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Welcome To The Las Vegas Hookup Crash Course

Most of the time, men just can't hold their dicks in the pants, and I can get it. There are so many hot cunts around — you just can't resist them. That's why I've decided to show you the best places to hook up in Vegas and share the top Vegas hookup sites. So pack your things, (I mean condoms) and let's get laid!

Top 3 Hookup Sites
Wanna Hookup
OneNight Friend
Ashley Madison
Top 3 Live Sex Cam Sites

Tips on having a safe Vegas hookup online

Faptime is good, but we’re not here for just a hand job. To get laid with a real chick in the future, you should follow some simple rules on how to pick up a girl online and prepare yourself for it.

All these pieces of advice are pretty simple but following them will help prevent yourself from the unexpected things like a dude instead of a chick showing up on a date or any other misunderstandings that may occur. Sex is sex, but communication isn’t less important.

How to get sex in Vegas online?

If you're too lazy to get your ass from the couch and go out to get laid, there are hundreds of Las Vegas hook up sites that can satisfy anybody’s appetite. The best platforms and webcam models for a fap time are all here in this guide. Let’s see what they’ve got!

The top Vegas local sex websites offer thousands of chicks to choose from in the neighborhood. All the hoes in town are just at your hands, dope! You can use search filters and see the girls’ preferences and dislikes, so that you could see if you two are a good fit for each other. But who said NO to a handjob? If you feel like it, just look at some of the most fappable webcam models in Vegas. Daddy likey!

The hottest Vegas webcam girls

Sunny Lane model
Sunny Lane
Sunny Lane
Followers: 39.1k
Brittany Tucker model
Brittany Tucker
Brittany Tucker
Followers: 31k
Valeree Bunny model
Valeree Bunny
Valeree Bunny
Followers: 46k
Nilana X model
Nilana X
Nilana X
Followers: 481k
  • Sunny Lane is a 35-year-old hot blonde, “the girl next door that’s gone wild”. What a twist. She’s bi-sexual and ready to do a lot of nasty things with her big butt, use a dildo, and show you some great boobs. Just go and watch her in the “Girls Next Door” or “College Girls” section — let the fun begin!
  • Brittany Tucker is another hell of a pussy! She’s 27 with a triple-D cup — you must see those tits, man. She loves exploring her body, and she’s dreaming of having sex in a public place and has some fetishes like submission, anal, spanking. And trust me, she knows for sure how to use those butt plugs and dildos in some unimaginable ways. You can’t miss such a sweet cunt.
  • Valeree Bunny is our Vegas next webcam model. She’s got a secret fetish that she loves sharing with a person only in a one-to-one online meeting. She’s 29 and wants to end up with an older man who could teach her how to live and show some balls. Domination and feet fetish are among Valeree’s favorites, and she also loves playing with anal beads, giant dildos, and vibrators. So if you’re a mature, well-loaded man from Vegas or whatever, you’ve just got the chance to meet and impress this little hoe and see what she can offer.
  • Nilana X is just 25, but she’s already an awesome stripper and a webcam model at the same time. She’s a bi-curious exotic chick that loves role plays and being dominant. Nipple and anal play? You’ve got it! Butt plugs and nipple clamps are her best friends and the double penetration is what can make her pussy really wet. Time to see what she’s got! So get your napkins and lotion and don’t jizz in your pants beforehand.

Las Vegas one-night stand: what should you know before you go?

Just imagine this: endless 24/7 parties, beach clubs, bottle service at the hotel, lots of well-dressed gals in the casino. That's what you get from waking up in Vegas (credits to Katy Perry). That's actually true: Las Vegas isn't called a Sin City by chance. Drinking, smoking, gambling, and fucking around is just how a usual day looks like in there. You need to get involved in that party clique to get noticed by the hottest cunts in town.

Las Vegas is about all types of entertainment and is one of the most popular and desirable tourist destinations in the world. And one of the best places to meet chicks from all over the world.

So is picking up girls in Vegas easy and effortless then? These pussies are worth getting laid with but you should remember they're not that cheap. The best places to hook up in Vegas include casinos, pool parties, and fancy restaurants, so better prepare loads of cash. Even a one-week mid-range trip to Vegas could be a costly pleasure. On average, you can spend $1800 just for yourself and twice as much and even higher for the ladies. You have to pay well for a top-class fuck. Vegas is like a global brothel that attracts all the most expensive hoes out there. But even if you're on a budget, the Las Vegas hook up sites are always there to help you. We'll get back to them later.

What are the chicks in Vegas?

Before you go picking up girls in Vegas, let me show you what these hoes are. You should understand that Vegas is a city of entertainment, sins, and all that "what happened in Vegas stays in Vegas" stuff. So the gals there are also very sinful, but they've got some class.

In Vegas, you'll see the highest heels and the most expensive dresses, the latest Chanel bags, and Bugattis at the parkings. The chicks there know how to dress in style. You probably won't see a group of students hanging out in a library but you'll definitely see at least several different bachelorette parties in one night, a bunch of Woo girls that would never resist a one-night stand, classy women in casinos and fancy restaurants, or simply party animals that are going wild more often than get sober. But it won't make any problem to you, am I right?

