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Sex Emoji Meaning And Examles: The Best Friends Of Any Sexting Chat

Latest update: Jul 20, 2023
Sexting emoji examples

A good flirt via your smartphone is a great "foreplay" and a chance to win a girl not just with your handsome face and dickpics. Being good at sexting requires some guts and brains, and adding the appropriate sexy emojis will spice up the conversation and add some emotions to it. So what can you send to your partner to make them hornier and more excited about the night with you?

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Emoji sexting meanings

If you want to show affection, express your passion, or just create a more easy-going atmosphere, sex emoji combinations are just what you need for a great virt. They can be friendly, cute, or pretentious, but they′ll always be very dirty. Just like you are. ;) Let′s see your options then?

A sushi emoji: 🍣

No idea where it all comes from but "eating sushi" can be translated as having sex or doing cunnilingus, and if you send a sushi emoticon, she′ll understand what′s this all about. Except for when you′re not sexting, and she has no idea what you′re talking about. You can use something like "Can′t wait to have some 🍣 tonight 😏" or "You alone at home? Let′s have some sushi 🍣😈".

Women′s pussy emojis: 🌮, 🍭, 🍩

Licking a lollipop, dipping a banana in a donut, or eating a taco are officially sex acts related to a girl′s cunt. Now, even taco is an adult sexy emoji because you stuff it to make it feel good. Sounds dirty, huh? So now, "I wanna eat your 🌮" and "I′m gonna lick your 🍭" are the kinky deeds, so make sure your chick knows what you′re talking about.

Men′s "stuff" emojis:🍦, 🌭, 🥕, 🍆, 🦴

It′s hard to believe how many foods can be used as dirty emojis for a penis. Even the type of food you send can be used for the different length and size of a weenie. For instance, a carrot is a small and thin dick, while the eggplant is for a big and hard penis. Sending a hotdog can be read as a penis behind girls′ buns or vagina. So you won′t be mistaken if you send any food or appliance emoji which is cylindrical and long. The chicks will know you′re not talking about groceries. ;)

Droplets: 💦

This is a multi-functional emoji. This can be any type of liquid like sweat, sperm, or just water. It′s one of the most popular emojis to express your fascination or the outcome of the night: "OMG you′re so gorge 💦💦💦" or "You′re gonna get all wet tonight 💦😏".

A champagne bottle: 🍾

Champagne showers… Is this what LMFAO was singing about? Pretty kinky, right? This emoji can show that you′re going to pop like a bottle during sex, or you can send it to a girl if she looks stunning. For example, "Damn, you look so sexy I′m gonna 🍾”.

Kinky emoticons: 😏, 😈, 😉, 😛

All these emojis express a somewhat kinky mood, so if you use any of them, a girl will see what you′re up to. 😉 A good example is "Wanna have some fun tonight/Wanna play something/Netflix and chill? 😏". The girl won′t resist it!

A hammer emoji: 🔨

Not the most obvious horny emoji but it practically means a girl wants you to nail her. Pretty smart, huh? Not sure if there′s anyone who has another way to use this emoticon. :D In your sexting chat, you can use it in a phrase like "Wanna 🔨 me after everyone′s out?"

A Cancer emoji: ♋️

This horoscope sign is also a perverted one! Guess what, it′s a sign for a 69 position. You can be more elegant and send a full sentence, but you can also be brief and smart to write something simple like "♋️ later?"

Sex emoji combinations

Now that you know different individual sex emoji meanings, let′s try to combine them! Emojis can be a perfect international sex language, huh? Below, you can see the most popular and some of the least obvious combinations you may use while sexting to a chick. How many other combinations can you come up with?😏


The all-time favorite, a licking-a-butt sex emoji combination. This can also express your admiration of someone′s ass like here: 🍑🔥. But most often, it′s just pussy/ass licking. You can use different fruit to show what exactly you want to lick too. It can be a lollipop, cherries or boobs, or a peach i.e. a butt. Girls can also send you similar combinations but with a men′s organ or ask you to lick them instead. Enjoy your meal!


The good old school gesture combination. Remember your high school pranks when you showed this to the girls you liked? Now you don′t even have to bother and do it with your hands. A smartphone will help you out! You can decorate this combination with sperm/sweat droplets, fire, or any other symbol of passion and hotness. This way, you can give a hint to a girl about what to expect from tonight′s sex.


