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Minneapolis Sex: How To Get Laid In Minneapolis

If you're in town for a bit, you can spare some time for recreation. Minneapolis is one of those cities you should take the time to experience because the ladies here will knock your socks off. If you want any chance at finding out where you can score some action, you need this article. Everything from the hottest bars, the coolest clubs, and the worst hangouts are on this page. It's your personal guide to Minneapolis sex.

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Tips for online hookups in Minneapolis

Update your pictures

Don't use pictures from when you were in high school or photos that are 20 years old. On a dating profile, you need to have the latest information about yourself. If you have an old picture that you obviously look different from now, the girl you plan to meet will end up feeling catfished.

Make plans

It ain't enough to just talk about trivialities, you need to make plans. Come up with date ideas Minneapolis can work with because you'll most likely have to take that chick out before you can bring her home. When you make plans, it shows you're serious and making an effort to get closer to her. This way, you're much more likely to sleep with her, while normal conversations would just dry up, and you would ghost each other.

Use trusted Minneapolis hookup sites

Minneapolis dating sites let you focus your search on ladies only in Minneapolis. When you're in Minneapolis, you don't want to talk to a girl for days only to find out she's living in Florida. You ain't flying to Florida to get laid. With the personals in Minneapolis, every chick you talk to will be a resident of the city. You won't be bamboozled by getting matched with babes thousands of miles away. This means every girl you match with, you could fuck on the very same day.

Who are the top camgirls of Minneapolis?

Minneapolis cam girls will knock you back on your ass with their raw sexuality and looks. They know all the right ways to press your buttons and keep you hard for hours on end. Here are the 4 best cam chicks to watch:

Kaylee Holly
Kaylee Holly model
Kaylee Holly
Followers: 31k
Nicole Redwood
Nicole Redwood model
Nicole Redwood
Followers: 35k
Daisy_Next_Door model
Followers: 51k
Sweet Rain
Sweet Rain model
Sweet Rain
Followers: 44k
  • Nicole Redwood. She's a cute redhead gal who doesn't mind dirty business. Her passion for fucking herself and love of exhibitionism led her to become a cam girl, and now she brings joy to pervy men all over the world.
  • Daisy_Next_Door. Daisy is a glasses-wearing brunette. She's 30 years old, an absolute BBW, and has a great ass. Her dirty mind, boob play, and love of teasing men made her a favorite of pervs all over.
  • Sweet Rain. Rain chases a naughty aesthetic that's beautiful to look at. She loves to combine the pale colors of lingerie with her skin in artistic shots to make herself look otherworldly. Her sexuality isn't so calm though. She caters to the BDSM crowd, specifically doing sensual domination. When she's in control, she'll make sure you feel pleasure.
  • Kaylee Holly. With 38GG natural breasts, Kaylee drives guys wild with her raw sexuality. She's not the submissive type, and her shows are all about domination, fetish, and tit worship. She's a curvy goddess, and you'll need all the strength you can muster to stop yourself from busting your load too early.

The Minneapolis nightlife guide on where to meet Minneapolis girls

Minneapolis is one of the biggest cities in Minnesota, and it's a great place to meet some of the cutest, naughtiest girls you'll ever see. If you want a good shot at taking a pretty lady home to your hotel, these few locations will be your best shot at making that happen. Combine it with the offline hookup tips, and you're guaranteed a steamy midnight hookup.

Up-Down Minneapolis
Up-Down Minneapolis
3012 Lyndale Ave S
Prohibition Bar
Prohibition Bar
821 S Marquette Ave
The 1029 Bar
The 1029 Bar
1029 Marshall St NE
TILT Pinball Bar
TILT Pinball Bar
113 E 26th St #110
Kieran's Irish Pub
Kieran's Irish Pub
85 N 6th St
The Pourhouse
The Pourhouse
10 S 5th St #11
Brit's Pub
Brit's Pub
1110 Nicollet Mall
Liquor Lyle's
Liquor Lyle's
2021 Hennepin Ave #2742

Turn up at the hottest night clubs in Minneapolis

Minneapolis nightclubs are the highlight of the nightlife of the city. Ladies get plastered here, guys dance all night, and everyone ends up going home with someone new. You can dance, drink, hump and hopefully fuck your way through the night at these clubs. The chicks you'll run into are absolute bombshells, and you'll love the girls at these clubs:

  • Ground Zero Nightclub
  • The Exchange & Alibi Lounge
  • Kitty Cat Klub
  • Monarch Minneapolis
  • Bar Fly
  • REV Ultra Lounge
  • Medusa Nightclub
  • Club Underground

Visit the best bars in Minneapolis

Liquor gets girls raunchy. They lose all inhibition, and their horny instincts take over. At the top Minneapolis hookup bars, you'll run into the hottest ladies Minnesota has to offer. Chicks from every walk of life, alternative babes, college girls, classy MILFs, promiscuous housewives and plenty more are on the menu. If you think you're suave enough to get these ladies to bend over for you, you'll have a blast at these bars:

