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Latest update: Dec 26, 2023

SearchingForSingles.Com Review: Don't Invest Until You Read HG Review

SearchingForSingles verdict

I see you're checking out SearchingForSingles. I respect the hustle, but this is a derelict site with barely any active users. The last thing you want is to get swamped by bots or scammers just by using that platform. If it's a hookup you're looking for, your best bet is to check out WannaHookUp, AdultFriendFinder, OneNight Friend or BeNaughty. Both of these platforms are highly geared towards hookups and flings, and you're much more likely to get matches here.

What is Searching For Singles?Searching For Singles is a platform where you can look for bitches to fuck nearby without getting lost in thousands of damn buttons. Haven't you read Searching For Singles reviews yet? What does this site offer for an experienced hookuper like you? Is Searching For Singles legit at all? Let's find out whether SearchingForSingles is a scam or the best site ever.

Best for:

  • Those who are looking for a derelict site with barely any active members
  • Those who can put up with a limited number of search filters
  • Those who like playing a Match Game with bots

Not for:

  • Those who like to use mobile apps
  • Those who use the site without proof of identity verification
  • Those who usually report spam profiles

Member structure

Member Structure
Members geography
312,000 from USA
Members activity
681,000 active weekly
Gender Rating

How to create an account on Searching For Singles

SearchingForSingles Review

Okay, dude, let me tell you how to register here. First of all, it is a mandatory procedure. Catch the insight: there are actually a few sites where you don't gotta register. And if they don't ask for it, chances are they're just a fucking scam. 

So, to register on SearchingForSingles com, click the button. Then, everything follows the standard scheme. Give the following login information:

  • You enter your email
  • Date of birth
  • Zip code
  • Indicate your gender and who you are looking for here
  • Create a password
  • Come up with a nickname

In general, that's the basics, man.

But here's one more thing: wait for the email with the verification link. Tap on it, and it's done. Registration takes less than three minutes.

After that, you can use the site with peace of mind, look for girlfriends for one night, and all that stuff... if you are able to do it. I’m kind of not sure that anything good can be done on this site.

Searching For Singles register

Are SearchingForSingles female profiles good?

Well, bro, what can I say? I signed up for this new dating platform called Searching for Singles and hoped to find like minded people to fuck (not meaningful relationships, hell with them). But damn, I didn't meet a single real chick there. Couldn't the mods do something about it? Don't they see those fake accounts on the site, or what? There are freaking thousands of them.

Yeah, the babes in the photos are hot. They send sweet phrases that make my dick hard. Damn it, I was already in a hurry to meet them, dreaming of spending the night with them. But, fuck, they are all fakes. And you know what? Almost all the messages I received were the same, like, they're written from a damn template or something.

It actually shocks me how sites go so far as to allow fake accounts to scam their members. Don't they mind having such a reputation? They're fucking stupid if they don't understand that it's a wrong policy.

Searching for Singles is one of those sites where you definitely won't find a girl. Well, maybe like 10%, you might get lucky. But it's better to visit other much more trusted XXX dating sites with a better reputation and spend your precious time there.

Although, of course, I can say that, in theory, profiles were supposed to be pretty informative with many pictures and info like age, location, similar interests, etc. But, bro, unfortunately, it's not as it was supposed to be.

Chat options

searchingforsingles Chatting

Okay, dude, the SearchingForSingles website promises fabulous sex adventures, not long term relationships. Like, every man can chat it up with hot babes, discuss all his wildest fantasies in explicit detail, and get the wildest dirty messages. I was, like, in a rush, thinking that right now, I was probably going to really have a fantastic time. But damn, I just signed up on this online dating site literally five minutes ago, and women started bombing me with messages. It was like a suspicious activity. I got about 10 messages from super-hot Indian singles or Asian singles waiting for me to chat with them.

But did you get the joke? I haven't even completed my profile yet; no photos and no info about me. In this situation, it's impossible to attract that much attention (unless it's some wild nymphos who don't care who they're talking to; they just want to have sex, not meaningful connections).

100% of those were just messages from fakes trying to get me to purchase credits and spend my cash on this black dating site. Is that normal? Just some scam to stupid suckers. Well, maybe some newbie falls for it. But they will not scam Guru, that is, me. I write this Searching For Single review to warn you. And it's up to you whether to use the online dating site or not.