This or any other similar combination like 🍆😍, ♥️🍦, etc., help a girl show that she loves your penis. Funny but it works. Guys get turned on when they hear some compliments on their weenies. So if you receive such a sext from a hot chick, consider yourself a great lover! You can send a similar combination to a girl if you liked her "stuff". Come up with something like "your 🍩 is 🔥", "like how 💦💦 you can get!", and things like that. Girls love such hot stuff too! Like in the well-known TV sitcom "How I Met Your Mother", she can simply write "Your penis is enormous".


This is another way to offer penetrative sex. If you′re more into some creative stuff, using food emojis is what you need. Especially if you have some nasty followers like a young brother who likes looking at your phone screen all the time. Among other sexy combinations or single emojis, you can use something like these: ⚽️🥅, 🎯, 🎢, etc.


Looks like someone′s doing bad deeds! Or is it an offer to join you? No need to explain the lotion with handkerchiefs, but every time you send these dirty emojis, make sure your partner isn′t grossed out because you′re fapping on her or ask her to accompany you. Mutual or simultaneous masturbation is fun if you both are into it.


You already know what a bone stands for, but if you mix it with a celebrating emoji, this will emphasize you′re going to experience a mind-blowing blowjob until you burst like confetti. Now you can′t look at this emoji the way you used to, huh?


An extraordinary mix! Usually, a pepper means someones going to do something extreme or different to spice up the night. This can be hardcore sex, mind-blowing cunnilingus, or trying a new position. It′s always a secret, so try to guess what′s behind this emoji. If you combine it with other emoticons, you′ll have a better picture, like this one. You′ll obviously eat her pussy tonight so that she becomes all tired and sweaty. 😏

Bonus sex emoji combinations for having more fun

I couldn′t leave you without some more encrypted emojis for sexting! Here are some other emoticons you can use during your sexy chat to draw more attention to a girl and make you even more relaxed.

A surprised flushed emoji: 😳

This can be used to add more colors to your sexting. For instance, your chick offered you something out of the box like trying anal, even though she seemed too shy for that, and you can reply to her like this: "Damn you′re nastier than I thought !😳 But I love it 😍". You can also show you′re not ready to do something: "BDSM?😳 Had no idea you like it".

A striptease emoji combination: 💃🏻👀

By using these emojis, you can show you want a girl to dance for you. You can also use an admission ticket + a dancing girl emoji to ask for a lap dance. Any combination would suffice if you feel like a girl can do this for you. "Maybe you could do a naked dance 💃🏻 for me? Love to see your moves" is a good example of how to use it.

An "Aquaman" emoji: 🧜🏻‍♂️

This emoji can also symbolize having sex when a guy offers to bone. A trident emoji (🔱) is sometimes used for this purpose too. It′s a creative way to ask your girl to fuck. Too bad you can′t make a "knocking boots" or a "Netflix and chill" emoji combination. Maybe later Emojipedia will do it?

A whistling emoji: 😙

Remember Flo Rida′s song "Whistle?" Yes, the other version of "blowing a whistle" is giving a blowjob! You can send this to a girl and add: "Wanna blow my whistle baby?😙Let me know!" or "Thanks for the mind-blowing 😙🦴". Creativity is welcome!

More specific emojis

You can also use different emoticons to show some particular activity you′d love to do with a girl. For instance, a chain emoji ⛓ shows the girl you want to tie her and do some dirty stuff to her. These emojis 🦸🏻‍♀️🧛🏻👩🏻‍🔬 show you want to play a role game (any emoji related to different jobs or costumes can work well). This way, you can even show what you need to wear for the game. Chocolate or candle emojis 🍫🕯 can show you′re going to do something romantic like lighting candles or wax therapy. Liquid chocolate can be used as a massage oil so that you can spread this sweet stuff all over your girl and then lick it from her most erogenous parts. As you see, you can come up with various combinations and ideas, just use your fantasy and make some of your wildest dreams come true!

Now, can you talk dirty to me?😈

The art of sexting is constantly improving and new emoji combinations come to mind describing a particular sex act or your kinky mood. With all the knowledge I gave you, it′s time for some dirty talks, right? You can create your own sex emoji combinations or use any of these. And don′t worry, the girl will understand what 🍣 you′re talking about. Let′s just hope she′ll give you a nice 🦴🥳 after all!

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