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Latest update: Feb 21, 2023
Best Alternatives To OnlyFans

Sites like OnlyFans are popular adult content creation platforms. They allow users to sell or buy original sex content. OnlyFans has quickly become one of the most popular sites in the world. But it isn't the only adult platform available on the Internet. Websites like OnlyFans boast nice adult entertainment features. So, here are the top OnlyFans alternatives that help build a strong online following base and make money.

SofiaGray – a site for dirty lingerie lovers

Screenshot Sofia Gray Main Page

Sophia Gray, also known as SF, was founded in 2015. It provides the purchase and sale of used underwear. According to the statistics published by the site, more than 1 million people visit the marketplace every month. Only the best adult webcams can boast such figures! There are about 250,000 regular customers, which indicates that the used lingerie market is active. In addition to dirty panties, people can also sell used socks, sex toys, bras, and tights.

How does SofiaGray work?

Buyers join the site without paying, sellers pay a membership fee via chosen payment method, and this is how the site makes money. On the site, sellers must create a profile and upload videos and photos to introduce themselves to customers. To facilitate sales, the site uses its virtual currency. This currency is called SG Coin. It can be sent and received anonymously.

How much money do they get on SofiaGray?

The prices for SophiaGrey stuff are usually between $30 and $50. An average seller with eight monthly sales can earn from $240 to $400.

If people sell other things, such as used sex toys and stockings, they can increase their monthly income by several hundred dollars.

Also, SophiaGrey has launched a referral program where people can earn rewards from sellers and buyers who use the referral link. For example, if a new seller registers with this link, you can earn up to 40% of the membership fee.

Why is SophiaGrey better than OnlyFans?

These are two different sites. On OnlyFans, you can look at lingerie on hot girls, while on SophiaGrey, you can get it by mail and do with it whatever you want.

Fansly – a site for any adult content creator

Screenshot Fansly Main Page

Regarding sites like OnlyFans, Fansly is one of the best platforms that offer an accurate OnlyFans experience. The platform encourages users to create paid content. Features, prices, and general positioning of the site are the same as OnlyFans.

How does Fansly work?

People create a profile and start uploading photos and videos. Followers have to sign up for a monthly fee to access premium content.

Adult content creators can also provide such features as personal messages, photos, and videos, which can be exchanged for tips. To attract new subscribers, they should regularly publish new content to encourage new users to follow them.

How much money do they get on Fansly?

Top content creators earn over $10,000 per month, which is quite a lot.

A referral program also works well. If a user buys videos or subscribes to other creators, you will receive a commission of 1% (for the first 90 days of activity of this user).

Why is Fansly better than OnlyFans?

Looking for sites like OnlyFans to make money? Well, Fansly has unique features that make it stand out from OnlyFans. They made it possible to subscribe to a free fan page without granting access to exclusive content. This way, creators can tickle paying subscribers, encouraging them to switch to paid services.

FeetFinder – a platform for foot fetishists

Illustration for FeetFinder

FeetFinder is an OnlyFans alternative and one of the most popular XXX dating websites where people can sell their foot photos. It was founded in 2019. Residents of the United States, Europe, Australia, and Canada who're 18 years or older use the platform. It's currently the largest foot photo-selling platform on the Internet.

How does FeetFinder work?

The FeetFinder registration process takes at least 5 minutes, and all sellers undergo an identity check. This verification ensures that all the content is from a real person. Buyers can then purchase the photos and exclusive videos individually from the seller.

FeetFinder automatically blurs the seller's foot image on the platform, but buyers can see a preview of the foot image. So, the seller receives the money, and the buyer gets what they pay for.

How much money do they get on FeetFinder?

Foot content creators featured on FeetFinder receive 80% of the revenue, and 20% goes to FeetFinder transaction and data security expenses. The minimum payout amount is $50.

They can also join its referral program and earn 10% of a seller's content sales when others sign up with the unique link.

Why is FeetFinder better than OnlyFans?

