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Where To Buy Used Women's Underwear And Enjoy Using Worn Panties

Latest update: Dec 09, 2021
Buy Used Women's Underwear

One of the weirdest kinky things you can think of will probably be used womens panties for sale. This is a very popular trend among Asian pervs who also fuck pillows and use special cock-sucking machines, and it seems to have a real blast in other regions too.

There are various reasons why so many people (especially guys) purchase used panties and feel so much satisfaction from them: wildlife instincts, pheromones, simple attraction to natural human scents, and willingness to fantasize about all that dirty stuff that girl did in those panties. Indeed, some really like smelling the pussy, its taste, and it can really turn on a lot of guys.

If you're a fan or just want to try getting new experience sniffing used female underwear, you should know spots and tips that will help you get the most out of it. Get your dough ready, time for dirty shopping!

Top-5 websites to find used women's underwear for sale

If you feel like buying worn womens panties, but flying to Japan and getting them from a vending machine is too time-consuming and expensive, you can always purchase some online. Nowadays, you have a crapload of options where to buy dirty underwear, but you should know places to find high-quality goods for a great price. Below, you'll find the top platforms where worn panties are nicely packed and delivered to your door in a couple of days. You won't need to ask yourself where I can buy dirty panties anymore!

Sofia Gray

SofiaGrey buy panties

It's probably the best place to buy used panties if you don't know what to start your search from. Sofia Gray is a perfect spot to buy worn panties online and even get some hot pics or videos together with your order.

What else makes this website so cool is that you can even text most of the sellers here. There's a special Interview section under each profile where girls answer various kinky questions like "What's your favorite position?" or "Are you quiet or loud in bed?".

And that's not even the end of it! These kinky bitches lock their private content to receive some SG coins from you. This is a special currency for messaging and watching explicit content available on the platform.

So, if you want to buy used girls underwear and enjoy a sweet bonus at the same time, purchase your SG coin packs (the prices are sweet, so why not try?) and have fun. Below, you'll see the prices.

  • 100 coins for $3.99
  • 200 coins for $6.99
  • 500 coins for $15.99
  • 1000 coins for $30.99
  • 2000 coins for $60.99 place to buy worn panties

Need another place to buy worn panties? is one more mind-blowing spot! You can choose what to look for on the website: purchasing or selling used panties, seeing pics or videos of used underwear, or simply chatting with the sellers.

Sellers here use different currencies (GBP, USD, EUR), so make sure you got it right before buying some used panties. This platform doesn't only sell undies though. You'll find foot fetish stuff here too, together with sportswear, various chat options, and even dirty men's underwear.

Actually, doesn't stop on this either. In a special "Other" section, you'll find shark-shaped gummies, used face masks (cum included), bras, and all types of alike crazy shit lots of pervs upload to the marketplace every day.

Getting back to used girls underwear. Here, sellers reveal such details about panties like wear duration, when was the owner wearing them, size, material, and form. If you want to buy used women's underwear, choose the seller you like the most and drop them a message. Agree to the terms, seal the deal, and you'll get your panties soon. There are seller reviews provided by, so you see whom to trust the most. All the money goes to sellers, there are no hidden fees or extra charges for those who pay for used womens lingerie.


Snifffr buy worn panties

This is a free-to-join platform where you can place womens worn panties for sale or buy a nice pair or two. Here, you also find stockings, bras, pantyhose, and so on. You can easily reach out to any seller you like, negotiate a deal, and make them arrange a nice delivery. It usually can take up to a couple of days to get dirty used panties for sale delivered. In order to keep proper anonymity, most sellers use the buyer's return address.

Plus, Snifffr allows you to add your favorite sellers to your friend list, see the ratings and reviews from real customers, and use a live online chat to find out more about the marketplace or sellers. If you have any doubts regarding a seller, a Fake Check function allows you to see if a profile is real. One more nice thing about Snifffr is that it always offers some pleasant panty price deals. Lots of pairs can go at a unified price e.g. $5.95, which drives a lot of customers during such sales and keeps them hooked for a while afterward. Usually, costs for panties vary from $10 to $50, depending on the type of undies, materials, wear durations, etc.

