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About Chaturbate

  • 18+ policy;
  • more than 5 years of successful functioning;
  • the site is available in 15 languages;
  • more than 4 million guests every month;
  • good users’ ratings;
  • private shows, group shows and other functions;
  • the charge calculated for minutes of watching;
  • an opportunity to earn real money;
  • tag system to ease and speed up the searching process.

Chaturbate for you

Chaturbate is a sex chat you would never get bored with. The variety of models is impressive: you may enter female, male, couple, or transsexual chat room and watch the shows uploaded. It is easy to navigate the platform as every video is being ascribed a variety of tags that help you find exactly what you want. In general, Chaturbate operates as a free online chat – you may register free of charge and watch the content. But if you want a model to fulfill your request then you are expected to pay a certain amount of tokens – each model sets the prices on her own. The portal is interactive and you are unlikely to get bored when browsing it.

Chaturbate is one of the most popular adult websites. Of course, you cannot enter it in cases when you are under 18. This resource was established in 2011 and till now it is really very widely common. The sense of this website is that you can chat and in the same time watch the intimate videos of different people. The special thing about the Chaturbate website is that it is free of charge but sometimes you are to pay «tips» for watching the videos. The Chaturbate cams are divided into several groups.

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Chaturbate cams:

  • Female
  • Male
  • Trans
  • Featured
  • Couple

What is more, it is perfect that this website is available in numerous languages. It is very convenient and will come in useful to you.

The languages:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • Mandarin
  • Portuguese
  • Korean
  • Dutch
  • Greek
  • Arabic
  • Turkish
  • Hindi

The statistics say that this website gets more than 4 million guests every month and it is a really great figure. In cases when the cam people get tokens, in such a way they can earn real money. So, this website is useful not only for enjoying but also for getting a profit. Moreover, the cams are also divided by several factors. 

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The factors for dividing:

  • Age (Teen cams, 18-21, 20-30, 30-50, 50+)
  • Region (North America, Philippines, Asian, South America, Euro Russian, Other Region)
  • Status (HD, Private Shows, Group Shows, New, Exhibitionist)

For you to know, this resource gives you the opportunity to get the private show. However, you are to remember that they cost money. And the charge is calculated for minutes of watching. But the crucial thing to know is that you can register on the Chaturbate free of charge. It also takes advantage of numerous tags. With their help, you can quickly find what you need.

You are to remember that the advantage of Chaturbate cams is that you are free not only to be a client of this service but also act as a model. You know that it is not just for fun, you can earn real money sitting at home.

Chaturbate reviews

Never give the preference to the cam sites if you have not read the reviews about them. Of course, the websites will not tell anything bad about themselves and you should remember it. Moreover, you have a deal with money. So, you should get a perfect service. But, fortunately, the reviews about chat Chaturbate are mostly positive. For instance, we have found the following reviews.

Jack has written the following: «I am not the freshmen in this business. I have tried a lot of diverse live webcam chats. But I have selected Chaturbate. As for me, it has an easy navigation, a lot of tags which help to find the necessary videos and I like the opportunity of having the free Chaturbate live chat . But if I want more, I can pay money and get it.»

Michael says: «I do not like the design of Chaturbate but I like the functionalities. Also, I like the fact that it is available in various languages. I think it plays a significant role in using the websites. What I like is that the registration here is free of charge. For me it is crucial. I have found a lot of beautiful models here and visit this site almost every day.»

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Sabrina said the following: «I am not a model on this site, I am a client. I get bored with the ordinary things. That is why I am glad that on Chaturbate I can find anything I can imagine. Moreover, thanks to their tags it does not take me much time to find the categories I need. I really recommend you not to waste time on other resources and to try this one.»

Alex likes everything about Chaturbate cam chat and says: «I do not understand the people who are still looking for the perfect adult cam chat as there is no need to do it. There is a perfect chat and it is Chaturbate. A lot of live translations and a lot of nice models. What else do you need? Stop hesitating and come to try it. Anyway, you will not lose anything.»

Olga adds: «My friend told me about this kind of earning money and I took a decision to work as a model on the adult cam chat. I have tried a lot of them but Chatrubate seems the best for me. Working inside I know that everything is honest here and I have no desire to change my working place. To tell the truth, often I use the website as a client and I am totally satisfied with it.»

Finally, you see with your own eyes that Chaturbate live chat is definitely one of the best chats of this kind. More importantly, it does not take money for the registration and the fact that it has so many users shows that it is not only our opinion.

Total score 7.6
Ease of Use
Number of Members
Safety & Anti-Scam
Customer Service
Quality of Profiles
Value for Money
FREE Registration
Excellent video streams and great variety of hotties.
Chaturbate is an excellent service for those looking for a place to relax while watching beautiful ladies. This platform fascinates me with its models and their shows.
Real fans of adult chats will appreciate Chaturbate as it is one of the top-ranked services on the Internet. Plus, it’s easy to find what you want to watch on this platform thanks to the tags.
Chaturbate is my personal number one service. I love it for the variety of models and chats. I am not a newbie in adult chats, so I can suggest using this one as it is the best.
I don’t know, for me, Chaturbate is like a website from 00’s, where you click and ads with naked women appear. I didn’t like it.
For the price, you pay you to expect something more than this. The design is awful, it is a shame to be caught using Chaturbate.
Chaturbate looks like a cheap site which still follows old methods and features. There are many fake ad accounts and when you click on those, you are re-directed to recorded videos. Definitely not why I signed up here on Chaturbate. My experience here was just pathetic.
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