By the way, messaging is the only way to chat with bots (girls) on this dating platform. Yeah, bots, 'cause there ain't no real people there. Well, if you don't mind, besides the regular texts, you can send your photos and add some stickers. This will somehow diversify your communication. Oh, by the way, you can pick starters from the site's list if your brain is taking a break. Well, it's kind of funny.

But my verdict is this — Searching for Singles is shady. Stupid scam.

Extra special features

searchingforsingles Match Game

Let's talk about the most intriguing part: how to vibe with the babes on this online dating platform. So, Searching for Singles has some additional features:

  • My Matches. Another fucking useless feature. Here, you can just check out a table showing the profiles you've matched with. It means you can skip the search and just see who the site has paired you with. I wouldn't say it works in a personalized way; more likely, the site randomly picks members.
  • Match game. It's simple – the online dating site gives random photos of babes, and you can either send them "Like" or "X." Everything is logical here: if a chick turns you on, send her Like (she will receive a notification). If her photo kills the vibe, hit the X and move on to the next one.
  • My Favorite. Well, here, I think it's clear how it works, but just in case you're a dumbass who doesn't get it, let me explain. It's like a table with all the members you've liked. So, the ones you're into are saved in this list, and you can come back later and hit them up. But the catch is, only premium members can use this feature, meaning it's not free. Ha-ha-ha!
  • Visitors. I know it is not exactly a communication option, but it lets you see who visits your account. But don't think that everything is so easy. It's premium member territory only. But if you still decide to purchase credits and become premium, this feature comes in handy. You can see who's been visiting your profile. Then, just message them if someone catches your eye.

In the end, I wanna throw in my two cents and give a review on these damn features that the site provides. It's just the bare minimum you can find on any dating site. Searching for Singles creators didn't put much effort into spicing up user interactions. They came up with the most basic features that aren't really necessary at all. Half of them are paid membership options; the other half is useless because you'll be chatting with fakes. In short, I don't know even what to say; it's some bullshit.

How to use SearchingForSingles for hookups

SearchingForSingles search

The most straightforward way would be to pick up the one with the same dating preferences on the Browse page. Here, you can scroll the girls as long as you want, checking their pretty faces out. There is only some basic information: a photo, name, and age on the thumbnail. After all, who cares about anything else when it comes to casual sex, huh?

Another option to get the best chick to chat with is to use Search. However, filters are quite limited. Age range, hair color, and body type, that's all. I'd enjoy boobs filters, at least.

I respect your hustle, but this is a derelict online dating site with barely any active members. The last thing you want is to get swamped by bots or scammers just by using that platform. If it's a hookup you're looking for, your best bet is to check out AdultFriendFinder, OneNight Friend, Uberhorny, or a Together 2 Night popular dating site. These dating platforms are highly geared towards hookups and flings, and you're much more likely to get potential partners here.

How much is Searching For Singles a month

Don't think you can send messages for free on this site, bro. In general, there are very few dating sites where such perks are given. So, to chat on, you gotta cash in some credits. The price depends on which credit package you choose. But the prices, by the way, ain't crazy high, so I wouldn’t panic about this.


You can also purchase a paid membership that allows several extra services, such as unlimited access to the My Favorites page, the ability to view gals′ media galleries, and information about who viewed your profile. The prices for membership options are the following:

  • Silver: $12.95 a month
  • Gold: $10.95 a month, billed every 3 months
  • Platinum: $8.95 a month, billed every 6 months

The majority of reviews from other members claim Searching For Singles is a scam and isn't a nice dating website to find a pussy to bang.

By the way, about anonymous payment methods. There's none on the site. The bank will know that you're paying for dating services. I don't know if it's good or bad in your case, but I think a bit of anonymity wouldn't hurt.

How to delete SearchingForSingles account

Well, of course, this online dating site, in my opinion, is a scam, and you may have already realized this, too. But here, troubles are possible with an understanding of how to escape. Usually, such things are cleverly shoved deep into the settings so people can't figure it out and won't fly out of there. But we ain't fools; we will still find a way to fade away. Actually, I've already found it. Here is how to do it:

  • Log in to your account
  • Click on the Settings
  • Select Account
  • Click Delete Account

So, dude, don't even stress; you can delete your profile in, like, 3 minutes. Actually, it's even better not to sign up here at all. Just read my review first to realize it ain't worth it.

