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Latest update: May 01, 2024

Does Bangpals Work And Would You Use It? An Honest Review

Hookupguru’s Verdict

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Bangpals is an unsolved mystery of the modern adult content world. It’s got a fucking weird system I still don’t get. I did thorough research to find out what exactly Bangpals is all about. To tell you the truth, the results are a bit contradictory. I won’t bother you with numbers or stats—just raw facts and a personal impression of what I saw a while back.

Bangpals review
  • Fast website recommendations
  • Search by location
  • Extensive base of websites offered
  • No own user base
  • Random websites of poor quality are offered
  • Disappointing UI/UX

What is Bangpals?

Bangpals is a website that basically has no own database and consists of only one page. There, you’ll stick to one question: if you’re ready to chat with the nearby ladies. After Bangpals has scanned your location and available chicks, it offers you to visit the first random website it recommends. They’re generic adult dating websites where you can find people for sexting, casual sex, long-term flings, etc. Or you may just exit those websites and go search for a real girl to hook up with (like you’d go anywhere, right?)

Is Bangpals safe?

Hell yeah, man! Did you notice there's no registration bar? You can't do anything but click that damn button to redirect you to another website and close the window. Sure, the other question is whether those recommended websites are legit. Well, they’re all real (I even sexted some hotties) but not full of mind-blowing beauties. Plus, lots of empty profiles. These don’t create a better reputation for any of these websites, either.

But still, all these websites are either moderated or protected by encryption. Some of them even offer a support team so that you’ll get all your questions answered right away. You need not worry about your dick pic ending up somewhere it’s not supposed to be.

Member Structure

Member Structure
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71,000 from USA
Members activity
94,000 active weekly
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Pricing on Bangpals

Since Bangpals redirects you to other websites, you pay for the services on those recommended ones. You may pay for the Premium membership, extra credits to communicate with the chicks, get a paid short-term trial, etc. Depending on the website's functionality, you may also enjoy phone calls or cam-to-cam chats to jerk off together, for example. So yeah, you never know how much money you’re going to waste this time. But trust me, those websites won’t charge too much. They need new customers to join the platforms, you see. So, they’re working quite seriously on their pricing policies.

Websites offered by Bangpals

Bangpals offers various random websites where you can search for potential partners for your sexy fantasies. Almost all of them are quite alike. Their differences lie in pricing, design, and maybe some functions. Plus, some of them offer paid memberships, some are free. You better test your luck and try to stumble upon a free platform.

Some websites offer various chatting options like video calls or voice chats to heat up the atmosphere. Some of them only offer texting options. This, sometimes, is more than enough if you’re an experienced pervert and pussy lover. Another difference between the websites offered by Bangpals is what they offer. Some platforms only help you find people for online sex dating. Some offer offline opportunities and even a calendar so that you could arrange a meeting properly.

What I’ve noticed is that most of these websites aren’t that popular. Several profiles listed there are just empty or inactive. Nevertheless, you’ll always find what you’re looking for—even if you’ve already spent a bunch of time on it. And yes, this motivation helped me eventually stumble upon some pretty cool chicks who were just on fire! So, a bit of patience is key for successfully using what Bangpals offers.

So, is Bangpals legit? Yes, damn it, because it only has one page! Is it worth your while? Not sure, man. It mostly recommends sloppy websites with chubby whores and old tits. But yeah, some of the chicks there were pretty fappable. You can’t love or hate Bangpals—it just exists, and you have nothing to do with it. It’s definitely a new experience, though. You should at least test your luck and see where you’ll end up—just for fun. Even if you’re not satisfied with what you saw there, you`ll know that this kind of thing exists. Also, it might be useful for your buddies who just don’t care who to bang. Anyway, never forget to stay consistently lubed and have some fun!

Total Score

Total score 9.2
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Bangpals?

Bangpals is a platform for recommending random adult websites for entertainment. It only consists of one page that searches for valid sites in your location and redirects you there. It’s a website for a faster search for adult entertainment and potential partners for casual dating, sexting, and long/short affairs with random people. Every website offered by Bagnpals helps you keep the anonymity and safety of your personal information.

2. How safe is Bangpals?

The site itself is 100% safe as it doesn’t require any personal information (including your email) from you. The websites it offers also maintain extremely strict security measures to protect user data. The most widespread protective measures are encrypted payments, limited personal information required to complete a profile, website moderation, and a live support team that will help you solve any issue possible.

3. How to unsubscribe from Bangpals?

You don’t need to cancel any Bangpals subscriptions as there aren’t any. If you used the platform to find an adult site and you got a subscription there, there’s always an option to cancel anytime in the profile setting section. After you unsubscribe, your billing will stop and you won’t be charged again until you decide to renew your membership.

4. How to delete a Bangpals account?

You don’t need to create an account on Bangpals as it doesn’t provide such an option. On the other hand, you might have registered on a website recommended by Bangpals. There will be an option on these websites to either suspend an account or terminate it. Go to your account settings and search for the relevant option. After you delete an account permanently, your data will be deleted forever—together with your chats, photos, and likes, as well as any payment information you submitted on the website.

5. How to sign up for Bangpals?

You can only sign up for websites offered by Bangpals. There, the procedure is standard: you`ll need to register your email, create a username and a password. Next, depending on the website’s pricing policy, you’ll either need to pay for a membership or enjoy your free usage for as long as you’re interested in using it. Bangpals takes no fee for searching websites and doesn’t charge you any extra fees for registration.

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