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Latest update: Sep 25, 2023

IAmNaughty Review: Don't Invest Until You Read HG Review

I-Am-Naughty Verdict

Your inquisition about I-Am-Naughty ends here. This poorly maintained site is a copy of many other poorly maintained dating sites, and they all ended up the same way. Low user count, bugs, and bots. You don't need to tolerate that. Try out better platforms such as WannaHookUp, AdultFriendFinder, OneNight Friend and BeNaughty, where the site actually takes care of you and makes sure you see success.

IAmNaughty is a dating site that aims to find like-minded singles in your area. This website may suit you if you’re interested in a non-binding relationship. According to I Am Naughty reviews, you can find uncomplicated flirting, unbinding relationships, and sex on the site. And I, in turn, will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages, prices, and main features of the IAmNaughty platform. At least, you may wonder, is IAmNaughty legit? Today you’ll learn much more information than from other IAmNaughty dating site reviews!

Best for:

  • Those who tolerate low user count, bugs, and bots
  • Singles who don't mind paying for Premium to send messages
  • People for whom a few features are enough to use the site

Not for:

  • Those who want to see tons of real active users on the site
  • Those looking for quick fruitless hookups with people nearby
  • People who don't want to chat with fakes

Member structure

Member Structure
Members geography
391,000 from USA
Members activity
192,000 active weekly
Gender Rating

How to create an account on IAmNaughty

Iamnaughty review

Hookup Guru knows you wanna get your dick wet, but you need to find out how easy it is to get laid through IAmNaughty. To see what chicks can be found here I created an account. The first time I opened IAmNaughty, I was prompted to register. You need to specify your:

  • Gender
  • Sex preferences
  • Age
  • Email and password

Your location will be automatically filled out. And that’s all. Your account has been created, but you need to activate it with your email. When you're done creating an account, you'll be prompted to add a profile photo, and then asked to share more info about yourself. Here, you can change your username from the default one you're given. You should write a status for yourself, which is essentially your headline.

create a profile iamnaughty

Are IAmNaughty female profiles good?

iamnaughty search function

You're in the perfect place as our dating site can introduce you to a plethora of charming, seductive, and sultry singles who're searching for love online. Sounds nice. But is IAmNaughty real? Well, there were many spam accounts I encountered. I get a lot of messages from very hot "women." Some spam profiles are slightly more convincing, but most are quite obvious. Stolen photos and an honest idea that "I need a man tonight"... as always happens on a scam dating site.

These accounts make you feel like you are missing out on quality interactions on the site. Of course, as soon as you sign up and start chatting, it becomes clear that it's just bullshit. So, stop using this site and turn your attention to more reliable adult sex dating platforms.

Chat options

iamnaughty Flirtcasts

As long as you have a free account, you’ll receive messages from these sexy "ladies" one by one. Of course, you can't read it without registering for a paid account.

So, what happened in the end:

  • No reaction from the women I sent messages to.
  • I have received several spam emails from a woman who was a fake.

Extra special features

A stud like you is too good to use IAmNaughty. You want to use a hookup platform that makes the experience nice, something you want to return to. You surely don't want to scroll through hundreds of profiles just to get one match, but the features of IAmNaughty also don't guarantee you'll get laid. But if you're just wondering what special can be found on this site, then here it is:

  • Promote my account. The website sends your status as a promotional message from your account, likes matches for you, and even adds them to your favorite list.
  • Flirtcasts. It's a mass messaging system where you can select one of many pre-written messages. They get sent to lots of babes, and those interested in you will write a text back. You do need a profile picture to be able to use this feature.

How to use IAmNaughty for hookups

Starting a conversation with IAmNaughty is easy. Have you found a girl you want to chat with? Click on under her photo and send her a message. But unfortunately, there are any really active users. They’re just sending stupid, incoherent messages pretending to be real women, even if your profile is empty. Moreover, a subscription to the paid version is required for full communication on this site. Otherwise, you’ll be prompted to update your account every time you click this chat button.

How much is IAmNaughty a month

IAmNaughty offers 4 membership plans. As always, the sooner you apply, the cheaper it’ll be. For some reason, the page just displays a very confusing fee structure called "per day." Instead, I'll show you the same price per month for a simple comparison.

  • $29.95 for 1 month
  • $19.98/Month for 3 months
  • $16.65/Month for 6 months

But just because you need to get some pussy on your dick doesn't mean you have to pay for dozens of mails. So, I wouldn't advise you to pay for such things. Online communication has to be free. You should pay only for special features.

Free features

IAmNaughty offers a standard package in terms of a free chat. When I try to contact girls or read a message in my mailbox, they ask me for an update. In short, as a free member, you really can't do anything on this site.

Aside from having a premium account to send messages, you get bonus perks like these:

  • Unlimited chats with chicks
  • Access to full-size pictures
  • Premium customer care (meaning you always get priority)
  • Extended search function

How to delete IAmNaughty account

Don't search in google I Am Naughty delete account because I can help you right now. Click on the drop-down menu next to your account, and select . Click at the bottom, and input your password. Fill out the rest of the details as requested, and they’ll remove your account permanently.

