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Latest update: Nov 24, 2022

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My recent review of CamsHQ gave quite interesting results. Every time I open the platform, it redirects me to other popular webcam websites, such as Stripchat and many more. What's even more fun, it's a new website every time! So, obviously, CamsHQ has stopped providing webcam services itself, but it still tries to help its fans by offering better alternatives. If you enjoy such a roulette, try CamsHQ. Only God knows what your next destination will be after that.

  • one of the best adult live webcam chats in the market;
  • big variety of categories to choose from, even the most special ones;
  • many ways to get free tokens you can spend on paid functionalities;
  • an opportunity to get cash back in tokens;
  • models can earn the points for their work and then transform these points into money;
  • safety measures are smart and keep your data under protection.

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Maximum of joy with Cams HQ

Cams HQ is a website for those who are looking for free nude cams featuring only girls that perform alone. Indeed, when you enter the site you would not find different categories – you may only choose between live and offline shows. The latter, apparently, have been recorded in advance. Even though it seems that the platform has a limited choice of options it is not quite true as hundreds of female models stream and upload their videos constantly. You may even choose videos due to models starring in them. As Cams HQ functions as a sex video chat you are allowed to send instant messages while watching a show. You may also order an adult private chat or to join a group one.

We know how effortful it is to find the best adult chat. Almost all of them look similar and quite primitive. It seems to you that they have the same functions, the same features, the same design. You do not know what to pay attention to. But we would like to enumerate several things to pay heed to while choosing the most appropriate chat.

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What to pay attention to

  • Look at the functionalities of diverse xxx chats. Trust us, they are not the same. For instance, if you want to watch the videos of transsexuals, groups of people or whatever, not all the resources give you this opportunity.
  • Look at the price policy. You know the majority of the live webcam chats are free of charge but take money for the additional functions. It is the right option for you. But do not give preference to the total paid chats.
  • Read about the safety measures that the chats take advantage of. Believe us, it is of great importance for you if you give there your credit card.

One of the quite good adult free chats is Cams HQ. Why is it good? Let's see together.

Good points of Cams HQ

  • Besides the fact that you register there absolutely costlessly you also get 5 free tokens for the paid functionalities. Of course, it is not really much but anyway it is pleasant, isn't it?
  • You also have other chances to get free tokens. For instance, you can invite friends to the website and get 5 tokens for each of them. You buy tokens and then have an opportunity to get cash back in tokens. And also if you utilize the website with your tablet or smartphone, you also get up to 100 tokens.
  • The cam models can take part in the regular contests and get points for it. Then, these points are transformed into money prizes. So, it is a good chance for people to earn additional money.
  • Cams HQ supports numerous languages.

More about Cams HQ

  • All the cam models demonstrate themselves online.
  • Even if you buy the cheapest pack of tokens, you become a Premium user. This opportunity lets you use all the functionalities of the website. In contrast to some other adult chats, the models do not have a right to show you the pre-recorded videos.
  • If you are interested in the working hours of some models, you can find it in their profiles.

What people think about Cams HQ

  • «What surprised me about Cams HQ is that I have found out that it has so many different categories that I even cannot read them all. Anyway, it is very convenient that I can find whatever I find and as quickly as possible. Moreover, I think that it is good that there are also transsexuals here.»
  • «I am really keen on the special offers of all the kinds. As a consequence of it, I have won 50 tokens only because I used Cams HQ with my smartphone. Now I use them for private chats and I am glad that at the same time I enjoy my time and save a great deal of money.»
  • «In contrast to other similar adult chats, I enjoy the ideal image on Cams HQ. It plays a key role for me as there is no sense to watch the videos in bad quality. I also can watch the videos of couples and transsexuals. What I also like is the spy mode, where I can take part in other people's chat but cannot write the comments.»
  • «Free of charge I can get joy and not pay anything for it. It is self-understood that in cases when I want more, I buy tokens and go to private chats. But as a rule, the cost less videos are enough for me. I also like the different age categories and the fact that I can choose them.»
  • «Not all the adult chats are available on the smartphones. In contrast to them, I use Cams HQ with my telephone. Moreover, I get the additional tokens because of it. I like the fact that they appreciate their customers and do everything to protect our private data. I am sure that nobody will know that it is me who uses this resource.»

To put two and two together, it is up to you to make conclusions about this xxx chat, but we believe that it is quite okay.

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Address:910 E. Hamilton Ave, Sixth Floor, Campbell, CA 95008, USA
Phone:1 408-702-1044
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