FeetFinder can't be called an OnlyFans competitor. It’s for those who love women's feet only. Girls from OnlyFans can also show their feet, but you must ask for it and pay extra. In comparison, you can go to FeetFinder, where everyone offers to watch on their feet.

Unlockd – a site with adult custom videos for lower fees

Screenshot Unlockd Main Page

Unlockd is a relatively new OnlyFans alternative, launched in 2020. It's focused on providing the best experience to private content creators. This site has implemented a rational and simple interface. They have built their reputation on the quality of service and low fees. So, with a wide subscriber base, creators can go a long way with Unlockd.

How does Unlockd work?

Unlockd allows adult content legally, unlike many other OnlyFans alternatives. This applies not only to sexual content but also to copyright. The content people upload must belong to them, and they're forbidden to share the content of others.

How much money do they get on Unlockd?

The main advantage of this OnlyFans alternative app is the fees. They charge only 15%, which is lower than on OnlyFans.

Why is Unlockd better than OnlyFans?

Unlockd claims to be better in the support offered. They guarantee that all issues will be resolved within 24 hours. They also guarantee weekly payments, so content creators can immediately receive their money.

Fanvue – a site with British adult creators

Screenshot Fanvue Main Page

Fanvue is a UK adult content subscription website that is the best OnlyFans alternative for those who want to make money. It’s available to everyone. They won't ban any adult content.

How does Fanvue work?

Fanvue, like many other adult content creation sites, allows you to start building a subscriber base after registering on a platform. The content users publish is hidden from others. This means that only subscribed fans can see it.

The Fanvue development team cares about the site quality and aims to make it one of the best OnlyFans alternatives. That is why it has spent much time on the site's usability.

How much money do they get on Fanvue?

How much they can earn with Fanvue depends on their subscription tiers and how much they want to get from the content.

Users should promote their profiles as much as possible. Yet, Fanvue wants to become the best OnlyFans replacement and make promotions as simple as possible so that fans can easily find users' photos and live streaming videos.

Why is Fanvue better than OnlyFans?

Fanvue aims to be one of the best sites like OnlyFans. Its goal is to serve all adult content creators. OnlyFans has a few additional features, and Fanvue has already announced plans to improve its recognition capabilities. Moreover, it'll soon introduce the ability to sell content for NFTs.

FanCentro – a platform for adult content creators

Screenshot Fancentro Main Page

FanCentro is one of the best OnlyFans alternatives where sexy creators can build an audience and make money for their content. It was launched in 2017, so it doesn't seem like a long time ago, but considering the number of OnlyFans-like sites that have appeared in recent years, this one is one of the oldest.

How does FanCentro work?

After registration, people create profiles and add photos and live streaming video content as often as they like. Some content can be viewed for free, but many require paid membership access.

How much money do they get on FanCentro?

The amount people can earn on FanCentro depends on the level they set for monthly subscriptions. They can offer different subscription tiers and more content for paying subscribers.

Many creators charge $10 to $20 per month to access FanCentro's private content, links, and messages.

Why is FanCentro better than OnlyFans?

With the news that OnlyFans is moving to more moderate content, free of explicit photos and videos, FanCentro can be a great OnlyFans alternative to promote more hot content.

AdultNode – X-rated content site with lower fees

Screenshot AdultNode Main Page

AdultNode works like other social media platforms with a token system where active users can earn tokens, and fans can tip them if they want to do it. Moreover, anyone who has ever used Facebook can navigate AdultNode.

How does AdultNode work?

AdultNode is, as the name suggests, an adult content social media platform. It's a good OnlyFans alternative. By registering, you can search and subscribe to people by hashtags. The content of this person will then appear on your feed. You can share content, like photos and live streaming videos, and send messages (sometimes it's free, sometimes you have to pay tokens like on other sites similar to OnlyFans).

How much money do they get on AdultNode?

