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This is a place where you can go to store all your smut! Well, it’s like your secret cave to hide from everyone. It's your private treasury to store the things you love to fap on! Like, you go there, and no one can find what’s inside, but you can enjoy it! Actually, if you use the open hosting, everyone can see what you're downloading there. But only if you share a link with some pervert like you! I know what you like to do with your friends long winter nights, hehehe!

Well, for real, a porn hosting is like storage, located outside of your computer. If you can put something into the internet, you better do it in 2020! Using the hostings from my list, you don’t need to care about the space left. You'll have your own place to keep the data you like safe. And yes, other people will see your precious collection, but only if you share a link! It means no relatives will ever find your cave of smut unless someone betrays you! But I bet, anyway, you can take an act of revenge!

Why the porn hostings can be useful for me?

hookupguru File hosting sites

Well, firstly, if you use them, you won't need to hide your smut from anyone You know, these endless folders, named in a secret code, can be tough to handle! And what’s more, they take way too much space on your computer! So, if your family is aware of what is file size, your report folder taking 150GB will look suspicious to them! On the hosting, they won't even find your directory with the porn. Unless you, dumbass, will sign up there with your real name of course!

Secondly, the smut can contain a lot of hidden installers. I bet you don’t want to find your computer lagging from the Viagra ads one beautiful morning. If you store all those juicy videos where they belong — on the internet, nothing will get to your device! This is a necessary safety measure. Of course, if you already caught some viruses, I can help you too! Go to my Useful Software page of this website and download some. It might cure your computer or at least make it work somehow!

I want to spread some copyrighted porn. Can I do it with file hostings, Hookup Guru?

Dude, did you know that this is illegal? By the way, I'm telling you everything there and showing you some of the best porn sites hoping that you are 18+! Please use it only for fapping in your free time. Well, or sharing in some pervy communities. But not spreading the copyrighted material. And not fucking your hand instead of going to middle school! Well, if you're a minor, get the heck out, or I'm calling your mommy! She'll beat you up and lock you home for a month!

If you have any intention to spread some copyrighted porn, please do it without going to the sites from my list! And if you get caught, I warned you that it wasn’t a good idea! You know, all these sexy chicks have fucked those dicks on the studios to have some cash! Will you ever work for free? I bet, no! You might be the reason why some of those hot and young girls quit the industry! Shame on you! This is capitalism, bitch, and you can do nothing with it! So, you better pay for some premium account if you want to see more porn.

What is the file hosting I can use?

There is no obvious answer to such a question. But I, Hookup Guru, am here to help you discover the best of the options! On my list, you can find those file hostings, absolutely deserving your attention! Each of them offers their exclusive perks and have some free features. That’s why it’s hard for me to distinguish just one place for you to go. Depending on what you're looking for, you'll call the different hostings best for you. It’s best to try many of them and discover what suits you in the best way on your own!

But please remember that I am not here to tell you about some shitty file hosting! I am never suggesting the stuff that will make your life more complicated. I'm a Hookup Guru! That means I'm a trustworthy source of whatever information related to porn and hookups. Everything I recommend here is checked myself. And I have an account on many hostings, just because I cannot stop on something. I'm a person who prefers to take everything from life. And I bet you'll love this lifestyle once you try it!

Bottom Line From Hookup Guru

Well, I want you to enjoy whatever kind of porn you're watching. Even if you have complete weird fetishes, like gay porn, or chicks with dicks, I am not judging you. All I can say in this case is: “Been there, done that.” I've made a long journey from the virgin teen to the Hookup Guru. And you know, what happens in puberty stays there forever. So, don’t you dare to be shy or afraid of your desires! Just register on the sites from my recommendations! Create accounts on the file hostings and start watching everything!

Goddamn it, don’t let your family and social limitations destroy your personality! Don't let them judge what you like. I'm sound like a feminist pussy right not, but this is America, bitch! A country of the free nation where everyone has the right to do everything! And if you want to wank your dick off, go and do it! It doesn’ matter what your computer will be showing at the moment you cum! And file hosting sites will hide your hidden desires from those who aren't worthy to see them yet!

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