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How To Score Tijuana Sex? The International Sex Guide To Tijuana

This Tijuana sex guide will show you the ins and outs of the glorious city of Tijuana. You′re here to fuck chicks and see the sights? This article has plenty of both. If you need Tijuana nightlife tips, wanna find Tijuana call girls, or you just need some good old Tijuana sex, this article will get you sorted. Let′s get cracking!

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Tricks to make online hookup in Tijuana easier

Don′t limit yourself to one lady

Talking to girls online ain′t nothing like talking to them in person. At the club, you hit on one girl at a time. On dating apps, there are no limits. Hit on as many ladies you like. The more, the merrier. After all, the more lines you throw out, the more fish you′re likely to catch.

Put effort into your profile

Girls will skip over your profile if it has just minimal detail on it. You need more than just a basic headline and one profile picture. Have lots of photos for the ladies to go through, and talk about your interests, work, and what you′re looking for. Chicks know you have a dick, bro. They wanna see who you are as a person because that can be attractive too.

Don′t be too cocky

Girls love confident guys, but if you′re cocky, it can be a turn-off. You need to come off as a man who knows what he wants, not a childish guy who believes he′ll get what he wants on a silver platter. The ladies have to feel like you will work to get their attention, and not expect them to just bend over for you.

Are there any good Tijuana cam girls?

Good cam girls can be hard to find, but Tijuana has plenty of them. These ladies will make you bust a load within minutes:

CatWoman2416 model
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  • DanteDurox: She′s a petite blonde slut, with a passion for using multiple dildos at once. Ever seen a girl put a vibrator in her pussy, fuck herself with a dildo, and deepthroat another dildo at the same time? You will, on her streams. Tune in, and give your dick the viewing of a lifetime.
  • Sorexxx: She might never show her face, but you′ll see everything else that matters. She′s a top-shelf slut who can squirt on cam, take dick, and fuck herself in all her hole with her fingers and dildos. When you′re dreaming of fucking a Tijuana slut, this is the chick to watch.
  • Sexyymexyy69: She regularly performs with her boyfriend. Riding cock is her favorite thing, and you′ll see her suck dicks off and even get fucked doggy style. Watch her get covered with cum in her live sessions, as she plays with vibrators and talks dirty to her viewers. She′s a Mexican slut you′ll pray for a night with.

Top spots for Tijuana sex tourism

Finding girls in Tijuana is a difficult task, only if you don′t know where to look, dummy. You′ve got me, this is your international sex guide to Tijuana with all the best spots to run into the best-looking bimbos the city has to offer. Go through these places, and your dick will never lack action.

Dandy del Sur Cantina
Dandy del Sur Cantina
Flores Magón 8274, Zona Centro
P.º de los Héroes 22000, Zona Urbana Rio
Ruta 3 Sports Bar
Ruta 3 Sports Bar
Avenida Revolución #895 Y Calle 3ra
El Copeo
El Copeo
Av. Revolución Sn, Centro, 22000
Nortico Bar
Nortico Bar
Emilio Carranza 3107, Aviacion, 22014
Triangulo Sports Bar
Triangulo Sports Bar
Callejon Rosales 1440-3, Zona Nte
Cereus Bar
Cereus Bar
22010, José María Larroque 271
Santa Leyenda
Santa Leyenda
Flores Magón 8136, Zona Centro

Best bars to meet Tijuana hot girls

Sex in Tijuana is easy to come across when the ladies are plastered and horny. Believe me, bro, chicks are never more turned on than when they′re drunk. At these bars, you′ll have all the Tijuana girls your dick could ever want:

  • Dandy del Sur Cantina
  • Jaggers
  • Ruta 3 Sports Bar
  • El Copeo
  • Nortico Bar
  • Triangulo Sports Bar
  • Cereus Bar
  • Santa Leyenda

Top clubs for nightlife in Tijuana

Nightclubs are usually the wildest places you can go to find sex in Tijuana. They can become proper Tijuana sex clubs, if you find chicks slutty enough, because these bitches might even let you finger them slightly on the dancefloor. Try out these nightclubs, and you might get lucky:

  • Prizma Antro Bar Tijuana
  • Menealo Night Club
  • El Alebrije
  • Rumors by Deck 22
  • Cats
  • Coko Bongo
  • El Mitote Night Club
  • Karma Antro Bar