AdultNode has several ways to make money. Creators can set a goal price that users should contribute to unlock the content. Once they reach the goal, the photos will be available to everyone. It's a fun and entertaining way to collect more tokens.

Like in any other app like OnlyFans, there's also a base token system, and fans can tip creators in tokens or pay for video calls and audio content.

Why is AdultNode better than OnlyFans?

The content is available to users who can then tip creators in the form of tokens. They can also charge tips for direct messaging and video store sales. Content creators can increase their membership level to VIP, which includes several benefits, including more fans and the chance to earn a lifetime income of 5% from attracted users.

Unfiltrd – a low-cost platform with adult entertainment

Screenshot Unfiltrd Main Page

Unfiltrd adds many features to make it stand out as a better platform for creators and paid subscribers. The site is very intuitive and easy to use. It can be the ideal solution for those who want to start a new creative career as a platform promises more exclusivity and intimacy.

How does Unfiltrd work?

Unfiltrd offers a nice website design to provide a better experience for any adult content creator and users and additional features to earn more income.

It’s easy to navigate the site with a special "search" tab and a "trending" tab that displays trendy content instead of profiles. Users can browse the best custom videos and posts and see upcoming events.

In addition, there are many features that other apps like OnlyFans don't have, such as ticket-based events. It’s a live broadcast. Users have to pay for a ticket that will give them access to a live stream. This is a great tool to promote shows on different channels and guarantee earnings.

How much money do they get on Unfiltrd?

The earning potential of Unfiltrd ultimately depends on the content people create and their ability to promote their accounts. They set the subscription price, and people decide whether to pay for access to photos, custom videos, or other content.

Why is Unfiltrd better than OnlyFans?

Unlike other sites like OnlyFans, Unfiltrd has better functionality, an improved user interface, and lower fees for the money earned.

Flirtback – a platform with mild X-rated content

Screenshot Flirtback Main Page

Many sites like OnlyFans follow the same established formula. People upload custom content to their profile, charge fans a subscription fee for accessing this content, receive about 80% of the profits, and the site receives 20%. It's definitely different with Flirtback. It's certainly an interesting option.

How does FlirtBack work?

FlirtBack doesn't charge any subscription fees from users. The site is based on a premium chat service that helps make money by charging for messages. But creators can also upload photos and live streaming video content and charge users a one-time access fee.

It works like webcam sites. Creators charge tokens (called MEGAs). Users can buy MEGAs and spend it on messages, access to photos, videos, etc., and creators can withdraw MEGAs for money.

How much money do they get on FlirtBack?

FlirtBack is an affiliate site with live streams. It promotes shows with live girls from other platforms like OnlyFans.

FlirtBack is still a smaller player than other sites like OnlyFans. This has its obvious drawbacks. Fewer people go to it to pay for content. But as long as FlirtBack is still growing, creators can seize the opportunity to become the platform's biggest star.

Why is FlirtBack better than OnlyFans?

If your social media has few regular followers and you want to create an account that can generate direct traffic to build your fan base, FlirtBack can be a good place to develop your social media profile.

AdmireMe.VIP – a platform with British adult creators

Screenshot AdmireMe. Vip Main Page

AdmireMe.VIP works like OnlyFans. People create profiles and add paid content. Based in the UK, which is unusual, it uses the British pound as the main currency. However, if desired, the creators can also offer monthly subscriptions in dollars or euros.

How does AdmireMe.VIP work?

It has several features that make it stand out from other sites. Firstly, there is a search function that allows you to search for creators and custom content using various keywords. It allows creators to tag their content, making it more searchable. Users can also view profiles by category. If they have 50 or more standard posts, they’ll be included in the home page and category searches.

Creators can also charge for premium videos and private messages. There are also tips to encourage creators. Users can send additional funds in exchange for exclusive content.

Also, this potential OnlyFans alternative makes it easy to sort content by albums. It's great if creators want to group everything in different places and make it easier for users to see their content.

They can also add short videos to profiles instead of static images. It's a much better way to attract new subscribers. Even a few seconds of video will be a better preview than a regular picture.