  • Up-Down Minneapolis
  • Prohibition Bar
  • The 1029 Bar
  • TILT Pinball Bar
  • Kieran's Irish Pub
  • The Pourhouse
  • Brit's Pub
  • Liquor Lyle's

Top restaurants for meeting singles in Minneapolis

Looking for a bite to eat, or on the hunt for a Minneapolis MILF? Either way, restaurants are one of the best options to meet Minneapolis girls. You'll find pretty ladies no matter which restaurant you go to, and you can even figure out what kind of women go where. Want classy ladies in business casual? Go to high-end restaurants. Wanna fuck a college teen? Check out the pizza spot. These are the hottest restaurants in Minneapolis:

  • Spoon And Stable
  • Revival MPLS
  • The Capital Grille
  • 112 Eatery
  • Wrecktangle Pizza
  • Red Cow North Loop
  • Young Joni
  • Red Rabbit Minneapolis

Stay at the top Minneapolis hookup hotels

If you're looking for the best Minneapolis hookup spots, nothing beats taking a kinky slut from the bar straight to your premium hotel. Your hotel could make or break your night's hookup. Pick a good one, and chicks are guaranteed to come home with you. Pick a sketchy one in a dodgy neighborhood, and girls will run away from you. Choose any one of these hotels, however, and the ladies will be flocking to you, and you'll be living in the lap of luxury:

  • Hotel Ivy, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Minneapolis (At $223 per night)
  • Hilton Minneapolis (At $173 per night)
  • The Marquette Hotel, Curio Collection by Hilton (At $165 per night)
  • Loews Minneapolis Hotel (At $158 per night)
  • Hyatt Regency Minneapolis (At $129 per night)
  • Elliot Park Hotel, Autograph Collection (at $117 per night
  • Emery, Autograph Collection Hotel (At $114 pee night)
  • Rand Tower, Minneapolis, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel (At $110 per night

Cool places to meet single women in Minneapolis

If you wanna catch a special chick, you need to make your hunting grounds bigger. Looking for ladies in the Minneapolis nightlife can only get you so far. Check out one of the swinger clubs Minneapolis has and you're guaranteed to meet tons of Minneapolis babes you wouldn't find anywhere else:

  • Guthrie Theater
  • Minneapolis Institute of Art
  • Hyland Hills Ski Area
  • Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden
  • The Escape Game Minneapolis
  • The Smitten Kitten
  • SeaQuest Roseville
  • Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen's Club

How do you take out Minneapolis escorts?

If you're not having much luck at one of the singles bars Minneapolis has or you don't feel like going to a Minneapolis sex club just to get some action, there's an alternative. Escorts can be found in the city online, and there's a chick for every occasion. Be it a fancy ball or a motel romp, there are ladies of every ethnicity, class, and age to suit your preferences.

Don't be afraid to buy drinks

Every guy's afraid of spending money on a drink, sending it to a girl, and getting rejected. You can't let yourself get disheartened by that. Remember, it's a numbers game. It isn't reasonable to expect you'll have a 100% success rate for Minneapolis sex.

Don't corner her

You could be having the most fun conversation in the world with a girl, but if she feels like she's cornered, she won't enjoy it. Make sure you're not backing a girl into a wall or separating her from her friends just to talk with her because that'll make her uncomfortable. Give her space to maneuver, and keep your confident, outgoing demeanor. She'll fall for your charm!

Remember that foreplay is king

The most fun part of sex is penetration for you, but what makes penetration enjoyable for her is the foreplay. Use your fingers and mouth wisely, and she'll remember you fondly as the mysterious stranger who made her cum so hard she almost forgot her own name. Skip foreplay, and you'll be remembered as the douche who tried to fuck her when she was dry as a desert.

Be confident in your approach

First impressions matter. If you start stammering and stuttering when you first approach a girl, you significantly lower your chances of going home with her. Remember, even if this one doesn't work out, there are other chicks willing to fuck. Take deep breaths, picture how the conversation will go, and keep your head held high. You'll feel way more confident on the approach, and you'll fumble your words less.

Don't be forceful

In Minneapolis sex is plentiful. That's why if you're getting turned down, you shouldn't double your efforts on that chick. Instead, focus your efforts on some other girl who's more likely to be receptive towards you. There are thousands of hot sluts willing to give you the casual sex Minneapolis is known for and trying to force yourself on one girl who doesn't like you will simply end poorly for you.

best places to get laid in Minneapolis

Single women from Minneapolis wait for you!

Single ladies aren't hard to come by in Minneapolis, and they're all stunning ladies. A guy can easily find his dream hookup here, and it's easier if you follow this article to a tee. Experience the wildest Minneapolis vacation by hooking up with Minneapolis girls!

Secret tip from a local hookuper

If you're new in town and wanna meet a lot of ladies in one day, go to M&M's Mall of America. It's so big it would take you 86 hours just to spend ten minutes in each shop! Ladies love to shop, and you'll find tons of them there any day of the week. There's also an aquarium, mini-golf, and even the Nickelodeon Universe. Any day you go to the Mall of America, you're guaranteed to run into at least one chick who you'll hit it off with. Once you find that babe, it's smooth sailing.

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