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How To Get Laid In College: Your Quick Guide To Quick Fuck

Latest update: Sep 21, 2022
Hook up College

I was recently asked by my younger brother, who just started his freshman year at Wayne State University, how to get laid in college if I’ve never lived on campus before. Well, that’s a question for newbies who graduated from high school and just packed their things to start living and having sex in college dorms, tasting real college life. Luckily, I know the answer as I spent living in a dorm for four years now and know how to get pussy in college to fuck. Hurry up to read what I’ve got to share.

Calm down

First of all, homie, don’t panic. Accept my congratulations, you’ve made it to college and now you’re going to live your best years there. You’re young, full of energy, and desire to fuck every attractive girl you see, but here’s what you got to do first: calm down. Being stuck on the idea of having sex in college will drive you away from it since you can’t get what you want when you’re obsessed with it. Come on, there are so many things to do on your campus. Find out where to eat here, how to organize your days, where to get a part-time job, etc. Trying to resolve the issue of how to have sex in college is definitely not the first thing to do.

Socialize with your neighbors first

Look, you’ve traveled a long way to your new place of living. Probably, you feel overwhelmed by the need to take care of yourself on your own, so the best thing to do now is to unpack your things and start meeting people who live near you. Assuming that you’re already acquainted with your roommate, I suggest that you go around your dorm and meet guys and girls you see there. Save their contacts or social media links to remember their names and have company for your first days during classes. Stop thinking about where to have sex in college dude. It’s not the time yet.

Young Couple Kissing

Try out adult encounters’ platforms

After a few days of living on campus and having your study schedule organized, you can see how much time it takes to get to your classes, have them, and prepare for them after. In case you didn’t like any low-key whore from your dorm or a Philosophy class, feel free to download a college hookup app from the list of sex sites. Be sure it’s geographically oriented on the area you live in.

State what you’re looking for online

Once you’ve started an account on the adult friend finder, make it clear to the sluts who hang out there what you’re up to. Don’t state during the sign-up that you’re looking for a relationship if you’re not. Instead, you can even type in your bio or status that you want to find hookups in college (either one-time or regular ones). Choosing college hookup sites for it will be more beneficial than ordinary dating apps.

Meet girls who don’t live on campus but are ready to hook up there

Hookup culture in college implies you’re sleeping in with a horny bitch or two and then split up in the morning to go to your classes. But what if you have so much lust that you want to fuck every single girl you meet? You may be uncomfortable seeing them all later at one lecture or a party. Therefore, meeting pussies from out of campus is a great idea. It’s perfect if they live somewhere near your college but you can send them off home right after hookup.

Start attending a party or two every week

Top hookup colleges have a lot of parties every week where you can meet girls for sex. Fraternity and sorority parties are the best events to start with, so consider adding them to your weekly schedule.

Two young people on bed

Focus on finding a concrete partner for sex to not waste your time

Be it on college hookup sites or offline, finding an ideal hookup girl can be tricky: you may be tempted to fuck every bitch you meet without paying much attention to their appearance, features of character, etc. Still, it may not be the best approach: you can just not match with everyone. So think about what kind of whore you want to meet: submissive, dominative, easy-going, etc., and search for them.

Have a drink in your room always

Another tip I gave my bro who asked about ways of how to get hookups in college is to have some light drinks in your fridge for encounters with horny girls. It will help both of you relax if you haven’t drunk where you’ve met, and they’d be more eager to give you head right after shutting your room door.

Make sure your roommate is okay with your sluts coming once in a while

Since you won’t be living alone as a freshman for sure, agree with your roommate about where and how each of you will have your hookups in college. This is to not embarrass or irritate them with your hard dick and wet naked girls around you, as well as to help you get what you want smoothly.

Enjoy your student life

Finally, stalking girls on hookup apps for college students shouldn’t be your main hobby during your college life. Play sports, get a job, chill, and remember to live your life to the fullest until you graduate.

As you can see, having sex in college is possible with a certain level of sanity, so don’t overthink the process, follow my tips, and make your dick happy having a journey across young pussies out there.

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