How much money do they get on AdmireMe.VIP?

Creators can make money based on the content price and the number of people they can persuade to sign up. AdmireMe.VIP is less well-known than the other names on this list, but it'll certainly become more popular as people look for OnlyFans alternatives.

Why is AdmireMe.VIP better than OnlyFans?

AdmireMe.VIP has the same functionality as OnlyFans charging users for subscriptions, messages, and tips but is much better in searchability. Appearing on the homepage and keyword searching greatly increases interest, unlike OnlyFans where creators rely on their own promotion.

MYM – a site with European adult creators

Screenshot MYM Main Page

MYM classifies itself as a "premium social media." The mechanisms are similar to those of other OnlyFans alternative platforms, where creators add explicit content, and users get paid to access it. It is a popular platform headquartered in France, but its main currency is the US dollar. MYM means "Meet Your Model." The site focuses on giving users access to their favorite content creators behind the scenes.

How does MYM work?

MYM is a subscription platform that charges fees to users who want to subscribe to a fan page or individual creator feeds. It caters to a wide range of models and personalities. Whether interested in a niche hobby like fitness, cooking, or gaming, they can share more personal moments with fans at some price.

The general site layout certainly fits the adult live stream market. There is no mention of adult content anywhere on the homepage. Instead, advertising images and content with health influencers, models, singers, etc., are displayed.

One of the great features of MYM is that creators can provide custom content. Users request custom content, and creators either accept or reject the requests. You may ask creators to perform certain actions on a camera. Yet, creators aren't obliged to accept them and can block users who send inappropriate requests.

A pretty cool feature MYM offers is the standard blurring of private media. Many apps similar to OnlyFans hide their non-subscribed content in ugly black boxes. But on MYM, the fan page content is blurry, making it possible to get casual viewers to subscribe.

How much money do they get on MYM?

The amount they earn with MYM depends on the size of their follower base, the activity on the profile, and the subscription fees.

However, creators can increase their income by joining the Superstar program. To become a superstar, they need to have a verified account, post content at least twice a week, reply to 90% of their private messaging within 48 hours, and have at least 50 active followers. This way, they will receive an additional 1% commission and will be found more often in search queries.

Why is MYM better than Only Fans?

MYM is very similar to OnlyFans in that it offers many opportunities for creators to earn money. They appeal to a wider audience, focusing on mass-market content and occupational safety. But MYM's push content options and Superstar program are unique features that allow creators to earn more.

Patreon – a platform with non-adult content

Screenshot Patreon Main Page

Patreon is a platform founded in 2013 that has existed longer than OnlyFans. There are obvious similarities between the two, and OnlyFans definitely took inspiration from Patreon's creations. Many Patron users first made subscribers on platforms like YouTube. Once they get fans there, they offer them to switch to Patreon and offer exclusive content only paying members can access.

How does Patreon work?

Patreon offers a chance to earn money because creators increase their source of income and expand their content that can't be shown on YouTube. People who create content on Patreon can regularly receive funds from subscribers and fans. But the platform is not only for famous YouTubers.

Many unknown bloggers use Patreon to make more money with the help of unlimited streaming minutes. Usually, live streams aren't their main source of income, but it is one of the best channels for people who want to use their creative talents to earn extra income. That's why YouTubers, podcasters, musicians, etc., register there.

There are over 200,000 content creators and over 3 million followers on Patreon. These creators have collectively earned over $350 million.

How much money do they get on Patreon?

As with any subscription-based platform, the amount creators earn depends on how popular their profiles are and how many photos they take.

Why is Patreon better than OnlyFans?

Patreon is easier to promote on other social media accounts. Instagram and TikTok can block users from promoting their OnlyFans page, but you can talk about your Patreon anywhere.

