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What's up, you dirty dogs? Did you miss me? I bet you did since a fresh dose of juicy porn is all we need, right? Then sit up quietly, and I'll introduce you to the category of cuckold porn sites that you're unfamiliar with yet.

Cuckold directory is getting bigger as we speak, all due to the fact that caring is sharing, and sharing is fun. Big porn studios center their attention on cuckold porn movies for a variety of reasons. While the main one is that we like it and we cannot lie!

Where do cuckold porn sites take their origin?

I'll keep the intrigue for as long as I can (you know me) so that you become a true cuckold expert without watching a single movie. So, what's cuckold is all about? Yes, sex, naturally, but what type of? Well, it all starts with a bird – the cuckoo. The main trait of the bird is to lay the eggs into others' nests. Get the analogy?

cuckold porn

Basically, a cuckold is a husband with a stranger's eggs in his nest. However, if all were about good old cheating, there would be little interest in it for us. The thing is that the perv is watching his wife being filled! Feel that tingling in your pants, already? Usually, the wife takes a bigger cock of someone who wields the sword better, and the husband can't do anything but observe her climax.

The best cuckold sites are usually bordering with BDSM. Well, actually, it's a subdivision of the category since there's a lot of submission in there. There's also a fair share of fear on offer:

  • Fear of partner's cheating
  • Fear of being unfit to challenge the fucker
  • Fear of the wife getting further than you could ever take her

If you think about it, real cuckold sites represent humiliation as pleasure, a masochistic one. Can you imagine your wife moaning louder than you've ever fucked her to? There you go! No matter how it sounds, it looks hot and cock-raising, I can tell you that much.

What are the main cuckold porn scenarios?

With the porn industry's development, there's an extensive list to choose from depending on the viewer's strangest desires. To get you hooked, I'll name the few:

The husband hides

The creep keeps himself hidden and observes the whole naughty thing. There's heavy self-touching involved, so you'll share that.

The husband watches

That's where the humiliation comes in. However, some touching is still involved since it's hard to resist those pleads for more.

The husband joins

It's not like he’s entitled to anything serious. Nevertheless, liking the other's spunk off both of them or playing with the wife while she's being fucked to the point of no return is allowed.

Why do we like cuckold websites more than others?

Looking for some psychoanalysis to ensure yourself that there's nothing wrong with you? I'll give you that. Even the best cuckold porn sites don't deny that there are a few main reasons why people are willing to pay for this type of porn.


We all like others' toys better, don't we? However, when reviewing cuckold from another level, it merely means that as long as your partner is pleased – so are you. Despite the fact that there are third-parties involved.

cuckold porn site


Whether it's the best cuckold tube site or a free amateur one, both exist due to public interest. The interest is spiced due to 2 reasons – because we're natural-born pervs and because most of us can't pull off the same thing in real life. If you ask me, I'd say that the core of unfulfillment is the lack of trust and openness between partners. Each is afraid of looking more perverted than he or she already is, IMHO.

Sexual exploration

At times it's challenging to draw a line between gay and straight. I always say that the gold middle is the best, but that's just me. So, while watching a cuckold video, you can jerk off to the wife, to the husband, or to the black dude (they're mostly black because of their massive dicks.) As a result, you can potentially figure if exploring your bisexuality is something you'd like to explore further.


Many of you, fuckheads, may say that all that BDSM stuff isn’t for you. You're too normal for that shit. Well, if a cuckold makes your dick hard, I have some news for you…

How common is cuckolding in real life?

Watch out since I may disappoint you. If you thought you’re special, the cuckold porn traffic shows that almost 60% of men worldwide share your fantasies. Ladies dream about sharing their partners, but usually, in some other ways, threesomes and DP are most common.

Is cuckolding the same as hotwifing?

No, not really. In many cases, the notions are used interchangeably, but in the core, they’re different. While cuckolding is basically about her, wife sharing is about him and his pleasure from showing off a hot wife. In most cases, the husband picks up the dick to fuck his spouse, not vice versa. Generally, hotwifing ensures that the male is of more control over the situation, and that's not actually the submission that cuckolding advertises and implies.

Can you pull off a cuckold?

It depends. Things like that are directly discussed with the life partner, and I dare not to predict how slutty your wife may turn out to be. As long as there are quality cuckold websites on offer, you have enough to get yourself busy without potentially ruining your relationship.

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