Customer support

IAmNaughty's Customer service doesn't seem as friendly as expected. The live chat is unavailable, making it difficult to solve urgent problems. However, if you have any problems with your payment, you can contact support at their toll-free number. If you have further questions, please visit the FAQ page or contact support by email. However, you’ll have to wait up to 24 hours for an answer by email. Overall, the quality of customer service is low. I think it’d be better if IAmNaughty allows live chat.

Hooking up with bots or is IAmNaughty a scam?

Is IAmNaughty real? The people you meet and talk to on IAmNaughty aren’t real individuals. They're not looking for a hookup just like you, and this is the site that can’t make it happen. Only paid members can send you messages, although some of these messages may be promotional ones sent by the site on their behalf while they’re offline. So, if you aren't getting good results with IAmNaughty, you can try other more popular, and trustworthy ones. There are many options, so why not give them a try?

  • WannaHookUp
  • AdultFriendFinder
  • BeNaughty
  • SmokeandPoke
  • HornySpot
  • SweetSext
  • Passion.com

IAmNaughty review: Your questions answered

To conclude my IAmNaughty app review, let's look at some frequently asked questions. Some of them are quite important.

Is IAmNaughty good?

No, everything on the site looks incredibly stupid. I don't think you can meet anyone besides fakes here.

Does IAmNaughty have an app?

This platform isn’t available in the mobile app version. It's browser-only.

How does IAmNaughty work?

On IAmNaughty, you can create an account and look at girls' profiles for free. That's the way it is. You must pay a subscription fee to filter and contact someone or read their messages.

How to find someone on IAmNaughty?

No way, many I Am Naughty reviews confirm that it’s impossible to find sluts to bang or at least real chicks for naughty sexting here. If you wanna test it yourself you can create an account and view profiles. But you can't talk to girls. You need to pay for it. After paying for Premium you've got search and sorting filters and the ability to chat with other users.

Is IAmNaughty reliable?

No, IAmNaughty isn’t reliable as it uses bots and is one of the least visited hookup websites. Try to avoid this site.

Hookupguru's verdict

Your inquisition about IAmNaughty ends here. This poorly maintained site is a copy of many other poorly maintained dating sites, and they all ended up the same way. Low user count, bugs, and bots. You don't need to tolerate that. Try out better platforms such as AdultFriendFinder, OneNight Friend, Uberhorny, and Together 2 Night, where the site actually takes care of you and makes sure you see success.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is IAmNaughty legit?

IAmNaughty is a shady dating site. There isn’t a single real woman on this platform.

2. Is IAmNaughty free?

No, to contact other users and check the full-size pictures you have to pay for your membership using credit or debit cards from VISA and Mastercard. Amex cards, as well as Discover and Diners Club International, are accepted.

3. Is IAmNaughty safe?

There are no real active users on IAmNaughty, only spam emails constantly inviting you to sign up for a paid account. So, I don't think it’s safe.

4. Is IAmNaughty worth it?

IAmNaughty is one of the worst hookup sites. The website isn’t worth the money for the low-quality features it provides.

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After reading this detailed review of Iamnaughty, including an analysis of various i am naughty reviews, it becomes evident that the platform has both strengths and weaknesses. While the question of is iamnaughty legit is often raised, the site does offer a space for adult interactions. However, concerns regarding the authenticity of profiles, as highlighted in iamnaughty dating site reviews, necessitate a cautious approach from users. The iamnaughty app review indicates a functional but basic user experience. As for is iamnaughty real, users should be aware of potential deceptive practices, such as the difficulty experienced during i am naughty delete account processes.


Iamnaughty is a blast! Met so many fun people and had great chats. Definitely a top site for adventurous dating!


Checked out Iamnaughty and it's not bad, but you need to be careful. Some profiles seem too good to be true. It's decent for a bit of fun, but don't expect too much.


Technically, iamnaughty offers a simple and user-friendly platform, but when considering aspects of whether is iamnaughty a scam, users should be vigilant. The site works well for basic dating and chatting but lacks advanced features for a more secure and engaging experience.


Iamnaughty is okay for a quick chat and browsing profiles. Pretty straightforward and easy to use.

Randal Graves

In the digital realm of Iamnaughty, one encounters a world where desires are expressed freely. The site offers a space for playful interactions, yet beneath this veneer of casual fun, one must be mindful of the realities of online dating.


Wasn't too impressed with Iamnaughty. The chat's alright, but the whole experience feels quite commercialized. Not the best value for time or money.


Iamnaughty? More like 'FunnyNaughty'! Good for a laugh and some light-hearted chat. Don't take it too seriously and you'll enjoy it.


Having explored numerous dating platforms, Iamnaughty presents itself as a typical adult dating site. While it offers a platform for casual encounters, xpickup scam questions should be approached with caution. Maintaining realistic expectations and practicing safe online dating are key to enjoying the experience.

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