Getting laid in Vegas offline: top places to find girls on Las Vegas


When you travel to Vegas, you have unlimited opportunities and no strings attached to any girl since you’re just a tourist. And as a guru, I can show you the best pickup bars in Vegas, some great hotels for a one-night stand, and all the other places where you can hook up with a girl. Grab your pen, let’s get to writing!

Best bars in Vegas to get laid

The bars in Vegas are all fancy and look fab. But of course, the fab chicks in there aren't always that sophisticated and unreachable. Here's the list of the top Vegas bars where you can easily pick up a slutty chick and get lucky any time:

  • The Nerd;
  • Mr. D's Sports Bar and Grill;
  • Onyx Bar;
  • The Chandelier;
  • ReBAR;
  • Dog Haus Biergarten.

It's just the beginning of the list but these bars are among the best ones where you can win a one-night stand every time you stop by. Order some fancy cocktails, have some small talk, and you’re good to go. Sounds great, right? Sometimes, you won’t even need those formalities, the girls can go crazy themselves after a few drinks.

The top Las Vegas sex hotel list

Of course, the first place that come to mind is the world-famous Bellagio, but it’s not necessary to spend a bag of cash for one night at the hotel. You can actually start from a casino there and then move to another place to have sex. So what about the hotels in Vegas? Have a look at these options:

  • Treasure Island Hotel and Casino, a Radisson Hotel;
  • Sahara Las Vegas;
  • The STRAT Hotel, Casino & SkyPod;
  • Wynn Las Vegas;
  • Circus Circus Hotel and Casino;
  • Plaza Hotel & Casino.

Those are not the cheapest options but it’ll pay back really soon if you bring a chick to any of these hotels. You can actually go and meet someone there. Come to any party, restaurant, or casino if offered in a hotel and you’re good to go. Don’t forget your condoms, bro!

The best casinos to pick up girls in Vegas

Well, I couldn’t skip the casino part. In Vegas, it’s not only a kind of entertainment but also a part of history and an important element of culture. If you’ve ever seen what they look like in Vegas, you’ll get me. Plus, a lot of fancy loaded chicks go to casinos to either find a sugar daddy or meet guys for an occasional hook up. That’s where you’ll get even more than lucky! So let’s see what Vegas can offer you:

  • Palms Casino Resort;
  • The Mirage;
  • Flamingo;
  • The Venetian Las Vegas;
  • Encore at Wynn;
  • Best Western Plus Casino Royale.

Most of the casinos are located inside the hotels where everyone can enter (after passing through a face control, sure). So it's time to put your best clothes on and get ready for a great casino sex crawl!

The best Las Vegas sex nightclubs for a great hookup

Oh clubs! Holy shit, I wish I could live there, surrounded by all those chicks in miniskirts. But let's not lose our focus, here's the list of the top-notch Vegas sex party clubs:

  • XS Nightclub;
  • Drai's Beachclub & Nightclub;
  • VooDoo Rooftop Nightclub;
  • Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub;
  • Drai's After Hours;
  • Omnia Nightclub.

Do you feel this sex vibe in the air? Well, it'll get even crazier! As soon as you visit another pool party or two, go to a dayclub (yes, they exist), and have a few cocktails at the cool rooftop bar, you'll become a part of this party click which means free pussy passes y'all! If I were you, I'd be on my way there right now.

General tips on getting laid in Vegas offline

Now when you know all the best places to get laid in Vegas, let's recall some main rules oh how to pick up a girl for the unforgettable one-night stand:

Dress well

You're in Vegas, dude, show your style! You'd better get ready for meeting chicks out there. Take a shower, put on clean clothes and fresh socks! It's the most important part, but looks like dudes tend to forget about this. If you're not sure if you'll fit well in a club or a restaurant, it's a call for shopping.

Show your manners

Rude guys with no hint of intelligence can just fuck themselves. Be a nice, handsome man who buys her drinks and provides a cab in the morning. Don't rush the moment. This will make a great impression on a chick, so please don't fuck it up with irrelevant "compliments" and staring at her boobs.

Can I please not remind you of a condom?


Be sure you both have the same expectations about the night

Don't feel stupid for double-check. What if she starts seeing you as a long-term partner or falls in love with you after all? Better if you find another girl with the same plans: just a one-night stand with no strings attached.

Make it all remain a secret

You probably won't be happy if someone you know found out about your hookup adventures. Sure, it's not the worst thing to do but well, you get me. Just try not make it awkward for both of you. Girls can pay back.

How To Get Laid In Vegas

Okay, we're done here, time to hit the city!

Finally, we're here, dude. Grab your condoms and off you go! Don't forget to recall some lessons from this Vegas hookup guide. Cheers!

Secret tip from a local Vegas hookuper

There's indeed a perfect hookup area in Las Vegas you just can't miss and it's The Strip. Haha, very symbolic. The best strip clubs, together with great night bars and daytime pool parties are all in one spot. This is the hookup Mecca in Vegas as everyone there is looking for a one-time "friend". Get a cab and enjoy the ride!

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