Customer support

How can a website be considered good if there is poor support? So, Searching for Singles in this regard is a complete crap. And I'm not saying I just made this conclusion out of thin air. I checked it out.

I had a basic situation: I wanted to send a message to a potential partner, but here it is — I couldn't. The reason? Still a mystery to me.

I had to contact customer support to solve this problem somehow. But these buggers took so damn long to reply that I had just to hit up Google search results and find the answer myself. Is it normal at all? I'm shocked; why do they say there is customer service if it doesn't respond? Maybe it just doesn't exist?

On good online dating sites, they at least react to users' messages. And here it's like you're communicating with ghosts.

Is SearchingForSingles a scam?

Honestly, I don't even know how you still don't get that, bro. It's a scam. You've read through all my Searching For Singles reviews, but you're still doubting whether I'm on point.

At the very least, this site uses fake profiles. Like, seriously, are you okay with chatting up fake profiles for your own money? Seems to me you gotta be a total idiot not to notice obvious things and agree to that.

But there are sites that don't deceive their users. You can learn more about them in my other reviews:

  • WannaHookUp
  • AdultFriendFinder
  • OneNightFriend
  • BeNaughty
  • SmokeandPoke
  • HornySpot
  • SweetSext

Searching For Singles review: Your questions answered

No time to read this review? No problem! I have short answers about what I think about the dating site:

Is SearchingForSingles good?

Many negative Searching For Singles reviews on the net speak loudly about the site's unreliability. They say that girls on the dating platform are fake and created by the website to make you buy credits for fun sexting or hooking up. So don't believe them!

Does SearchingForSingles have an app?

What mobile app are you talking about? Seriously, this site can barely handle its desktop version. Do you think they bothered to invest in creating a mobile app? The mobile version is the maximum they can do. They're complete idiots.

How does SearchingForSingles work?

What do you expect to hear here? This site is just a crap, operating the same way as its trashy counterparts. You sign up and buy credits, and the dating platform offers you matches based on your personal info. You chat with them, supposedly arranging some kind of intimate date. But since this site is awful, you won't get anything here because you're chatting with fakes.

How to find someone on SearchingForSingles?

Well... You can use the search feature or play the Match Game. But lemme tell you that both methods won't give you any serious search results. See, the site doesn't have profiles with full bios or answers to multiple questions to find you a perfect match. It just randomly throws some chick profiles at you. Again, mostly fakes.

Can you use SearchingForSingles for free?

You can create a profile, check out chicks' profiles, and play the Match Game for free. And that's it. Do you think this site is a charity case? Of course, it is not. You'll have to pay credits or become a premium member to unlock all the features, for example, messages. No one's giving you a free ride on this site; don't even hope for this.

Is SearchingForSingles reliable?

No way, are you out of your mind? This site is total crap with a lot of fakes. Customer support is awful. Fake profiles hit you from the moment you step foot on this site. They wanna get your cash, pretending you're chatting with real girls who can offer you casual encounters. Online reviews confirm my words. So, just forget about it.

Hookupguru's verdict

According to my Searching For Singles website reviews, most accounts are fake, so you'll only get a virtual erotic experience on this dating platform. I mean from watching some sexy pictures stolen from the Internet. The platform provides a displeasing experience and provides zero chances to meet a sexy bird for a memorable sex date. So it's only up to you how you use it, buddy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is SearchingForSingles com free?

Creating an account, browsing profiles, and playing Match Game is free. But you need to buy credits to use more features.

2. Is Searching For Singles legit?

Look, no credits or costs are mentioned during the registration process. In addition, it’s not indicated that no physical meetings can be held. Therefore, I can emphasize the importance of reading all legal documents before registering on a dating platform.

3. Is SearchingForSingles safe?

This dating site has already received countless negative comments from former users. So, is Searching For Singlessafe? No, of course, it’s not!

4. Is SearchingForSingles worth it?

No/it’s not worth the time. You should look for more reliable and safe sites.

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Checked out SearchingForSingles and it's pretty average. Some profiles seem sketchy. Be careful and manage your expectations.


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SearchingForSingles is a fun site, not to be taken too seriously. Enjoyed some good chats and laughs there, but keep your expectations realistic!


New to SearchingForSingles, and it seems interesting so far. The chat feature is quite active. Still figuring out how legit the site is. Any advice for newcomers?

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