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What Women Really Fantasize About

Latest update: Nov 21, 2017
Women sex fantasies

Contrary to popular belief, women have a lot of sexual thoughts, in fact much more than you think. Even when you think they are doing something important, don’t be misled. Their minds are miles away. Whether it’s your girlfriend or a casual sex partner, our list contains the most desirable fantasies of most women.

Some prefer to keep their desires at that, while others have a list that they are slowly carrying out. So the next time your partner will be wandering off in thought, probably she thinks about something sexual.

Should You Care?

Probably, yes. A lot of fantasies are about things women don’t want to share. Nobody wants to be judged. Others are simply ashamed of dirty thoughts, or they think you might get offended as they are thinking about something other than they have with you.

So, what are the most desirable women fantasies?

1. Have sex with a stranger

Most women say that they would never have sex with a man they don’t know good enough. However, the same women are crazy about the idea of having sex without commitment and no strings attached. The dream of having a one-night stand with a stranger means that you don’t have to think about your history or future relationships. This feeling gives you a certain freedom.

woman sex fantasy

2. Threesome

Although threesomes are something often related to men fantasies, sex therapist Dr. Susan Block says, "Women are catching up as it becomes more acceptable for us to admit we'd like to be with two hot men at once, or perhaps a man and another woman."

erotic fantasy women

3. Being an alter ego

As real life usually creates pressure and makes us control our actions, we tend to express our feelings during sex. If a woman has to be politically correct at her day job, she will probably have fantasies where she is a stripper or a prostitute.

4. Being dominated

women sexual fantasies

No women want to be sexually harassed or ravaged in real life, but in fantasies and as a game, yes. Studies have shown that, on average, 60-70% of ladies want to be dominated. The Journal of Sexual Medicine explained everything even in more details: just over 50% of women dream of being tied up, while 36.3% love the idea of being spanked or whipped. And about 28% want to be forced to have sex.

5. Being masturbated

According to the Quebec research in 2014, "being masturbated by my partner," and "masturbating my partner," is a desire of 72% and 68% of women respectively.

6. Passionate and Romantic Sex

We know that you didn’t expect something this banal to come out on top, right?However, according to study in Quebec, 85% of women between the ages of 20-40 responded that they fantasize about having sex in a romantic location. Women are romantic creatures, and their fantasies involve more emotion than the men’s fantasies.

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