? If it’s your girlfriend, you can get access to her body. And if she isn’t your girlfriend, you can just click on some free pics from the internet. If you’ve been dating for a long time, isn't it better to get a nude video call instead of learning how to send tittie pics? And finally, not all girls sending nudes are worth your time and attention.

Oh, almost forgot, if you're just looking for a fast sex adventure, I have a lot of advice in my other posts that are much more effective than begging for nudes!

Jake Pierce

Jake Pierce is an editor at HookupGuru. He covers the wide and expanding world of casual dating, exploring new hookup dating websites, apps, and giving practical advice on how to succeed in a hookup dating scene.

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