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Introduction To Tantra Sex: The Most Effective Tantric Sex Tips And Tricks

Latest update: Mar 18, 2022
Tantric sex practice

Have you ever wondered what tantra sexual techniques are and why this practice is gaining such popularity nowadays? What's essential during tantric sex and what you should know about this ancient practice? In this article, you'll find all the information you might need before trying tantric exercises for couples and diving right into this exciting path.

Tantric sex practice: why should everyone try it?

Lots of people have heard of tantra sex from books, movies, and even social media, but not everyone has eventually set foot in this path at least once. It's a well-known ancient Indian practice that helps both partners involved in it unleash their passion and sexual energy without the usual sexual acts. But what exactly tantric sexual practice is, and how can you try it on your own? Read on to find the best techniques and positions for both beginners and experienced tantric sex admirers.

What is tantric sex?

There are various tantric sex definition variations, but in general, it's the ancient sexual practice that helps release the sexual energy and reach an ecstatic state without necessarily having an orgasm. The main philosophy or term here is tantric meaning "weaving" in Sanskrit. Hence, this also means both partners can discover their body and its abilities even deeper and learn how to reach even a higher level of pleasure with just a clear mind and sensual connection with your beloved one.

The main philosophy that stands behind tantra sex is finding a balance or harmony between both partners, creating and sharing sexual energy between them, and connecting your heart and spirit with your true desires and feelings. All this becomes empowering and somewhat healing for both you and your partner, but only if you're well-connected on the basic levels like sexual and emotional.

Tantra Sex Guide

Tantra sex guide: how to prepare for tantric lovemaking

Tantric sex is about knowing and respecting your and your partner's body, feeling each other, and creating a strong body-soul bond. Tantra sex preparations vary and depend on each couple. The main point is to get fully relaxed, feel your body, and connect it with your spirit with the help of your partner. To make this energetic exchange happen, there are some basic tips that could help.

Release your mind

One of the most crucial things in tantric sex practices is having a clear mind with no negative thoughts or emotions. Sometimes, it can be hard to empty your mind at ease, so you may try breathing techniques and even meditation. Set yourself free of mobile phones and laptops for a while or get a nap. It'll help you refresh your body and mind and to cleanse your head from all the information and noise that surrounds you during the day. Try not to think of anything or pay attention to what's going on around you.

Prepare a place for tantric sex

All the details in your room or place you've prepared for tantric sex also matter. Candles, a comfortable place to sit or lie, music, aromatic sticks, and a cozy temperature are essential in setting a perfect mood and helping both of you completely relax.

Spare the time for tantric sexual practices

Tantric sex is about taking things slow and not rushing into anything. Make sure you've turned off your phones and got rid of any distracting stuff. This only has to be you and your partner, with nobody else around, even your pets. Don't think about the time and how long this can last. Tantric sexuality is a very individual thing, and it can take 20 minutes or 1.5 hours to unleash the sexual energy to the fullest. Take your time and set aside all the tasks just to enjoy the perfect moment with your partner.

Make sure your partner's ready as well

It's important that both you and your beloved one are completely relaxed and have a clear mind. If you see your partner needs some help with that, ask what would make them completely laid back right now. For example, this can be an erotic massage with aromatic candles all over the room, masturbation, the right music, or even some aphrodisiacs like oysters or chocolate. It all depends on personal preferences and current needs so try to satisfy them as soon as possible not to lose the spiritual connection between you two. The talk also helps your partner forget about everything else and stay in the moment. Compliment your partner, speak about something neutral, recall some pleasant moments. 

Best tantric sex techniques and tips for couples

There's no best or the most effective tantric sex technique, tip, or rule. It all depends on what makes you and your partner more energized and full of sexual energy. Some people are more sexually fulfilled, and they need much energy to make tantra sex do its job. Some of them are less fulfilled, and they would be happy and reach an ecstatic state with less effort. Still, there are several traditional tantra sexual techniques that can help everyone and wouldn't be odd to try.

tantra sexual techniques


To make tantric sex work, it's not enough to just have a clear mind. It has to connect with your body and sensations. Try to feel this very moment and focus on the way your body and soul are feeling. Breathing and meditation are the key aspects here, so don't neglect them or disrupt your breathing speed or frequency.


Masturbation is a great way to feel connected with your body and feel it deeper. Here, the eventual goal isn't orgasm but the full connection between all your senses and body. Don't try to come as soon as possible, you should rather make slow moves and feel every one of them. Pay attention to how your body feels at each moment and when you feel the most sexually energized. 

Body exploration

It's mostly about spotting your strong and energetic body parts. You can find them by doing a self-massage. Start with your head, move to your hands, breast, legs, back, and you'll not only unleash your power but also prolong the whole process for deeper involvement. If you see your partner is having trouble finding their powerful parts, give them a massage as well. This will also help you become even more connected on both sensual and spiritual levels. If you really helped your partner, this means you've built a strong, nurturing bond and can proceed with other tantric sex techniques. 

Right position and an eye contact

Just like in everyday life, eye contact is one of the best ways to connect with another person, whether you know them or not. In tantra sex, eye contact has to happen almost constantly, and it deepens intimacy between you two. When your bodies and minds are connected, eye contact finalizes this whole connection process and creates an almost unbreakable bond.

As for tantric sex positions, one of the most effective is the lotus or cross-legged position when you sit in front of your partner so that you clearly see each other's faces. Then, put your right hand on your partner's heart and ask them to do the same. Your left hands should be atop your partner's. Breathe deeply and simultaneously to feel the connection.

Another popular tantric sexual position is "the relaxed arch". Sit down with your legs straight, and your partner gets on their knees and sits on your lap. Your partner then leans back so that they could rest between your legs. It's a slow and relaxing position where you can both enjoy each other's bodies and get fully relaxed.

If you want to try something new, try "Yab-yum". Cross your legs and let your partner sit on your lap with their legs wrapped around your waist. Try to sync your breathing. If you want, you can simply sit like this and feel the moment, engage in penetrative sex, or rub each other's genitals against each other. This is also a suitable position for masturbation. You can also try it alone, sit in front of the mirror and discover your body more.

Key tantric sex tips 

  • Explore new techniques and experiment with tantra sex positions
  • Make sure you both are completely comfortable, and your minds are in the right place
  • Engage your other senses like sight, smell, and hearing to make the deeper connection and feel the energy flow through different sensual channels 

Tantra yoga sex may not be suitable or effective for everyone but it's still worth trying. It's like yoga as it involves meditative or breathing techniques and requires a clear mind, but you do it with your partner to reach more connection, unleash, and exchange your sexual energy. It's a great way to explore your body and feel yourself and your partner on absolutely new levels like spiritual and bodily. Try it for relaxation, a new experience, or just for yourself and enjoy!

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