JustForFans – an adult content site for gay men

Illustration for JustForFans

If you’re looking for a site like OnlyFans, JustForFans may be just right for you. This is also a site for content creators. However, there is an important difference. Dominique Ford founded JustForFans. He's one of the most popular gay porn stars. Therefore, the fan base of JFF is rather LGBT-oriented.

How does JustForFans work?

Well, both OnlyFans and JFF allow adult content. But OnlyFans usually has a mix of creators, and JFF users tend to focus on LGBT adult content.

How much money do they get on JustForFans?

On JFF, creators keep 70% of their earnings. The minimum payout amount is $50.

ManyVids – a platform with individual videos

Screenshot Manyvids Main Page

ManyVids describes itself as an online ecosystem where any content creator can make money from their content. This site has a lot in common with other OnlyFans alternatives and aims to enable creators of all kinds to make money by working hard to create great videos and photos.

ManyVids is a potential OnlyFans alternative with great advantages over OnlyFans and other providers. It's one of the most comprehensive ways for creators to monetize their content and own brand online.

How does ManyVids work?

Creators register, upload photos, arrange video sales, and allow followers to become VIPs for a monthly fee.

When users first enter the site, they see a selection of paid videos (although some are free). Users can decide whether to pay for exclusive fan videos, send a message, or even pay the package cost to subscribe to paid content.

How much money do they get on ManyVids?

There are many ways for creators to make money at ManyVids, and subscriptions are just one of them. However, since most of ManyVids' revenue streams are paid individually, creators can build up their subscriber base to generate recurring revenue and receive additional funds for one-time purchases.

In addition to the exclusive photos, adult content creators can sell individual clips and set a price that everyone will have to pay to watch, regardless of whether they are subscribers.

There are also ways to make money on ManyVids by charging for messages, online video calls, and getting tips. The minimum payout amount is $50 (most sites like OnlyFans offer such a sum).

Why is ManyVids better than OnlyFans?

ManyVids makes it much easier to find and get views. With OnlyFans, creators need to put a direct link to their profile on their social media. However, if they add videos to ManyVids, they can appear on the homepage and encourage other users to view and possibly subscribe to a profile.

Scrile Connect – an own OnlyFans-style site

Screenshot Scrile Connect Main page

ScrileConnect definitely offers the most understandable OnlyFans alternative. Rather, it's a tool that allows users to create their own customizable platform for content creators.

How does ScrileConnect work?

So, ScrileConnect is a company that helps creators build their own platforms. It is aimed at individual content creators who want to have a website for themselves and those who want to be the next entrepreneurs who turn OnlyFans into competitors.

Once a user has registered, they'll be assigned a manager who'll work with them to develop a roadmap for their website (what it'll look like, what features they want to use, etc.). Then the development team and the designers of ScrileConnect will create it.

How much money do they get on ScrileConnect?

The income users earn with ScrileConnect depends on how many subscribers they have. But the most important thing in this adult industry is to keep everyone from losing a subscriber. OnlyFans takes 20% of what creators earn on the platform, while ScrileConnect pays a monthly fee, but you keep 100% of what you earn.

It also offers more monetization options than other platforms like OnlyFans. ScrileConnect creators can collect subscription fees and receive tips. They can also sell individual videos or private messages for a fee. Live broadcasts are possible, and tickets can be sold for private live performances. In addition, it is possible to take calls for a fee per minute.

Why is ScrileConnect better than OnlyFans?

There are many differences between OnlyFans and ScrileConnect. OnlyFans is a site owned by someone else, while Scril Connect allows users to create their own platform. They choose the settings themselves and define a content policy.

Final words about sites like OnlyFans

OnlyFans is in a more prestigious position than some of the other names on this list. But they’re still good options to make more money and take advantage of some of the features on the platform. Given that OnlyFans may again ban adult content, it's worth making a backup plan by using an Only Fans replacement. Today, creating private content has never been easier or more convenient. So, even though OnlyFans has been around for a long time, there are plenty of other great OnlyFans alternatives where content creators can diversify their revenue stream and have a wide fan base.

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