Scented Pantsy

Scentedpantsy buy dirty panties

This platform is one of the most convenient and simplistic dirty panty sites. It offers an affordable pricing policy to those who want to become Premium users. For just $8.50/month, both buyers and sellers get a specific set of features. As a buyer, you get unlimited messaging, access to the dashboard to track others, activity status badge, and the opportunity to rate your favorite members. You choose your own payment type and follow the best sellers, read and write reviews, and even get some SP coins to send gifts, boost payouts and listings, and simply enjoy chatting with cute sellers about how sexy their dirty panties for sale are.


Pantydeal underwear marketplace

Here, you meet both experienced VIP sellers and newbies, look through the best offers, browse regular updates on the dashboard, become friends with your favorite panty sellers, and even read an online magazine about local girls who place used panties for sale. On average, panties here cost from $15-$25, but there are some exceptions that go higher or lower. You may find used undies worth $50 a pair or get a special deal of 3 pairs for only $30, so it's all pretty individual.

How buying dirty panties works

Okay dude, you've decided on the website and are ready to buy smelly panties from a hot girl. What are your next steps? What should you know about choosing a perfect pair of used undies? What tips are there for both newbies and professional panty sniffers? Let's find out!

buying dirty panties

Tips on picking the perfect panties

  • Think of the sexiest woman in perfectly shaped panties. What form will they be? What color and material would look the best? Would you prefer extra-small panties to easily hide in your pocket and carry them everywhere, or do you like larger ones? Size and shape do matter, especially if you have a kink for petite girls or BBW, for example.
  • Think of the best wear duration of your dream panties. Seriously, the period and cases during which a seller wore their panties are really important. ImagineThink of the best possible duration and occasion you might like the most. Did the girl wear them while masturbating, working out, or sitting at work? Did she have this one pair on for 2, 3, or maybe even 4 days? All this really matters as you may be lucky enough to get a real nice, smelly pair of sexy trousers if you do some nice research on the market.
  • Look at the price. Some sellers give away a nice, juicy set of panties for just $20-30, while others want $40 for just one pair. Ask if there are any discounts or special deals for regulars, see if a seller is ready to negotiate or offer something better.
  • Check the info about the seller. You won't get a nice meal out of the deal if the seller you're talking to is shady and not at all friendly. Bad gals only seem cool, but in reality, they happen to be total jerks who don't even try to cater to their customer's needs. Look at ratings and other customers' reviews on all the sellers you're about to talk to.

Most widespread types of worn panties for sale

You may have guessed by now that there are so many types of used undies you can lose count. Well, here are the main types that guys get turned on by most of all:

  • Ordinary panties: worn for 1-2 days, no physical or sexual activity but with a decent, not too pungent smell. Thongs, knickers, strings, Brazilian, and tanga are all pretty much attractive to any kind of guy. Usually, owners wear them to work and then change them at night or the morning after.
  • Workout panties: worn during the whole day from getting to work and then the gym, or vice versa. Have a stronger smell and may be different from the one that ordinary panties have. It may be more pungent since it's mixed with other fluids like sweat, but a lot of sports guys just go crazy about it.
  • Masturbation panties: worn before and during masturbation, usually have a lot of fluid on them afterward, have a slightly stronger smell than normal panties. Since more fluids ended up on such panties, the smell can be more detectable for a longer period of time. Also good for licking and masturbating on them.

buy worn panties

How to chat with a seller

While choosing womens worn panties for sale, the only person you can ever talk to about your preferences is the seller. There are no online consultants, so you can only rely on search filters, variety on the website, and the quality of a seller. So, maintaining good communication with one is your best way to get a perfect pair of used undies with a great smell of pussy and a nice deal.

It all depends on the platform since there are various ways of communicating with the sellers: emails, social media, messengers, or on-site communication, both paid or free. The main tips for texting with the seller are:

  • Choose the platform that suits your communication preferences, and start searching for a perfect pair of panties. You can easily seal the deal via texting so that neither of you gets into a fight regarding any aspect of a purchase.
  • Be friendly and nice, don't try to hit on a chick to get a better discount or else.
  • Ask about the variety of goods this gal can offer you, what the price range is.
  • You should agree on delivery terms, check if everything's indeed anonymous and you haven't left a trace of your personal information that might hurt you in any way.

