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Latest update: Sep 27, 2019

Not everyone is looking for a partner to get married or for a serious relationship. Some just want to have a hookup and get laid. Despite having a large number of enthusiastic singles looking for such relationships, entering into a casual encounter with a stranger is not easy. This is where some successfully proven phrases can cast the spells! If you are looking for no-string-attached sex, it’s time to pick up some hookup phrases do the trick for you. These phrases would not only give your potential sex-mates serious hints but will also turn them horny. Scroll down for some naughty and racy sex slangs to turn on your partner in no time.

  1. I just got a new toy! Are you searching for a fellow horny hookup-seeker? Well, they must be as exciting as you. Get the lust on by mentioning the sex toy. Wait, isn’t the word ‘sex’ already implied? A toy obviously means a sex toy here!
  2. I’m ready to blow you away Say these words and get lucky! These are sure to govern your chances of having a perfect partner in bed! What else do you need to quench your thirst for having casual sex?
  3. I’ll leave some nice love bites on your neck tonight If you believe that you two will have seamless chemistry and rock in bed, these lines will give more fuel to your fire!
  4. Climb until you reach my peak, babe! Give your babe every right to explore your body and please all your sexual desires by uttering these words. She will help you reach your peak and get the best out of your one-night stand.
  5. If you look that good in clothes, you must look even better out of them. Looking for a short term thrill or want to try out that one-night stand? This dialogue will give your partner the exact hint of what you have in your heart and mind. When both want the same thing, there is sure to be passionate lovemaking between the two!
  6. I’d love to wake up next to you in the morning. Who won’t get swoon away hearing the romantic side of you? This phrase is good to send an offer to spend the night together in a subtle manner.
  7. Are you a magnet? Because I’m attracted to you… A little flirty yet funny is what everyone looks for! Even if you don’t get laid, these phrases will do the perfect groundwork for the next meeting. You never know when you both get the kick and dive into each other!

What does it feel like to be the hottest girl?

If you’re new to the game, this will help you get ahead and communicate that you find her hot! A reply from her on the above is sure to y drive you crazy in bed and explore each other’s hotness!

  1. My roommate is out for the night! Is there a better way to say that be my roommate for tonight? Well, we found it absolutely clear and to-the-point. What about you?
  2. How about coming over and fuck me? Well, if you find the word ‘fuck’ to be too direct for the first meeting, you can even replace it with ‘make love.’ Both will send the same message, but checking your comfort zone with the words you speak is also important.
  3. I have an open mind…and an open zip. Well, this will give your partner a complete idea of your intentions. If she is also looking for casual sex, she would come running to you to explore your openness. In every way. Isn’t it? What do you think?
  4. Share your address. I will send an Uber to pick you up. What can be a better deal than this for a hookup seeker? A free ride in the car and in bed too? Isn’t that too naughty to imagine?
  5. In search of a casual relationship. Offer available for one night only. Clothing not required. Came across an amazingly beautiful lady with whom you want to explore your sexual desires? Say these words, and we are confident you two will be enjoying a great night of orgasms!
  6. Make my night better? Her ‘yes’ will flitter butterflies in your stomach when you get an assurance that she is also looking for the same thing as you. Take her along and make each other’s night better!
  7. Before I met you, I never knew angels really do exist! Everyone, especially the young hot females, loves when their partners appreciate their beauty and say good things about them. When she will hear you calling her an angel, she will leave no stone unturned to give you heavenly pleasures in bed. Try it and don’t forget to share your experience with us!


These wonderful hookup phrases will help you start and pick up a conversation with your potential partner. Sometimes even the simplest of the dialogues like ‘Hello, how are you?’ or ‘Hey, can we speak?’ may open the door for further conversation. Use these phrases to initiate an actual meeting and try your luck. You can even make some tweaks to the above phrases and come up with your own booty lines to lay a great first impression. Make the most of these phrases by using different versions with different partners! Don’t thank us for sharing them for we are there to help you get the best of the hookup partners in no time!

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