Best restaurants to meet Tijuana babes

It ain′t just food at these restaurants, bro. Tijuana hot girls often spend time here with their besties, whether it′s a casual meal, bachelorette party, baby shower, or brunch. With enough drinks and good food going around, you could easily put the moves on these chicks. Hang out at these restaurants, and you′ll score some action:

  • Caesar′s
  • La Espadana
  • Marenca
  • Restaurante Casa Plasencia
  • Mariscos El Mazateno
  • Restaurante La Querencia
  • Cevicheria La Mas Nais
  • Cabanna Restaurant

Best hotels for Tijuana sex tourism

A good hotel brings you peace of mind. Besides, you never wanna be embarrassed when you′re bringing a girl back to your place. With these hotels, the chicks will be begging for another night together:

  • K Tower Boutique Hotel By Lucerna (At $206 per night)
  • Hotel Lucerna Tijuana (At $143 per night)
  • Hyatt Place Tijuana (At $135 per night)
  • Hacienda del Rio (At $132 per night)
  • Rosarito Beach Hotel (At $129 per night)
  • Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Tijuana (At $114 per night)
  • Grand Hotel Tijuana (At $107 per night)
  • Hotel Ticuan (At $81 per night)

Extra spots to look for sex in Tijuana?

Sex doesn′t just exist within the nightlife. There are plenty of Tijuana sex clubs and erotic massage parlors you have to visit for the prime Tijuana sexual experience. You can even find Tijuana street girls around the city at many touristy spots, and easily score some action with them during the day. Go to these locations, and chat up some pretty locals:

  • Albercas Water Park Vergel
  • Luxor Spa
  • Tijuana Beach
  • Club Campestre
  • Cerro Colorado
  • Hong Kong Gentlemen′s Club
  • Monumento a la Independencia
  • Chicago Gentlemen′s Club

Are Tijuana call girls a real thing?

They′re better known as Tijuana escorts, and they are a very real thing, buddy. Finding them isn′t straightforward, you′ve gotta know where to look. If you want the best escorts in Tijuana, search online. Here, you can look through the dozens of available escorts and see how much each one costs. You can check out pictures of them, as well as find out what kinds of services they offer. Alternatively, you can find escorts at walk-in brothels, strip clubs, and even in private homes. Some ladies are better suited for certain acts, while others have no limits. It′s up to you to explore them all, and see which one works best for you.

Tried and tested tricks to get laid in Tijuana easily

Delve into kinks

Every lady has fetishes, but most are shy about speaking up on them. You wanna rock her world? Ask her what her kinks are, and indulge her. The sex will be unique, and something neither you nor her will ever forget.

Give importance to body language

Both your own body language and that of the girl you′re talking to matters. Stand up straight with your head held high. Bad posture is unappealing. Similarly, if a girl keeps glancing away from you or keeps her hand covered over the drink, she′s most likely not interested in you, and wants to return to her friends. Respect that, and set your sights elsewhere.

Be as extroverted as possible

When you′re out and about in town, people need to feel your presence. You might want to stand in a corner looking all mysterious, but that never works out. You′ll just get ignored, or talked about. If you wanna be a hit with the ladies, they need to see you mingling with everyone. A guy who′s surrounded by people is someone who′s well-liked, and that′s the kind of man girls want.

Don′t back a girl into a corner

Whenever you′re talking to a chick, make sure she doesn′t feel like she′s being pinned down by you. Don′t put your arm on the wall to block her from walking away from you. If someone you′re talking to doesn′t seem interested, move on. You deserve a girl who′s as into you as you are into them.

Use a trimmer

Keep the hair down there well-trimmed. It′s more hygienic, and the girls will appreciate it. After all, no lady wants to suck you off and get a faceful of pubic hair, right? When you′re well-groomed, girls will be way more enthusiastic to give you the blowjob you′ve always wanted.

best places to get laid in Tijuana

Go conquer the Tijuana pussies!

This Tijuana hookup guide has given you all the info you need to find sex in Tijuana. Will you act on this ultimate cheat sheet and make your wildest sexual dreams come true? Move forwards, and seize the chance to bang a Tijuana babe today!

Secret tip from a local hookuper

You′re a tourist in town, and you need Tijuana nightlife tips? Spend time at the Avenida Revolucion. Believe me, buddy, this is the heart of the city′s nightlife. It′s where the local Tijuana girls and tourist babes go to get drunk and find dudes to bang. Mate, if you party here, you are guaranteed to take home some of the most gorgeous ladies you have ever laid eyes on. There will be chicks going in and out of the restaurants, bars, and clubs on the street. Set your sights on one of them, and make your move.

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