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How To Increase Your Flexibility In Bed And Take Your Sex Life To A New Level?

Latest update: Apr 29, 2020
bedroom flexibility

Let’s agree, we all dream of passionate and hot sex like the one they show in good Holywood movies. Sexy actresses in nice lingerie and fit bulked up actors showing fantastic performance. Loud noises, torn clothes, and a feeling of awkwardness when you look into your neighbors' eyes afterward. It doesn’t mean your every sex should be like that. Don’t indulge in illusions, real life and staged scenes are two different things. But it also doesn’t mean you can’t make your sexual relationship a little bit more exting. Here we’ll tell you how flexibility may help you to feel sexier, try new poses from the Kamasutra, and get your nuts off the way you never did.

Tip #1: Do some stretching at home

Jennifer Johnson, a trainer from Cosmopolitan Magazine, recommends a few exercises that will develop your flexibility, increase strength, and, as a result, improve your overall performance in bed. Here’re a few of them for you.

  • Plank Butt Raises. Start in a plank position. Stand on your forearms and toes. Lift your butt as high as you can. Then come back to a starting position. Repeat 8-10 times.
  • Plank Lunge and Pulse. Start in a plank position. Then step your right foot up toward the right elbow. Lift your hips up and pulse down three times. Come back to a starting position and do the same to the other side. Repeat up to 10 times.

We also recommend doing the following to increase the flexibility of your legs and back.

  1. Lay on your back and lift your legs in the air as high as you can if you can hold them perpendicularly — great!). Straddle your legs widely and hold this position for as long as it's comfortable for you (up to 5 mins). You can do the same leaning your legs on the wall. It’ll allow your muscles to relax.
  2. Stand straight and then put your legs widely apart. Start rotating your hips and lean forward. Put your hands on the floor. Continue to push your butt up and your head down. Hold this position for 1-3 minutes.

Do these exercises every morning. It'd be awesome if you do them before sex. Moreover, if you start practicing in front of your partner, be sure, it won’t take long to turn them on. Don’t forget to put on some tight-fitting clothes, breathe actively, and move sexy.

flexibility workout for better sex

Tip #2: Go to yoga classes!

Home stretching is great if it’s the only opportunity you have to make your body a bit more flexible. But try to combine it with yoga classes! Go to a studio or practice at home with video tutorials. For example, a yogi Adriene with more than 7-million audience on her YouTube channel has a great selection of videos called “Yoga For Sex.” Hips stretching, sexual energy increase, and best yoga poses for sex — try them, and you’ll notice some quality changes in your intimate life in the soonest of time. Cosmic orgasms are guaranteed here.

What about yoga for men? Find lots of videos with exercises on the Man Flow Yoga channel. Want harder and stronger erections? Wish to feel stronger and more confident? A few classes a week will get this stuff done — click and start right now!

Tip #3: Look for new sex positions!

What do you know about Kamasutra? I mean, everybody has heard about this book, but have you actually looked at some of the poses from there? The best thing is that it has so many nice positions absolutely everyone can do! And you too! Just try to forget for some time about the worn-out boring stuff you do every time. suggests 10 sex positions that all people can and must try!

Remember, if you do some exercises recommended above, you’ll feel sexier and more flexible while doing the experiments with Kamasutra poses. It feels like The Pinball Wizard, Stand and Deliver, or The Good Ex positions will be to your liking. Don’t waste your chance!

The bottom line

You don’t need to be as flexible as an Olympic gymnastics champion to enjoy sex. But it’s doubtful you’ll be full of sex energy if you don’t care about your body or its strength and softness. The tips given above will help you to boost your sexual potential, feel more attractive and sexier, and be ready for experiments. Open up to your partner and show you’re ready for totally new experiences!

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