Buying worn panties on such websites is 100% private, and there are no platforms that collect or share any of your personal information with someone else. However, there might be some unreliable merchants who might use your personal information for their own purposes. The chances of meeting such people are extremely low since panty-selling websites are usually a safe space where the only thing that matters is fulfilling each other's kinky needs.

Best payment methods for anonymous transactions

Before proceeding to payment, make sure you're using a safe and reliable wallet. It's better not to use your credit card details unless it's an encrypted payment. Also, remember that PayPal doesn't work with adult industry representatives, so you won't be able to proceed with such a transaction. For those who are looking for womens dirty underwear for sale, it's better to use Google Wallet, Amazon gift card, Circle Pay, Square Cash, or Escrow payments.

What to do with used panties?

So pal, you just received your brand-new (well, not that brand-new) pair of used womens lingerie. What's next? I know some pretty nice stuff that you can do with your worn undies to get 100% satisfaction!


You can start sniffing them to get turned on a little bit, then slowly start making moves downtown. Sniff and jerk off at the same time, or you may simply start picturing someone wearing those panties and keep going—whatever you think of, do it! You'll never know what will make you pop if you don't try it all, so bring your ass on the couch and handle your own business big time!

Fantasizing about the former owner

Make it a whole damn ceremony: turn on some music and lower the lights, lie in your bed, and start picturing a woman of your dreams or a former owner of these precious panties. I bet she's hot as all hell! Start thinking of all those dirty things you could do to her! What's more, you can check if the seller is up for some sexting to make your experience even more realistic. Sounds good, right? Now you're in the zone!

Sniffing the hell out of them before sex!

Just a little sniff can really get a guy horny as fuck. Try this trick before banging another chick, preparing for the foreplay, and so on. It's a great starter for a sexy night with your partner, especially if you're with a stranger and she has no idea it's not her that made you so horny. Ah, those naive little skanks!

As you see, buying used panties isn't such a big deal. If you feel like you need to get a pair or two, then why not? It's another way of exploring your body and sexuality, so just let all these emotions burst as soon as you dip your nose into that smelly, kinky, sexy panties and have real fun. Who said men can't do it?


Do People Really Buy Used Panties?

Yes, they do, and sellers make good money out of it. Used womens panties for sale are a popular fetish among customers around the world, especially the ones from Asian countries. Still, lots of Americans, Australians, and Latina women like selling their smelly panties too. There are also websites that sell used men's underwear.

How Do I Know If I Have A Panty Fetish?

It's not really hard to tell if you have a panty fetish. It all begins with simple attraction to a natural human scent, no matter if that's sweat or the smell of genitals. You may start wondering what's the smell of someone's panties right after they're out of the gym or a long day at work. Curiosity can evolve into a real passion and turn you on even more than foreplay or sex. You're trying to figure out where to find used panties, you want to sniff and lick them, and you want to masturbate with them to fully satisfy your needs.

How Do I Know The Sellers Are Real?

You can find it out by browsing various websites and reading seller reviews there. If you're looking where to buy used underwear, there will most certainly be some reviews or testimonials from other used panty fans. They give sellers a rating and leave comments on the service, how fast the seller replies, and how fast the delivery was. Plus, most sellers have a Verified or Premium status at panty selling sites, so you'll always know you're talking to a valid and reliable person.

Is It Cheating If Your Partner Is Secretly Buying Used Panties?

This may be a bit hard at first to confess to your partner that you're buying used panties online and enjoy sniffing them. It'll require a lot of courage from you and patience from your partner, but after all, it'll bring your relationship up to a whole new level of trust. It also may spice up your relationship if your partner has a more laid-back attitude to your kinks and secret desires. Plus, in case it helps to turn you on faster, there's no harm in doing it.

How To Store Used Underwear?

With proper storage of used ladies underwear, you can use a single pair and keep its initial smell for months. To keep your smelly undies fresh and nice, store them in an airtight container, like a ziplock bag, plastic container, etc. It's important to place womens dirty underwear away from the air as much as possible to keep it as smelly as possible for longer. Also, you should avoid a moist environment.

If, by any chance, your order comes a bit wet, try to dry it as fast as you can. To make it look good and more attractive, store them nicely folded in your preferred means of storage and enjoy your good-looking panties.

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